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UBA Empowers MSMEs With Masterpass QR Payment

UBA launch first merchant app in Nigeria and the rest of Africa that will connect 100,000 micro merchants to formal economy by early 2017 United Bank Africa (UBA) has introduced its first merchant-focused app in Africa with the aim of creating a SMART (secure, mobile, accessible, reliable, transparent) network of [...]

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Africa’s Most Searched Questions and Topics on Google For 2016

2016 was an eventful year, and thanks to the internet, people could keep up to date with local and international news. Google released its 2016 Year In Review report that shows the most searched questions, topics and people for the year. Across Africa, the 2016 U.S. elections, Brexit, the bombing [...]

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#5 – The Verdict Is Still Out On Whether Rice In Nigeria Is Fake

"If you look at it it's rice. If you look at the pictures it's rice. If you cook it and eat it it's rice. It's only when you touch it you'll feel it that you realize it's not." Source: CNN

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#6 – Nigerian Officials Dispute Claims Of More Chibok Girls Released

“No new girls have been released. To my friends spreading the news of a further release of Chibok Girls, we are not there yet. But, by God’s grace, they will be. Happy Christmas, everyone.” Source: Premium Times

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#2 – Empowering Young Nigerian Women Through Financial Literacy Training

According to the World Bank, only 47 percent of women worldwide have access to formal financial institutions, and more than 1.3 billion women are excluded from the formal financial system. In Africa more than 70 percent of women are excluded from formal financial services. Source:

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#3 Buhari Delivers Nigeria’s Budget Speech

Two of the issues of concern raised by Nigerians with regards to the 2017 budget are: how the government is going to fund the budget and the global price of oil and the level of oil production in Nigeria. Source: Ventures Africa

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#4 The Beauty Of Financial Inclusion

Afoma Ebri, a female entrepreneur from Imo State in Nigeria, has taken control of her own future and that of her family. She now accepts digital payments and has grown her business, employing 30 people from her community. Source:

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#8 Pyramid Scheme In Nigeria Crumbles

In a message to its users, MMM says the suspension of operations is because “the system is experiencing heavy workload.” It also blames its disruption on “the constant frenzy provoked by the authorities in the mass media.” Source: Quartz Africa

#3 Sparking Change in Support of Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

A Global Entrepreneurship Monitor survey indicates that women play a vital role in Nigeria and are proactive in starting businesses, with 41% of early-stage companies in the country being run by females. Source:

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#4 With Boko Haram on Backfoot, Cameroon, Nigeria Reopen Border

The border between Nigeria and Cameroon has been completely reopened for the first time in three years. It’s a key sign of progress in the war against Boko Haram. Source: VOA

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