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  • The Africa Renewable Energy Forum

Africa Renewable Energy Forum

In partnership with Global Nexus and the Institute of Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN), EnergyNet is pleased to host the Africa Renewable Energy Forum (AREF). The Africa Renewable Energy Forum has been [...]

  • Top Historical Sites, Telouet Kasbah Morocco

Top 10 Historical Sites to Visit in Africa

Africa is not only blessed with warm weather, a variety of wildlife and great people and food, but also with great historical sites that tell the diverse and rich history of the continent. Below are [...]

  • Morocco Set

#5 – Morocco Tires Of Role As Hollywood’s ‘Door To The Desert’

It's landscape is usually for blockbuster films like Gladiator and even Biblical tales, but some Moroccans they don't want their country being used as Hollywood’s automatic stand-in for places as disparate as Somalia, Afghanistan, Saudi [...]

  • Africa Startup Cup Winners

Gomobile Announced Top Prize at First Regional Competition – Africa Startup Cup!

Accra, Ghana— Global entrepreneurship development agency StartUp Cup announced the top three winning teams of Africa StartUp Cup Challenge, a regional business model competition for startups from over thirteen StartUp Cup Challenges that took place [...]

  • Morocco Media

#6 – Inside Morocco’s Media Industry

Several news outlets are trying to get past the red lines and the taboos that hinder journalism in Morocco. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

  • Topless Morocco Protest

#7 – Femen Topless Protesters Cause Havoc At Moroccan Trial

"While around 100 people were demonstrating in support of the homophobic aggressors, Femen was there to condemn state homophobia in Morocco." Read More >> Source: News 24

  • Western Sahara

#2 – Open The UN Mission Or Else

Leaders of Morocco's breakaway Western Saharan region threatened the country's government with a return to war if Morocco did not backtrack on a decision to shut down part of the UN peacekeeping mission to the [...]

  • Morocco Fog Trapper

#4 – Morocco’s Ingenious Plan To Deal With The Water Crisis

Built on arid, rocky ground at an elevation of more than four thousand feet. In twenty-four hours, these nets can collect up to seventeen gallons of water—condensed fog from the nearby Atlantic—per square yard of [...]

  • Western Sahara

#7 – UN And Morocco Split Over Western Sahara

The United Nations condemned Morocco's decision to reduce its contribution to the world body's mission in Western Sahara, saying it would now take "mitigating measures." Read More >> Source:

  • Moroccan Child

#10 – These Children Just Want To Phone Home

Two months ago, Morocco's telecommunications regulator decided, out of the blue, to block all VoIP applications. This meant that no one in Morocco was able to use Skype, WhatsApp or Viber. Read More >> Source: [...]