• Mali Radio Jock

#5 – Popular Mali Radio Host Is Off The Hook For Now

Mohamed Youssouf Bathily is a government minister’s son also known as “Rasbath”. His polemical presence on local radio has raised the ire of the authorities and was arrested on Monday on allegations of “offending public [...]

  • militia men line up in Mali

#2 – Malians Caught Between A Rock And Hard Place

“We are afraid of everyone, mainly the armed bandits on motorbikes that roam the countryside, but also the security forces that arrest you if they find you in the bush because think you support the [...]

  • Peacekeepers patrolling Mali

#6 – Ban Ki-Moon Praises Efforts In Mali

"On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, the Secretary-General welcomes the renewed commitment to peace expressed by the President of Mali, Ibrahim Boubakar Keïta, and his [...]

  • Mali rebels

#9 – Imams In Mali Get To The Bottom Of Jihadism

They insist that their young men are not being wooed over the Internet or joining out of religious conviction, but rather, “because the jihadists provide a better alternative to the state.” Read More >> Source: [...]

  • ICC Judges To Decide Whether The Destroyer Of Timbuktu Can Stand Trial

#7 ICC Judges To Decide Whether The Destroyer Of Timbuktu Can Stand Trial

A Malian man has attended a hearing at the International Criminal Court to assess if evidence against him is strong enough to merit making him stand trial for his involvement in destroying historic sites in [...]

  • Timbuktu, Mali


Timbuktu Travel Tourism The mystical city of Timbuktu: most people have heard this strange name, yet few could actually place it on a map. Timbuktu is one of the northernmost cities in Mali, sitting [...]

  • Bamako, Mali


Bamako is the capital of Mali, as well as its largest city with almost 2 million inhabitants. Malians from all over the country have made their way to Bamako seeking work and participation in the [...]

  • Radison Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali

Six Things You Need to Know About the Mali Attack

Background:  Gunmen seized the Raddison Blu Hotel in Bamako, the capital of Mali in West Africa Friday morning, initially holding hostage over 100 people, including citizens of nations from Belgium, Canada, China, France, Guinea, [...]

  • Mali Musician Salif Keita

5 of The Greatest Socially Conscious African Musicians…EVER!

Before there were hip-hop movement’s sprouting in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal or charities launched by Nigerian rap stars, there were African musicians whose songs told stories of a different Africa. From the 1960s [...]

  • Voters queuing to cast their votes during the 2013 Mali elections-Africa

Mali’s Mad Dash to The Polls: What to Know, Why it Matters

Are the elections in Mali this week, a year after a coup, too premature? Much of the conversation surrounding Mali‘s polls date seem to suggest the country may not have been ready to hold a [...]