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#7 Malawi Announces Africa’s 1st Humanitarian Drone Testing Corridor

Malawi's government announces Africa's first drone air corridor to provide a controlled platform for drones to deliver needed services to communities. Earlier this year UNICEF-Malawi successfully completed its first test flight of the 10-kilometer route from a community health center to the Kamuzu Central Hospital in the capital, Lilongwe. Source: VOA

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#6 – Has Anyone Seen Malawi’s President?

Malawians have taken to the media to demand the exact whereabouts of President Peter Mutharika in the United States. Mutharika’s absence without leave in Malawi, two weeks after attending the United Nations General Assembly, has created a lot of rumours, including allegations that he is hospitalised. Read More >> Source:

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Empowering Girls to Live Healthier, Happier Lives in Malawi

With 71% living on less than $2/day, Malawi is one of the 20 poorest countries in the world. For adolescent girls in the country, life can be especially difficult and full of challenges. Thirty-four percent of adolescent girls fall pregnant before the age of 18 – due to a combination [...]

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Siblings on a Mission to Transform Malawi’s Fashion Industry

Known for their expressive Afrocentric fashion feel and retro clothing, siblings Tjay and Debbie Chirwa of Homegrown Lifestyle are on a mission to form and transform Malawi’s promising fashion industry It began as an experiment mixing African print, or chitenje as it's known in the local language and grew into [...]

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#8 – Malawi Caught In Another Web Of Corruption

The World Bank has accused the Malawian government of abusing funds meant for its projects in the country. Read More >> Source: Ventures Africa

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How a Young African Entrepreneur Started Her Own Magazine

South African journalist Tshepy Matloga started making frequent trips to Malawi in 2014. That was when she first noticed the lack of business magazines with Malawian content. “There are so many publications in Malawian shops but they are all South African...packaged with South African content”, Tshepy says. Seeing a gap [...]

#9 – Why Refugees Can’t Leave This Camp In Malawi

It is home to about 25,000 refugees, primarily from DRC, Rwanda and Burundi, along with smaller numbers from Ethiopia and Somalia. None of these countries share a border with Malawi – and few of the refugees intend to return home. Read More >> Source: The Guardian

#2 – Leadership Tips From Malawi’s First Female President

“If you want to take the Western route, all you will get is rejection, frustration. Confrontation will never work.” Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

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#8 – Can Malawi Get Itself Out Of This Financial Rut

“Malawi’s economy since independence in 1964 has been on life support, with donors propping our weak economy. Malawi has been among the poorest on the planet. Our economy has never created sufficient jobs and the government remains the biggest employer, that is the problem.” Read More >> Source: Ventures Africa

#10 – On Board Malawi’s Homemade Helicopter

It has never taken off, and could well be a death trap, but a homemade helicopter built in Malawi is drawing crowds captivated by its creator’s determination to succeed against all the odds. Read More >> Source: eNCA

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