• Libyan Forces

#7 – Neighbours Agree To Let Libya Fight Its Own War

All fighters battling Islamist terror groups in Libya must all register and adhere to the international laws of engaging in military warfare and all military operations must be conducted in response to the request by [...]

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#2 – Goldman Sachs Lost $1.2 Billion Of Libya’s Money, Here’s How

The story of Goldman’s seduction of Libya, based on court evidence, is as brief as it was costly. Barely 12 months went by from a Libyan official’s first tour of the bank to the country [...]

  • Libya Kidnap

#8 – Time Is Ticking For Kidnapped Italians In Libya

Libyan authorities are searching for two Italians and a Canadian abducted at gunpoint near the Algerian border. Read More >> Source: The Guardian

  • Libyan Forces

#3 – New Report Blames Cameron For The Rise Of IS In Libya

A damning report by MPs condemns the 2011 military campaign for lacking both “accurate intelligence” and a coherent strategy for the aftermath of removing Muammar Gaddafi. Read More >> Source: Independent

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#2 – Libya Won’t Be Making Chemical Weapons Anymore

Libya’s remaining stockpile of potential chemical weapons has been successfully transported abroad in an operation aimed at keeping them safe from militants. Read More >> Source: The Guardian

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#1 – Could Libya Be Rid Of IS Soon?

"There are about 150 to 200 terrorists still in these districts. There is no room for them to escape. They will fight until the last bullet. They had an opportunity to escape earlier but now [...]

  • Sabratha Libya

#3 – How Unesco Plans To Salvage Libya’s Historical Sites

"You secure the buildings, you hide objects, you increase circles around the building in order for combatants not to reach them... And [then] there are secret places to hide objects. All of this has been [...]

  • UN backed forces in Libya

#7 – Libyan Forces Head For Sirte

Sirte is Islamic State's most significant stronghold outside Iraq and Syria. It is also the group's most valuable asset inside oil-rich Libya. Read More >> Source: BBC

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#6 – The World Backs Libya’s Fight Against IS

The African Union on Wednesday threw its weight behind Italian and US-led moves to stabilise Libya, which include arming a national unity government to fight Islamic State militants. Read More >> Source: Business Day Live

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#1 – The World Backs Libya’s Fight Against IS Threat

"We look forward to partnering with the GNA and neighbouring countries to tackle the threat posed throughout the Mediterranean and on its land borders by criminal organisations engaged in all forms of smuggling and trafficking, [...]