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#2 – Too Chicken To Invest In Africa? previously chronicled the challenges of chicken and eggs and in this article we examine the top countries for ventures into chicken investment in Africa. Read More >> Source:

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#2 – Nigeria’s No Longer Africa’s Top Investor Destination

That's according to a new Nielsen report, which provides a ranking of business prospects for leading markets in Sub Saharan Africa, Nigeria is no longer the top investor destination on the continent. In its place, [...]

The case for investing in Africa

The continent is now growing much more rapidly than the OECD nations. It may well be on the cusp of a reversal of fortunes. Most international businesses are still not very aware of Africa’s investment [...]

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Top Investment Opportunities in Zambia

A lot has been written about the emergence of Ethiopia and Mozambique, and the changing dynamic of investing in Africa. Ethiopia is the continent’s second most populous country, with high potential for a consumer-driven boom, [...]

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Investing in Angola: Beyond the Oil

Angola is very familiar with foreign investment. Oil companies have long poured cash into Africa’s 3rd largest oil producer. The wells continue to spill returns and results. But anyone considering investing in Angola should not [...]

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Top 5 Investment Opportunities in Tanzania

Once known mainly for Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, Tanzania is seeing a change in balance between the number of tourists and investors coming to the country. Driving from the airport, my taxi driver explains how [...]

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Opportunities in Mozambique: 5 Sectors Worth Investing In

The immigration officer stares anxiously at the Portuguese passport. It’s not an uncommon sight at Maputo’s International Airport as the country is increasingly seeing foreigners at its ports of entry with an interest in working [...]

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Bain & Company: How To Succeed In Africa

At great companies, management teams focus on a few ways to differentiate themselves from their competition: they then translate those into front-line routines, they make sure the organization supports these routines (or gets out of [...]

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African Development: So Much More Than Oil

Sub-Saharan Africa has attracted a growing wave of media attention over the last two years, and with this attention, an inaccurate narrative has formed that has influenced discourse. Often, an ordinary description of recent events [...]

How Active Managers Can Maximize Opportunities in Africa

Summary Over the past decade, an increasing number of investors have discovered the potential of investing in the smaller and less developed “frontier markets,” many of which have been developing rapidly into excellent growth opportunities.Although [...]