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#6 – Is This Africa’s Best Party?

In addition to having a long tradition and an equally long name, Asafotufiami, Ghana’s annual celebration of ancient warrior culture, is shaping up to be Africa’s best party. Read More >> Source: CNN

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#10 – Why Is Ghana’s Asafotufiami Festival An Important Celebration?

Set in Ada, outside of the capital of Accra, Asafotufiami celebrates a tribal victory against an enemy clan hundreds of years ago. These days, even the president gets an invite. Read More >> Source: CNN

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Birthright AFRICA’s First Fellow Launches Inaugural Trip

Ashley Johnson travels to Ghana for the 10 day journey in early October The lack of understanding one’s full cultural history, including its contributions and innovations, has been a major issue plaguing the African American [...]

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Birthright AFRICA Announces Inaugural Trip To Ghana

U.S. based educational organization embarks on its first trip to Africa Birthright AFRICA will embark on its inaugural trip to Ghana this Fall on October 1 – 10 to lay the groundwork for future participants [...]

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The Chale Wote Street Art Festival

The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance out of the galleries and onto the streets of James Town, Accra. More than 200 Ghana-based and international artists take [...]

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This Company is Helping to Restore Kente to its Historic Heritage

Kente is one of the most ubiquitous African fabrics in the world. It’s instantly recognisable, and is worn by many outside its roots among the Ashanti of Ghana. Rafiat Kasumu and the rest of [...]

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Top 10 Historical Sites to Visit in Africa

Africa is not only blessed with warm weather, a variety of wildlife and great people and food, but also with great historical sites that tell the diverse and rich history of the continent. Below are [...]

  • Ghana Power Protests

#9 – Ghana Blames Neighbours For Powercuts

President John Dramani Mahama said that “because of sabotage in Nigeria in the terminals, crude oil that we ordered in Nigeria last month has not arrived. And so it has created some generational problems for [...]

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#9 – A Village In Ghana Slowly Disappears

Rising sea levels are swallowing up land along the West African coastline at an astonishing rate. Although coastal erosion is a natural process, increasing global warming is causing a significant rise in sea levels. Read [...]

  • Africa Startup Cup Winners

Gomobile Announced Top Prize at First Regional Competition – Africa Startup Cup!

Accra, Ghana— Global entrepreneurship development agency StartUp Cup announced the top three winning teams of Africa StartUp Cup Challenge, a regional business model competition for startups from over thirteen StartUp Cup Challenges that took place [...]