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Africa’s Most Searched Questions and Topics on Google For 2016

2016 was an eventful year, and thanks to the internet, people could keep up to date with local and international news. Google released its 2016 Year In Review report that shows the most searched questions, topics and people for the year. Across Africa, the 2016 U.S. elections, Brexit, the bombing [...]

#5 Why Farming In The Desert Should Be Taken Seriously

Hydroponics is one solution being advocated by an Egyptian farmer, in a country where agricultural land is shrinking and conditions are unfavourable. Source: Mail & Guardian Africa

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#10 Will Donald Trump Help an American Imprisoned in Egypt?

Will Donald Trump intervene in the case of American Aya Hijazi, who has been imprisoned in Cairo since 2014, on what both Egyptian and international human rights groups say are flagrantly trumped-up charges? Source: Washington Post

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Mastercard And Injaz Egypt Empower Women Entrepreneurs In Egypt

The collaboration aims to mobilize the participation of women in the economic sector On the occasion of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Mastercard, a leading technology company in the global payments industry, has announced its collaboration with Injaz Egypt through a well-designed development [...]

RiseUp Summit 2016: The Entrepreneurship Revolution

RiseUp press conference announces 2016 tracks, events, and speakers building to economic empowerment RiseUp hosted its annual press conference on the 20th of November to announce the activities and tracks that will be covered in its 2016 Summit that will be held from December 9 to 11 at Downtown Cairo. [...]

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Black Friday Deals in Africa

America's Black Friday fever is fast sweeping across Africa. Originally started in the United States as a day of promotional sales after Thanksgiving, it also signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Most major retailers open for longer hours and offer special discounted prices on all goods. African retailers have jumped [...]

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#1 – Nine Million Egyptian Christians Are Too Scared To Worship

In a nation where Islam is the state religion, successive secular but authoritarian regimes have restricted Christians from practicing their beliefs, even though freedom of religion is enshrined in the constitution. Read More >> Source: Washington Post

#10 – The One Room Where Egyptians Can Express Themselves

Bab Aldonia (The World’s Door) bookshop and cafe in Cairo opened its scream room about a month ago, converting what was previously used solely as a practice space for bands into a place where visitors can scream their lungs out, kick the walls or generally let rip – free of [...]

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#8 – Egypt Is In Line For A New Capital City

The China Fortune Land Development Company has agreed to provide $20 billion for the currently unnamed city, after a meeting between heads of the firm and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Read More >> Source: CNN

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Collaborative Innovation Driving Financial Inclusion in Africa

“Africa is the next frontier,” says Raghu Malhotra, Mastercard’s Middle East and Africa President. Speaking to at the recent Mastercard Innovation Forum in Budapest, Hungary, Malhotra says that in emerging markets you don’t have the same infrastructure (as more developed markets). That's not necessarily a bad thing, as it creates the opportunities [...]

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