• New city

#8 – Egypt Is In Line For A New Capital City

The China Fortune Land Development Company has agreed to provide $20 billion for the currently unnamed city, after a meeting between heads of the firm and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Read More >> [...]

  • shutterstock_452241955

Collaborative Innovation Driving Financial Inclusion in Africa

“Africa is the next frontier,” says Raghu Malhotra, Mastercard’s Middle East and Africa President. Speaking to at the recent Mastercard Innovation Forum in Budapest, Hungary, Malhotra says that in emerging markets you don’t have the same infrastructure [...]

  • man on mobile phone

Mastercard Study: African Consumers are Hungry for More Digital Services

African consumers use their smartphone more than any other device. This is according to the findings from the Mastercard Impact of Innovation study, released on the sidelines of the Mastercard Innovation Forum 2016, which opened [...]

  • nokia and orange

Nokia Support Orange Egypt To Launch Personalized Services Faster To Its Subscribers

Nokia Subscriber Data Management platform to consolidate data, gather insights for customized services on 2G, 3G and future LTE networks To enable the operator to provide personalized services based on usage patterns of its subscribers [...]

  • Egypt Sculpture

#1 – Egypt’s New Statue Honouring Soldiers Gets Tongues Wagging

The sculpture, titled “Mother of the Martyr,” depicts a slender peasant woman, a traditional artistic representation of Egypt, with her arms outstretched. A helmeted soldier is standing behind her, looking over her shoulder with his [...]

  • EGYPTIAN ARTIST nourhan refaat, July Tale

How an Award-winning Egyptian Artist Uses Photography to Tell Personal Stories

Nourhan Refaat Maayouf has always had a penchant for storytelling through art. At a young age, she started expressing herself through drawing, before developing a passion for photography. As her love for taking photos grew, [...]

  • Djemaa El Fna Morocco

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Tourist Spots

Tourism is one very lucrative business in the whole of Africa, only if it could be given more attention. Generally, people love to unwind and relax after several months, weeks or day of hard work. [...]

  • egyptian explorer in an old mine

#7 – Egyptian Explorers Mine Long Lost Gold

"Using modern mining techniques and technology, we hope to recover a lot of the gold that they missed, because they were unable to mine it and process it." Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Police car

#2 – Islamic State Says It Killed 8 Egyptian Police

Their white police van was ambushed in the early hours of Sunday morning in the southern district of Helwan. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Egypt Police

#2 – The People Vs The Police In Egypt

Unrest erupted after a policeman allegedly killed a tea vendor and wounded two others during an argument over the price of a cup of tea. Read More >> Source: BBC