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  • Dakar Biennial poster, Senegal

Dak’Art: Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain

The12th edition Dakar Biennial will be held in the Senegalese capital in May 2016. The Biennale of Contemporary African Art aims at being a space of different prejudice-free visions on approaches and inspirations to analyse in relation to a plurality of influences from both immediate and farther sources. The biennial will include [...]

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9 West African Countries Exceed Ambitious Family Planning Goal in 2015

West African Ministers of Health Gather in Senegal to Shape New 2016-2020 Agenda for Expanded Voluntary Family Planning in the Region At a convening of ministers of health from nine West African countries, the Ouagadougou Partnership -a regional partnership to expand voluntary family planning – will announce that 1.2 million [...]

  • A promo for the obama in africa series

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: What You Need To Know About Obama’s Visit To Senegal

Africa.com CEO and Executive Editor, Teresa Clarke, brings you a video roundup of what President Barack Obama and the First Family got up to in Senegal during the first leg of their three-country Africa tour.

  • A Man hangs the American flag Presidential Palace in Dakar, Senegal, Africa

The Inside Story – Traveling with Obama Day 2

The flight to Dakar was uneventful. We were assigned personnel from the US Embassy in Senegal who escorted us in each bus and gave us a warm welcome. While Senegal is familiar stomping ground for Africa.com, for many on the plane, it was just another stop, and they were just [...]

  • Goree Island-Senegal-Africa

Senegal Welcomes The Obama Family

The Africa.com team in Dakar, Senegal, share some snapshots of how local Senegalese residents prepared for the arrival of America’s First Family. Watch what the streets of Senegal looked like as Obama makes his way to the Presidential Palace to meet President Macky Sall: Senegal and U.S. [...]

  • Barack Obama greeting Macky Sall

Obama on Mandela: “He’s a personal hero”

U.S. President Barack Obama was greeted by the joyous sound of drums when he arrived for a meeting with Senegal’s President Macky Sall today.  Despite the positive bilateral talks and euphoric welcome to the continent laid out by the West African nation,  the condition of ailing former statesman Nelson Mandela [...]

  • A beautiful view of Dakar, Senegal, Africa

Set Your Sights on Senegal: Top Investment Opportunities

La Fourchette is a central Dakar specialty. The restaurant is full of Dakar’s social class and serves a completely enchanting menu. Many patrons come from all over the world but not just for the tourism. Instead the restaurant sees a growing group of foreign business people. It is an odd [...]

  • business travel, Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is Senegal’s capital, and the West African country’s largest city. Its strategic location as one of the regions’ main seaports means that it attracts a large number of business men and women. The westernmost point of Africa, Dakar has a population of over 1 million people, while its metropolitan areas [...]

  • inside Lagos Airport

Insiders’ Guide to Business Travel in Africa

There are a lot of resources to figure out where to go and what to take on safari, plenty of articles to tell you how beautiful Victoria Falls is, but how do you get the inside scoop on traveling to Africa if your agenda is all business? Africa.com’s editors are [...]

  • chini-africa-WEF-AFRICA

China’s Long March Across Africa

By now, we’re used to seeing foreign fingers in the African pot. For the latest act of this timeless drama, one need look no further than the Chinatown in Lagos, Nigeria. For years, a small community of Chinese workers ran restaurants or sold textiles in the city; today, however, a [...]

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