crisis in Mali

  • Band from Mali performing songs on stage

#9 – Mali’s Travelling Band Brings Tidings Of Peace And Reconciliation

Some refugee musicians hope they can use music to encourage Malians to return, unite and shun the extremist groups that briefly controlled the country’s north. Read More >> Source: Voice Of America

#10 – Mali School Gives Graduates Some Hope

There is more at stake than jobs. As Mali recalibrates after the civil war, art and culture are key weapons in the battle for peace, reconciliation and economic sustainability. Read More >> Source: The Guardian

  • the river city of Mopti

Crisis in Mali: Pieces of World Heritage Lost

The Guardian reported on Monday that Islamist rebels fleeing the north set fire to a library in Mali. Some of the manuscripts lost dated back to the 13th century. “Of course, human casualties are a tragedy,” a colleague said. But there is just something about irreplaceable ancient artifacts being destroyed [...]

  • A young girl fetching water from a well in Mail-Africa

Mali: 10 Facts and Figures

So you’ve seen the headlines and heard the reports about Mali. If you are visiting, we assume you care about the situation, but may still need a brush up on Mali and what is currently happening there. It’s Friday, so here are 10 facts and figures about Mali that’ll [...]

Guide to the Crisis in Mali

Mali is a country in turmoil with its government in disarray and rebels having taken control over the north. The military took control of the government back in March, under the guise of defeating the rebels. presents its guide to the crisis in Mali. Key Facts and Figures in [...]

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