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Tapping into West Africa’s Hair Care Market

When Dorinda Mawuenya Matey started the Facebook page, We Naturals Team, she had no idea it would turn into a business. She just wanted to share her natural hair journey with like minds. Now, We Naturals is among the growing number of hair care brands, and operates in three West [...]

  • Raelene Rorke

African Trendsetter: Raelene Rorke

Raelene Rorke is currently the co-founder and thought leader behind South African youth movement, SpringAGE. However, before the African trendsetter was encouraging the country’s youth to own their leadership platforms,  she stood center-stage on a platform of her own as Miss SA Teen. The former beauty queen’s work with youth began shortly [...]

  • Nigeria lips tattoed pink Africa

Video of the Week: Nigerian Men Tattoo Their Lips Pink!

Our Video of the Week, Nigerian Men Tattoo Their Lips Pink! got us thinking about perceptions of physical beauty. In it, we’re taken to a parlor in Lagos, Nigeria and see a man getting his lower lip colored in light pink. He barely flinches as the tattoo gun buzzes on [...]

Not Happy Being Black?

The search for beauty has led many African women (and increasingly men) to use skin lightening products. Quoting a recent study from the University of Cape Town, BBC News reports that one in three African women use bleaching products to lighten their skin. In addition to the implied sociological ills that the [...]

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