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  • How To Succeed In Africa

Bain & Company: How To Succeed In Africa

At great companies, management teams focus on a few ways to differentiate themselves from their competition: they then translate those into front-line routines, they make sure the organization supports these routines (or gets out of the way), and they thrive on customer feedback, improving their routines over time. It’s a [...]

  • The South African Broadcasting Corporation headquarters

Should the Rest of Africa Be Higher on Your Corporate Agenda?

If you’re like many consumer products executives, the thought of pursuing growth in the rest of Africa seriously slows down when you consider the poverty, famine, political instability and risk–factors that would worry any business leader. But over the past decade, the continent has undergone a quiet–yet dramatic–evolution that makes [...]

  • Africa’s Consumers

Growing with Africa’s Consumers

When Africa proved resilient to the 2009 global downturn, South African companies without a presence in the rest of Africa started taking another look, and those already selling there realized it was time to boost their presence and increase their footprint. A host of factors contributes to a rosier picture [...]

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