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  • How To Succeed In Africa

Bain & Company: How To Succeed In Africa

At great companies, management teams focus on a few ways to differentiate themselves from their competition: they then translate those into front-line routines, they make sure the organization supports these routines (or gets out of the way), and they thrive on customer feedback, improving their routines over time. It’s a [...]

How Active Managers Can Maximize Opportunities in Africa

Summary Over the past decade, an increasing number of investors have discovered the potential of investing in the smaller and less developed “frontier markets,” many of which have been developing rapidly into excellent growth opportunities.Although many of the greatest investment opportunities of the next decade will likely emerge from the [...]

  • Larry-Seruma

Our Approach to Investing in Africa: Three Key Themes for Long Term Growth

Nile Capital Management’s investment team is dedicated to identifying and investing in compelling opportunities across the continent of Africa, and seeks to help investors share in Africa’s growth. At NCM, we believe an active strategy will be the key element of success for anyone who hopes to gain exposure to [...]

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