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During the summer, UCLA opens its door to high school students as well, and we invite you to come and study in a welcoming environment that appreciates diversity and global perspectives. High school students who are 14 years of age or older by September 1 may participate in our Precollege Summer Institutes.

High school students enrolled in academic courses or the following institutes may apply for housing through UCLA Housing Services: ACTING AND PERFORMANCE SUMMER INSTITUTE

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Registration only in precollege Summer Institutes that are not F 1 eligible does not satisfy the requirements for an I 20 form to be issued. Please be sure to consult your local US embassy/consulate for cheap jerseys china visa options prior to registering as an I 20 form may not be issued.

The thousands of high school students who have joined us cheap jerseys in the past report that UCLA Summer Sessions is an wholesale jerseys china invigorating wholesale nhl jerseys china and unforgettable experience academically, culturally, and socially, and we hope to see you this summer. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, please go to ACADEMIC COURSES: US HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. Transcripts, proof of enrollment at another institution, or a GPA minimum is not required.

Summer Sessions is a unique opportunity to advance Cheap NFL Jerseys your academic career. During the summer, many academic courses that make up UCLA’s regular curriculum are offered in two sessions, . While the majority of courses are 6 weeks long, a small number of courses in Session A last for cheap nfl jerseys 8 10 weeks. If you are interested in a course that is offered during Session A, please be sure to check the Schedule cheap jerseys of Classes to verify the course length. All Session C courses are 6 weeks long.

UCLA ONLINE COURSES offer you the opportunity to earn credit anytime, anywhere. UCLA academic courses delivered carry the same unit value and UCLA degree credit. Whether you have other summer activities planned or you wish to stay in your hometown, online courses provide an alternative solution to your academic needs. If you enroll in online courses only, the campus fee will be waived. Please note that “hybrid” courses that have components offered both online and on UCLA campus are not considered online courses for summer registration purposes. However, UCLA housing services does not provide supervision. WRITING WORKSHOP is not eligible for UCLA housing, and participants will have to arrange their own accommodations.Articles Connexes:

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