As we’ve seen in the recent news about skin lightening in Africa, definitions of beauty can have serious consequences for women’s mental and physical health. Better images of Africa, and of African beauty are needed. For those reasons, we’re thrilled that Face2face Africa has launched the first issue of its new print magazine.

The company’s mission is to redefine images of Africa in the world’s imagination, and its magazine–whose tagline is “Africa Re-Branded”–does just that.

 Face 2 Face Africa relaunched

Face 2 Face Africa

The cover of the first issue features three brothers, Kwame Boateng, Kofi Sirebour, and Kwesi Boakye, who are a part of the mainstream entertainment industry. Smart, young, and well-dressed, of course, these brothers represent the image of Africa F2FA seeks to promote. The magazine also includes gorgeous photos of a Nigerian wedding, and tells the story of the couple, who are getting married after a decade together.

The definition of beauty is tackled in another story entitled “Redefining African Beauty,” which compiles photos of some of the most beautiful Africans in the world.

For the company, redefining standards of beauty takes on personal tones. Said Editor-in-Chief Sandra Appiah, “To grow up ashamed of who you are or your background is the most self inflicting damage that anybody could do to themselves. This was my story, and what we seek to do is to change that story for somebody else.”

For fans and friends in New York, Face 2 Face Africa is hosting a party at the Empire State Building on Friday, January 11th, 2013 at 6pm. The celebration doubles as Face2face Africa’s quarterly networking mixer, “I am a professional African.” To learn more about the event, and to reserve your spot, click here.

The event is already generating buzz here at We hope to see you there.