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  • Albino Pageant

#1 – Kenya Flips The Script On How Albinos Are Seen

In Kenya, people with albinism are sometimes referred to as "pesa" -- which means "money" in Swahili -- alluding to the vast sums of money rumored to be paid for their bones in places like [...]

  • Internet Cafe

#2 – The Only Source Of News About The Protests In Oromia

Using their contacts in Ethiopia, diaspora activists have flooded Twitter and Facebook with videos and photos disputing what they say are inaccurate accounts of protests pushed out by the mostly state-owned media in Ethiopia. Read [...]

  • botswana-heat

#3 – Botswana Braces Itself For A Heat Wave

The Department of Metereological Services in Botswana has warned that “extremely hot” temperatures, in the 37- to 40 degrees Celcius range, which could be potentially hazardous to public health. Read More >> Source: eNCA

  • Engaged Egyptian kids

#4 – Not Even A Teen But Ready To Walk Down The Aisle

Egyptian laws prohibit official registration for marriages for anyone under the age of 18. But the practice remains prevalent. Read More >> Source: Washington Post

  • Kenya Drugs

#5 – The Dark Side To Mombasa’s Laid-back Shorelife

There are resources emerging at the coast for drug users who want to get clean, but it’s a long hard road, usually with many detours. Read More >> Source: Voice Of America

  • international-criminal-court

#6 – Can The ICC Survive Without Africa?

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its relationship with many African leaders, some of whom have their countries as members of the Hague court and are now [...]

  • exxon mobile sign

#7 – A Look At International Oil Companies Operating Across The African Continent

It is estimated that 57 percent of Africa's export earnings come from hydrocarbons. Proven oil reserves have grown by almost 150 percent, increasing from 53.4 billion barrels since 1980, to 130.3 billion barrels by the [...]

  • Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote Still The Richest Black Person In The World

#8 – Nigeria’s Recession Forces Dangote To Wield The Axe

Out of the 48 people sacked, 36 are expatriates and 12 Nigerian workers from the group’s headquarters and one of the subsidiaries, Dangote Cement Plc. Read More >> Source: Africa News

  • Randgold

#9 – Mining Company Digs In Its Heels In Ghana

Gold Fields Ltd., a South African producer of the metal with mines from Australia to Peru, will invest $1.4 billion to extend the life of its Damang operation in Ghana by eight years. Read More [...]

  • Egypt Drivers

#10 – Meet Two Egyptian Women Whizzing Through Traffic

Tuk-tuks are predominantly driven by men in Egypt, but the country's economic woes are driving more women to it as a means of earning a living. Read More >> Source: BBC

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  • African Leadership Network

African Leadership Network To Gather In Mauritius

African Leadership Network Announces 2016 Annual Gathering In Mauritius, 2-4 Novermber The African Leadership Network (ALN) is pleased to announce that this year’s ALN Annual Gathering (ALN2016) will take place in Mauritius from 2-4 November, 2016. Each year, ALN convenes the most interesting, inspiring, and influential people in Africa for 3 [...]

  • african leadership network

Hello Paisa Wins MasterCard Foundation Award

Hello Paisa Wins Second Annual Mastercard Foundation Clients at the Centre Prize The US$150,000 Prize was awarded to Hello Paisa, voted the world’s most impactful and sustainable financial service provider that puts “clients at the centre.”. The US$150,000 Prize recognizes the company’s innovative work in South Africa to facilitate international [...]

  • africa code week

Africa’s Code Week Returns To The Continent In A Big Way

Spreading digital literacy Fostering economic growth Driving social change all over Africa SAP wrapped-up the second edition of Africa Code Week on Saturday in Cape Town, after a week marked by over 1,500 coding events taking place across 30 African countries. This year, with the participation of UNESCO’s YouthMobile initiative [...]

  • masterpass qr nigeria

Daniel Monehin Talks About The Masterpass QR Mobile Payment Solution In Africa

Listen as Daniel Monehin, Mastercard Division President, Sub-Saharan Africa, talks with Africa.com about the Masterpass QR mobile payment solution. Ecobank partnering with Mastercard to roll-out Masterpass QR across 33 countries The partnership will shift Africa to a instant and secure digital payment solution The [...]

  • Belema Alagun
  • David Otieno

Meet TEF Entrepreneurs, Belema Alagun and David Otieno

The Tony Elumelu Foundation identifies African startups and African entrepreneurs with ideas that have the potential to succeed. Here are two of the many success stories. TEF entrepreneur, Belema Alagun, CEO of Britts Foods shares her experience at the last TEF forum. Belema is one [...]

  • Thomas Konditi and Jay Caboz

The GE Energy & Infrastructure Award Presented To Jay Caboz Of South Africa

South African Journalist Wins GE Energy & Infrastructure CNN Multichoice African Journalist Award Jay Caboz, from South Africa, has been awarded the GE Energy & Infrastructure Award, presented by Thomas Konditi, President and CEO GE Transportation Africa & GE South Africa, at this year’s CNN [...]

  • The Tony Elumelu Foundation

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneur Programme

The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) was founded by Tony O. Elumelu, CON in 2010, a serial entrepreneur and investor who has a lifelong commitment to philanthropy. The foundation has an audacious mission: to equip and empower thousands of entrepreneurs across Africa so that they, rather than governments, aid agencies [...]


Unilever Is No. 1 Top Employer In Africa Again

Unilever has been certified as the Top Employer in Africa for the third time in a row. For a company such as Unilever to achieve business success, it is important that its leadership create an environment where employees feel valued, where their creative ideas can germinate and contribute towards the [...]

  • Coffee shop in Lagos

#1 – Two Brothers Realise That A Perfect Brew Makes Perfect Cents

After working abroad and soaking up café culture, Ngozi and Chijioke Dozie opened Café Neo in 2012 in Lagos, and now have 10 locations in Nigeria with plans to rapidly expand over the next few [...]

  • Burnt Truck

#2 – It Hasn’t Been Business As Usual In Ethiopia

Government estimates claim that around 40,000 workers at foreign companies have been affected by the disruptions; as cement, textile, flower, and agribusiness firms have been attacked. Read More >> Source: AFK Insider

  • Cellphone towers

#3 – South Africa’s Telcos Won’t Drink From The Same Cup

Creating a single open-access network is at the heart of a government goal to roll out broadband access to 80 percent of the population by 2019, by encouraging operators to compete on services rather than [...]

  • Innovation finalists

#4 – Meet The Finalists For The 2016 Appsafrica.com Innovation Award

The Awards celebrate the best in mobile and tech from across Africa. It also provides winners with the global publicity, recognition and networking with 300+ industry peers. Read More >> Source: Ventures Africa

  • Tobacco market

#5 – Banning Tobacco Can Cause More Harm Than Good

President of the African Medical Association (SA), says tobacco is a big industry, which provided taxes to government, profits to industry and nicotine to smokers and, as such, should not be destroyed on a whim [...]

  • Kids in class

#6 – What The Super Rich Can Do To End World Hunger

If tax were paid on the money that the super-rich in Africa are estimated to hold offshore, it would be enough to save four million children’s lives and employ enough teachers to get every African [...]

  • Ivory Coast Forest

#7 – The Modern History Of Ivory Coast, The World’s Largest Cocoa Producer

Trees are logged for timber, land is cleared for crops and gradually the soil becomes barren. The Forestry Ministry estimates that about 80 percent of the country’s forests have disappeared since the 1970s. Replanting was [...]

  • Kenya Eurobond

#8 – Follow The Money Trail Before Investing In Kenya

Kenya’s main opposition party has cautioned transaction advisers and potential foreign investors against participating in the nation’s next Eurobond offer. The party has revived allegations that almost $1bn from a sale of the securities in [...]

  • Palms mall Nigeria, Africa aboutlagos.com

#9 – Landlords In Nigeria Get Creative

The Palms mall in Nigeria, Africa. Photo credit: aboutlagos.com Amid slowing economic growth, forex shortages and currency depreciation, retail rentals have doubled in naira terms since December 2014. To retain tenants, retail landlords [...]

  • Naspers Logo on the wall

#10 – Africa’s Most Valuable Company Has To Diversify Its Assets

Fifteen years ago, a South African media company invested $34 million in an obscure Chinese Internet developer. Today that stake is worth $88 billion. Read More >> Source: Bloomberg

  • Feminist in new cosmetics deal

#1 – Is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie The Most Influential Woman In Africa Right Now?

Having landed a new beauty contract, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s influence is expanding into an even wider realm and may make her Africa’s most well-known woman. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Fashion project

#2 – The Stories Clothes Can Tell

A new fashion project in South Africa aims to design clothing that provides insights into the lives of the people who make them. Read More >> Source: Design Indaba

  • Yvonne Orji and cast

#3 – Yvonne Orji Is Your New Favourite Rising Star

With HBO picking up Issa Rae’s web series ‘Insecure,’ co-star Yvonne Orji is about to become a household name. Learn about this daughter of Nigerian immigrants, who’s fame is about to explode. Read More >> [...]

  • Nollywood: Portraits Of Beauty

#4 – ‘Nollywood Portraits: A Radical Beauty’ Will Be Exhibited At The Museum Of Contemporary Photography

Ike Ude’s portraits of Nollywood stars have a timeless, movie star quality to them, and a new exhibit is showing them in all their cinematic glory. Read More >> Source: Bella Naija

  • SA Guitarist

#5 – South African Guitarist Derek Gripper Joins Trio Da Kali At Zankel Hall

A fascinating collaboration between Mali’s Da Kali and South African guitarist and musical virtuoso, Derek Gripper, has resulted in an amazing fusion of African musical traditions. Read More >> Source: Broadway World

  • Burkina Architecture
  • a-burkina-faso

#6 – Burkina Faso’s New Parliamentary Building Celebrates The Revolution

To commemorate Burkina Faso’s transition from dictatorship to democracy, the country commissioned acclaimed architect (and Burkina Faso’s own) Francis Kere to design a stunning replacement for the National Assembly building, which had been destroyed during [...]

  • Daniel Kuuluya

#7 – ‘Get Out’ Star Daniel Kaluuya Is About To Be The Next Big Thing In Hollywood

He’s played the sidekick in a number of feature films, but first generation, British-Ugandan actor, Daniel Kaluuya, is about to get his star turn as one of the leads in a new, race-based psychological thriller [...]

  • African musician signed to Roc Nation

#8 – Roc Nation Rapper Young Paris On Blending African Music With Hip-Hop & EDM

Learn about the fascinating history of Congolese musical artist, Young Paris, and his efforts to promote the works of other African artists. Read More >> Source: Billboard

  • Madagascar's turning of the bones

#9 – Famadihana: The Family Reunion Where The Dead Get An Invite

Learn about Famadihana, an interesting tribal tradition in Zimbabwe, in which ancestors participate in body as well as spirit. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Nora Chipaumire

#10 – A Chilling Portrait Of What It Means To Be A Black Man

A thought provoking dance project from Nora Chipaumire aims to address the humors and horrors of what it means to be a black man. Read More >> Source: Miami Herald

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  • Luxury safari lodge in Kenya

#1 – Go Full On Safari Glam With These Eight Kenyan Experiences

From tricked-out safari trucks and lavish private planes to "tents" that could easily double as Park Avenue penthouses, the modern Kenyan safari doubles down on comfort and pampering. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Underwater in Egypt

#2 – For A Snorkelling Experience That Doesn’t Disappoint

Dahab is slowly but steadily establishing itself as a centre for snorkelling and scuba diving. Based on the south-east coast of the Sinai Peninsula, this destination connects Africa and Asia and links the Mediterranean and [...]

  • Fish braai

#3 – The Way To A City’s Heart, Is Through Your Stomach

At the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town chefs have created a progressive food scene by revisiting ancestral traditions and respecting the cape’s rich natural resources. Read More >> Source: Lonely Planet

  • Morocco's Blue City

#4 – You’re In Morocco, What Now?

Chefchaouen, Morocco’s blue city, is a truly beautiful town with appropriately blue walls and majestic mountains overlooking the characterful town. Here's a guide of what to do when you visit this historical place. Read More [...]

  • Member of the Little 5

#5 – The Ultimate Bucket List For Travellers Visiting Southern Africa

And no, it's not just about seeing the Big 5. The region also has the Little 5 which is just as interesting. Read More >> Source: IOL

  • Coffee spot in Nairobi

#6 – If You Only Have One Day In Nairobi

Pointzero Coffee serves simple coffees, in a bid to promote Kenya’s rich and heady coffee culture, sandwiches, and cakes, and every so often have a special coffee of the day on display. Read More >> [...]

  • Egypt Tourism

#7 – If You Are Going To Egypt, Make Sure Your Use This Guide

One of the judges of the awards, praised Sem Sem’s skills as a guide: “He inspires both his clients and his colleagues. He has changed lives, enriched people’s experience and is a marvellous ambassador for [...]

  • Coupon that gets you into the East African Community

#8 – One Visa Travel In East Africa

Tourists coming to East Africa will now only have to apply for one visa after the launch of the UniVisa travel document in Nairobi. Citizens of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, as well as tourists, will [...]

  • Botswana camp

#9 – The Best Time To Plan Your African Holiday

Use this guide to plan your holiday based on when you can take your annual leave. Read More >> Source: Go2Africa

  • Kenya Airways

#10 – Kenya Airways Grinds To A Halt

Kenya Airways has cancelled five morning flights from Nairobi due to what they termed as shortage of crew. Read More >> Source: Standard Media