• Top Historical Sites, Telouet Kasbah Morocco

Top 10 Historical Sites to Visit in Africa

Africa is not only blessed with warm weather, a variety of wildlife and great people and food, but also with great historical sites that tell the diverse and rich history of the continent. Below are [...]

  • top african business schools

Top Business Schools in Africa

With Africa increasingly attracting investors and progressively becoming a business hub, it’s clear that the continent is ripe with opportunities. No one understands this better than the countless African entrepreneurs starting small businesses everyday, playing their role [...]

  • Seychelles
  • Seychelles

Africa’s Top 10 Travel Destinations

Dubbed as the Mother Continent due to it being the oldest inhabited continent on Earth, Africa is still the Earth’s hidden gem with great lakes, crystal blue beaches with pearly white sands, jaw-dropping flora and majestic wildlife [...]

  • Mombo Camp, Botswana / Photo credit: wilderness-safaris.com

The Best Eco-Friendly Accommodation in Africa

Although many African safari lodges and camps sell themselves as being eco-friendly, Colin Bell and David Bristow found that some merely “green wash”, meaning they are only claim to be eco-friendly accommodation. The two recently [...]


  • ciku kimeria

The Scoop with Ciku Kimeria

In this episode of "The Scoop," Salim Amin chats to writer,  blogger and consultant Ciku Kimeria. Apart from beingDalberg Africa’s Regional Communications Manager, Kimeria is also a published author. Her first novel,  “Of Goats and Poisoned [...]

  • woman selling farm produce-Africa

Improving Food Security

Mamadou Biteye, MD of the Rockefeller Foundation chats to CNBC Africa about the various strategies to improve food security in Africa.

  • Two professionals working in a Tech hub, Kampala, Uganda, Africa.

How Technology Can Boost Economic Growth

James Mwangi, Executive Director of the Dalberg Group, chats to CNBC Africa about the importance of stimulating economic growth through technological advancement.

  • africa map

Digital Transformation and Innovation

Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs at Microsoft 4Afrika, Louis Otieno, chats to CNBC about the 4th Industrial Revolution, and how it's set to help drive Africa's economy forward.

  • Congolese rapper Lexxus Legal

The SCOOP with Lexxus Legal

In this episode of The Scoop, Salim Amin chats Congolese rapper Alex Dende, aka Lexxus Legal. Lexxus Legal started his career in 1993, founding the group Brute Black Thought (PBN). They released a 6-CD title in [...]

  • Juliana Rotich, Executive Director of Ushahidi Inc-Kenya

THE SCOOP with Juliana Rotich

In this episode of The Scoop, Salim Amin chats to Juliana Rotich, Executive Director of Ushahidi Inc and responsible for the overall management of Ushahidi, partnerships and support of the Ushahidi team. She has worked in [...]

  • mugabe-speaks

#1 Zimbabwe Veterans Withdraw Support For Mugabe

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association has been a pillar of support for the 92-year-old leader for decades, but they say President Robert Mugabe is dictatorial, manipulative and egocentric. Read More >> Source: The [...]

  • PTSD Girl

#2 – Fixing The Broken Pieces In Central African Republic

Action Against Hunger has begun running trauma sessions in an effort to start the healing process, in which children use pictures and role play to describe their symptoms. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

  • elephant relocation

#3 – How Do You Move 500 Elephants?

Malawi's African Parks is relocating 500 "surplus" elephants from two national parks to Nkhotakota, where the threatened species have been wiped out by poachers for their valuable ivory. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Zambia Ballot

#4 – Zambia’s Electoral Commission Commits To A Free Election

"We have completed the signing of everything in terms of the referendum ballots, local government, presidential and national assembly ballot papers — all these we have printed and we are at 100 percent." Read More [...]

  • Chris Christie

#5 – U.S. Governor Blames Clinton For Chibok Kidnappings

“In Nigeria, Hillary Clinton amazingly fought for two years to keep an al-Qaeda affiliate off the terrorist watch list... What happened because of this reckless action by the candidate who is the self-proclaimed champion of [...]

  • nkosazana dlamini zuma, AU chair

# 6 – The Race To Find A New AU Commissioner

Elections will now happen at the January summit again after abstentions by more than half of the member states at the recent summit. As a result, none of the three candidates received the required two-thirds [...]

  • Militants from Niger Delta Avengers

#7 – Buhari Talks To Niger Delta Avengers

The Nigerian government is talking to militants to end a wave of attacks on oil and gas facilities. They will be reviewing an amnesty programme for former militants, which offers cash and job training, after [...]

  • Mosque Prayer

#8- South African Muslims Deported For Doing ‘Religious Work’ In Namibia

The group was first stopped and questioned by the police who photocopied their passports and released them. Shortly after the police encounter, the Muslims were arrested by a team of immigration officials while performing daily [...]

  • nigeria stock exchange

#9 – African Economies Need To Manage Their Finances Better

The external debt of "several African countries" has rapidly risen in recent years, causing concern among policy makers, analysts and multilateral financial institutions. Read More >> Source: Business Day Live

  • Karim Jabbari
  • Calligrafitti

#10 – Tunisian Artist Makes “Calligraffiti”

The writing is on the wall in Tunisia, thanks to an artist who wants to revive a traditional form of Arabic calligraphy. Read More >> Source: BBC

  • SA Loyalty Rewards

#1 – What Draws You To A Brand?

Customer loyalty has become a key to success in today’s highly competitive South African retail industry. Many retail companies are offering loyalty cards to customers and research has shown that reward programs are not enough [...]

  • SA Exports

#2 – Zimbabwe Breaks SADC Export Code

"Zimbabwe in is breach of Southern African Development Community protocol. The issue will be taken up at a technical level. We have already sent the list of items to Zimbabwe. It will also be raised [...]

  • Kenya flowers

#3 – Kenya Feels The Brexit Pinch

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is costing Kenyan fresh-produce exporters $79,000 a day. That’s hurting Kenyan shippers of fruit, vegetables and flowers to the U.K. because of the pound’s slump against the dollar. [...]

  • E-learning

#4 – Ten E-Learning Solutions In Africa

Growth of the mobile learning market in Africa over the next three years is expected to be 39 per cent. E-learning is set to be a $530 million market by 2017 and these platforms help [...]

  • Nigerian Mobile User

#5 – Nigeria Phone Companies Told Not To Disturb Subscribers

Nigeria’s telecoms regulator has directed phone networks to give subscribers the option of activating a feature to prevent being spammed by promotional texts. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • Juba CBD

#6 – Business Shuts Down In South Sudan

Some of the biggest banks and insurers in Africa, including Old Mutual and Standard Bank, are temporarily closing operations and evacuating staff in Juba. That's after violence between rival political factions in South Sudan’s capital [...]

  • Oil pipeline in Nigeria

#7 – All Systems Go For The Uganda-Tanzania Pipeline

The construction of the pipeline will start in January and will export Ugandan crude oil to the international market. The project is due to be complete in 2020. Read More >> Source: New Africa Business [...]

  • Namibia drought

#8 – Businesses Struggle Amidst A Drought In Namibia

“We don’t wash gents’ hair any more, but we can’t send a female customer getting a dye job home without washing her hair.” Read More >> Source: The Guardian

  • Ghana Power Protests

#9 – Ghana Blames Neighbours For Powercuts

President John Dramani Mahama says "because of sabotage in Nigeria in the terminals, crude oil that we ordered in Nigeria last month has not arrived. And so it has created some generational problems for us." [...]

  • Textiles

#10 – Can Nigeria’s Textile Industry Be Revived?

The Nigerian government has unveiled plans to create a production hub and offer tax incentives to revive the cotton, textile and garment industry for sustainable economic development. Read More >> Source: Ventures Africa

  • African designers showcasing in Amsterdam

#1 – Four Ways Africa Can Influence Design

Amsterdam's recent 'What Design Can Do' conference focused on ways in which Africa can influence design throughout the world. Learn why the audience was moved to a standing ovation and get an expert recap of [...]

  • Up and coming model from south Sudan

#2 – A Rising South Sudanese Model On The Raw Emotions Of Returning Home

Fashion is taking her places, including home. A refugee from South Sudan, the catwalk's latest it girl pays a return visit to her home country and is confronted by mixed emotions. Read More >> Source: [...]

  • Models display African art in Philadelphia

#3 – Philadelphia Offers A Full-Fledged Summer Of African Art

If you're an African art lover, make your way to Philadelphia whose museums are hosting an array of fabulous African exhibits this summer. Read More >> Source: New York Times

  • aerial view of cape town
  • racist south african architecture

#4 – How Drone Photographs Showcase Racism In South African Architecture

While it's no secret that apartheid created divided communities with vastly different living conditions, a recent series of aerial photographs brings the issue into sharp focus. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • South African writer who won caine prize

#5 – South African Wins Caine Prize

Learn about the acclaimed South African author, Lidudumalingani Mqombothi, who has won the prestigious Caine Prize, an award for outstanding African writing. Read More >> Source: BBC

  • African film festival in Dallas

#6 – African Film Festival In Texas Bridges Cultures

The first ever African Film Festival in Dallas, Texas, was an opportunity for African filmmakers and filmmakers about Africa to exchange ideas and share cultures. Read More >> Source: Voice Of America

  • Afrofuturism

#7 – Kip Omolade On His Amazing Afrofuturistic Portraits Inspired By Nigeria’s Ife Bronze Heads

Take a look at some fascinating artwork by Kip Omolade, whose stunning portraits and masks evoke the key themes of Afrofuturism. Read More >> Source: okayafrica

  • senegal car rapide
  • colourful taxi cans in senegal

#8 – It’s The End Of he Road for Senegal’s ‘Car Rapides’

Get a last look at Dakar's colorful public transport, the 'Car Rapides.' Although the eye-catching buses are being phased out due to old age and environmental concerns, people are mourning the loss of their undeniable [...]

  • Senegal fashion show

#9 – Welcome To Wes Africa: A New Fashion Campaign With A Touch Of Nostalgia

See a recent fashion campaign by online retailer Superbalist, which was shot in Dakar and inspired by the films of Wes Anderson. Read More >> Source: Design Indaba

  • Trailer for cotton twines

#10 – Jay Ellis Discusses The Plight Behind Africa’s Child Sex Slavery Shown In ‘Like Cotton Twines’

An unsettling new film, 'Like Cotton Twines' tells the story of another form of slavery in modern day Ghana. Read More >> Source: Vibe

  • Inside Africa's most luxurious spa

#1 – The Best Day Spa In Africa Is…

The African Pride Irene Country Lodge’s African Day Spa has been named as the Number 1 Luxury Day Spa on the African continent. This recognition by World Luxury Spa Awards - the world’s leading spa [...]

  • A group on a walking trail in Kruger

#2 – The Best Way To Experience The Kruger National Park

A walking trail is the best way to make the bush come alive. One can visit 94 percent of the park on these eight amazing trails. Read More >> Source: Getaway

  • Wildebeeste migration

#3 – The Thrill Of Africa’s Biggest Spectacle

For those who have watched the Wildebeest migration, they describe it as the thunder of four million hooves. Here are some facts about this natural wonder. Read More >> Source: Go2Africa

  • Monument at Wajir

#4 – A Window To Northern Kenya

Wajir Town, the home of northern Kenya’s first museum, was established by the British in 1912 as their colonial headquarters. The town is rich in historical, natural and cultural heritage, with some buildings built by [...]

  • Bloggers on vacay in Maurituis

#5 – Have The Time Of Your Life In Mauritius

Watch how two Kenyan bloggers got a taste of the Mauritian life as they swing on the trapeze, go snorkelling, try out archery, learn how to sail and enjoy mouth-watering cuisines! Read More >> Source: [...]

  • Artists performing at Ghana festival

#6 – Ghana Mixes Arts With Tourism

“The Ghana Carnival has come to stay! The carnival has been instituted to diversify our tourism and cultural products by highlighting our cultural diversity as well as building linkages between the creative arts and other [...]

  • Passports from around Africa

#7 – African Union Launches All-Africa Passport

The electronic passports will be unveiled at the AU summit in Kigali, Rwanda, later this month, where they will be issued to heads of state and senior officials. The Union aims to distribute them to [...]

  • View of Mount Elgon

#8 – Rare Menu At Mt Elgon Park

Mt Elgon National Park was started largely to encourage tourism around the mountain. It offers a rich menu of activities that include hiking, rock climbing, biking, horse riding and birdwatching. Read More >> Source: Daily [...]

  • Sadc tourism ministers

#9 – SADC Meets About Promoting Regional Tourism

Tourism ministers from the Southern African Development Community are in Botswana to discuss how to brand the region, in order to boost tourism. Read More >> Source: eTurbo News

  • Madonna and family visit orphans in Malawi

#10 – Madonna And Family On Their Summer Adventure In Africa

Malawi is the family’s second stop in Africa. Prior to this, they spent time in Kenya, where Madonna was working in collaboration with Shining Hope for Communities. Read More >> Source: Yahoo News

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  • Powering Africa: Nigeria

The 4th annual Powering Africa: Nigeria

The 4th annual Powering Africa: Nigeria meeting will take place in Abuja on the 12 - 14 October at the Hilton Transcorp.  The Forum will be a premium private sector-led and finance focused summit on investment strategies, bringing together Nigeria’s electricity supply industry, local finance institutions, IPP and NIPP investors, power [...]

  • The Africa Renewable Energy Forum

The Africa Renewable Energy Forum

In partnership with Global Nexus and the Institute of Research in Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN), EnergyNet is pleased to host the Africa Renewable Energy Forum (AREF). The Africa Renewable Energy Forum has been awarded with the official endorsement of COP22 and will be 'the' renewable energy side meeting [...]

  • Bob Collymore safaricom

Safaricom Differentiating It’s Services In Kenya With Nokia Customer Experience Management On Demand

Uses CEM on Demand to understand and improve the daily network experience of each Safaricom customer Prioritizes network investments based on customer experience insights including cell/MSISDN level details that guide decisions like which sites to upgrade first to 3G or 4G Has greatly improved investigation processes and insights for the [...]

  • One of Samsung’s Solar Powered Internet Schools

Digital Transformation In Education Key To Stirring Growth In East Africa

Africa’s ‘skills of the future’ requires firm partnerships between NPOs, private and public sectors There’s an ongoing discussion about development in East Africa and a new narrative have emerged in recent years that it is a lot more exciting. It is a story of resilience, self-reliance and a passion for [...]

  • Leone-Ouedraogo

BBC Afrique Launches On TV In Senegal

Starting on Mon 18 July at 8.30 PM local time, BBC Afrique will bring audiences in Senegal BBC Infos on Dunyaa TV (DTV), for the first time. This special first edition of BBC Infos will bring local stories from the country and will be preceded by a jointly-hosted launch show on [...]

  • nelson mandela annual lecture

Bill Gates: World Must Work Together To Ensure Africa’s Young Can Seize Their Potential

Africa’s future rests in the hands of its youth – and every effort must be made to ensure they thrive, philanthropist and entrepreneur Bill Gates said in South Africa this week. Delivering the 2016 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture at the University of Pretoria (Mamelodi campus), Gates said he was optimistic [...]

  • Ashley Boag, SAP Africa

SAP East Africa: Setting The Example For Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is both the challenge and opportunity of our generation. The rise of computers is creating the most seismic shift in society since the Industrial Revolution over a century ago. Data is increasingly the currency by which future success – and the decisions to reach that success – is [...]

  • Alexander Meyer, Vice President – Global Business Development at SAP

Event Technology’s Role In Sustainability

SAP’s  Alexander Meyer set to talk about technology and sustainability at UN forum. Sustainability is a worldwide challenge. The growth of populations and industries, combined with the reduction of poverty and improvements in service delivery, is creating a broad positive effect across the globe. Alexander Meyer, Vice President – [...]