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#1 – Mastercard Study: African Consumers Are Hungry For More Digital Services

African consumers use their smartphone more than any other device. A total of 23,000 consumers in 23 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East were surveyed about their attitudes towards digital technology. Read More [...]

  • Self defence class
  • self defence

#2 – Malawian School Helps Girls Take Their Power Back

At a school in the Salima district of central Malawi, girls are practicing punches and jabs. But this is not a martial arts class. These girls are learning how to defend themselves. Read More >> [...]

  • African Penguin

#3 – A Race To Save Kidnapped African Penguin

Buddy was stolen from a South African marine park by two students who claim it was a demonstration against animals being kept in captivity. But Buddy was born in the park, and has no idea [...]

  • mtn sign on the street

#4 – MTN In Trouble In Nigeria Again

Africa’s largest mobile provider is facing allegations that it has illegally moved $14 billion out of Nigeria. Lawmakers are investigating the allegations that four banks helped MTN move the money. Read More >> Source: Quartz [...]

  • Tanzania

#5 – Tanzania Officials Caught Stealing Earthquake Funds

President John Magufuli has fired two top officials for allegedly funneling donated funds intended for the victims of a deadly earthquake into a bogus bank account. Read More >> Source: Newsweek

  • Gambia Logs

#6 – Is Banning Timber Exports In Gambia The Right Way To Go?

Gambian loggers have long benefited from lax oversight of Senegal's southern Casamance forest to take prized rosewood timber over the border before exporting the logs to China. Read More >> Source: eNCA

  • Eritrea

#7 – Why Youths Are ‘Skipping’ Eritrea

The government acknowledges that people are leaving in droves, but says it is part of an international conspiracy to weaken Eritrea. Thousands of people flee Eritrea illegally every month to skip military service, but getting [...]

  • Libya and France leaders

#8 – Gaddafi, Sarkozy And The French Connection

French media claims that a diary of a former top official of the Gaddafi regime, had records relating to a series of payments to the 2007 campaign of Mr Sarkozy. In total, $7.2 million was [...]

  • Kariba Dam

#9 – AfDB To Take Charge Of Zimbabwe-Zambia Hydro Project

Zambia and Zimbabwe have appointed the African Development Bank as lead financial advisers for the construction of the 2,400-megawatt Batoka Gorge hydro-power project that’s expected to cost $4 billion. Read More >> Source: Bloomberg

  • Asafotufiami

#10 – Why Is Ghana’s Asafotufiami Festival An Important Celebration?

Set in Ada, outside of the capital of Accra, Asafotufiami celebrates a tribal victory against an enemy clan hundreds of years ago. These days, even the president gets an invite. Read More >> Source: CNN

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  • better than cash

Top 10 Ways Governments And Companies Can Create Digital Economies

For the first time, new evidence from 25 countries shows how governments and companies can move away from cash, as McKinsey Global Institute reveals a potential $3.7 trillion GDP boost A new report from the United Nations-based Better Than Cash Alliance unveils ten tangible steps governments and companies can take [...]

  • nigeria code week

SAP Africa Code Week Unlocks Africa’s Future

Nigeria ups resources for this year’s Africa Code Week event Over the next two weeks Nigeria will play host to a series of official train-the-trainer (TTT) sessions as the country takes on a leading role in the build up to SAP Africa Code Week (ACW) 2016. Founded in 2015, ACW [...]

  • President Kikwete at Speak Up Africa benefit dinner

Speak Up Africa Recognizes Critical Progress Made In Child Health Across Africa

Thanks to the support from key partners, including the Confederation of African Football, the Aspire Academy and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Speak Up Africa has worked to raise awareness of the deadliest child killers in Africa, including preventable diseases like malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea. President Kikwete at [...]

  • Dineshree Naidoo

On Data, Disruption And Digital Transformation

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘market disruption’ and ‘digitisation’ but there’s a new concept that businesses are coming to terms with – digital transformation, which refers to the ability to identify opportunities in the market so that your business becomes the one doing the disruption. But what exactly is digital [...]

  • africa code week

Africa Code Week Officially Arrives In Mozambique

SAP drives digital literacy across Africa – one workshop at a time  José Luís Carvalho, consulting Director, EMEA SAP Digital Business Services Over the next few days Mozambique will play host to a series of train-the-trainer (TTT) workshops during the official build-up to SAP’s Africa Code Week (ACW), taking [...]

  • mastercard masterpass

City of Ekurhuleni and Mastercard Help Ratepayers Pay Their Bills Using Their Smartphones

The metro is the first local government authority in the world to offer ratepayers Masterpass as a payment option More than 900,000 ratepayers in the City of Ekurhuleni can now pay their municipal bills online with their smartphones, using Masterpass, the global digital payment service from Mastercard. Announced today at [...]

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Birthright AFRICA’s First Fellow Launches Inaugural Trip

Ashley Johnson travels to Ghana for the 10 day journey in early October The lack of understanding one’s full cultural history, including its contributions and innovations, has been a major issue plaguing the African American community. History of the African diaspora has been scarce in mainstream America—it is not thoroughly [...]

  • kigali rwanda

Mastercard, Bank of Kigali and RwandaOnline Help Rwanda Leapfrog into the Digital Economy

Mastercard, Bank of Kigali and RwandaOnline announced at the technology company’s Innovation Forum in Budapest, Hungary a partnership to launch Irembo– an online payment solution in Rwanda powered by Mastercard Payment Gateway Services. Aimed at fast-tracking payments in the country, this new solution will make online payments safer, simpler and [...]

  • US Africa Business Forum

#1 – U.S.- Africa Business Forum: Who Was At The Table?

President Barack Obama delivered the keynote address, and spoke about the many advancements among U.S. companies investing in Africa over the last two years, with a particular focus on Power Africa, his legacy project intended [...]

  • Aliko Dangote

#2 – What’s In The Pipeline For Africa’s Richest Man?

Aliko Dangote “It’s about buying Arsenal and turning it around. I’ve run a very successful business and I think I can also run a very successful team. Right now, with what we’re facing, [...]

  • KIA Delegates

#3 – Korean Carmaker Looks To Ethiopia For Manufacturing

"It is important to penetrate the African market. We are also looking at the prospects of opening similar plants in Algeria and other countries." Read More >> Source: Voice Of America

  • Nigeria Taxman

#4 – Nigeria’s Taxman Leaves No Stone Unturned

Nigeria has hunted down 700,000 firms that have never paid taxes as the country seeks new revenue sources to offset low oil prices that have pushed Africa's biggest economy into its first recession in more [...]

  • electricity_shutterstock_302922413

#5 – Energy Sector Remains Key To Powering Prosperity In Africa

Africa holds eight percent of the world’s commercial oil reserves and seven percent of global natural gas reserves. And now more than 500 companies are exploring for more resources. Read More >> Source:

  • AFRICAN WOMEN LEADERS, Folorunsho Alakija

#6 – How Africa’s Second Richest Woman Got Her Money Back

Folorunsho Alakija has run a very successful business in Famfa Oil. She was one of the first women in the oil business and her battle with the Nigerian government shows a great deal of tenacity. [...]

  • Zimbabwe Dollar at height of hyperinflation

#7 – Zimbabwe Is Broke And Broken, But Help Is On The Way

Government is in talks with two lending institutions, the African Import-Export Bank and Lazard, an investment bank, to procure a billion-dollar loan that would enable them to pay back debts in order to unlock the [...]

  • girl on mobile phone

#8 – HomeSend, Mastercard Aim To Transform the $3bn Remittance Industry In Ethiopia

Launched in 2014, HomeSend is a joint venture of Mastercard, eServGlobal and BICS that enables business to business cross-border and cross-network transfers. Consumers can send money to and from mobile money accounts, payment cards, bank [...]

  • African Migrnts

#9 – This Really An Innovative New Youth Investment Plan For Africa?

The European Union has announced a $50 billion investment proposal for Africa and the Mediterranean as part of the European investment plan aimed at helping fight migration. Read More >> Source: Africa News

  • mawazine music festival

#10 – Partying Makes Business Sense In Africa

MAWAZINE Music Festova; Events bring people together, get infrastructure built, create jobs and help galvanize communities into action around a common purpose, and if executed rightly, local businesses are at the center of [...]

  • Lake of The Stars

#1 – Why Africa’s Festival Business Is Booming

African music is experiencing a huge surge in popularity, resulting in record crowds at the continents’ many music festivals. Learn what’s playing where and which you need to attend. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • African Museum

#2 – How David Adjaye Told The Story Of The African-American Experience – With A Building

Thanks to the creative vision of starchitect, David Adjaye, the latest addition to the Smithsonian tells the powerful story of African American history not only through exhibits, but also through its architecture. Read More >> [...]

  • Zambian Models

#3 – Five Designers Putting Zambian Fashion On The Map

Check out the design talents that are making Zambia the latest hotbed for fashion. Read More >> Source: okayafrica

  • Africa Rising Models

#4 – Africa Rising: A Book That Celebrates Creativity Across The Continent

Pick up your copy of Design Indaba’s latest publication, ‘Africa Rising,’ which showcases the amazing diversity of creativity across Africa. Read More >> Source: Design Indaba

  • Black Coffee

#5 – Black Coffee Interview: ‘I Want To Be Able To Have Kanye’ On Next Album

South African DJ and producer, Black Coffee, is gaining global fame and has his sights set on the big stars. Read More >> Source: Billboard

  • Girls playing marimba

#6 – South African Kids Go Global Thanks to Ancient Zulu Instrument

Learn about an amazing children’s band, which is connecting South African kids with their Zulu roots and making them global music sensations. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Gabonese Photographer's work
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  • spectrum-3

#7 – The Spectrum of African Identities

Gabonese photographer, Yannis Davy Guibinga, is in the midst of an ongoing portrait series, which shows the tremendous diversity of African culture. Read More >> Source: Design Indaba

  • Mali Documentary

#8 – ‘Mali Blues’ Premieres In Germany

A new documentary tells the story of the Malian crisis as observed through its music community and conveys a message of hope for the future. Read More >> Source: Music In Africa

  • 2ManySiblings

#9 – Is Africa The Next Big Thrifting Destination? These Kenyan Siblings Think So

The brother and sister bloggers behind Kenya’s 2ManySiblings see vintage as the next big thing on the African fashion scene. Read More >>  Source: Vogue

  • Megue Etienne, a Cameroonian albino

#10 – Cameroonian Albino Fights Prejudice With Music

Get to know Megue Etienne, a Cameroonian albino, who uses music as a weapon to combat misconceptions about albinism. Read More >> Source: Deutsche Welle

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#1 – The Eight Wonders Of South Africa’s Heritage

South Africa celebrates Heritage Day on the 24 September, it's a time when the rainbow nation embraces its diversity, through food and dress. These eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites highlight places of importance to cultural [...]

  • Zambezi River

#2 – Adventures That Personify The Treasures Of Africa

The Zambezi River is big, wide, slow and filled with the sound of wildlife: hippos, birds, monkeys and elephants, and the occasional splash of a crocodile or leguaan. It's the perfect for a long causal [...]

  • Ethiopia Simien Mountaints

#3 – Standing On The Roof Of Africa

In the far north are the Simien Mountains – a mystical world of primeval forests, misty peaks, bizarre plants and exotic creatures. Trekking these stunning highlands is like stepping into an otherworldly paradise. Read More [...]

  • Safari Picnic

#4 – Why An African Travel Agent Is Best

Today's travellers are savvy - especially when they're investing a substantial amount of money in an international vacation. There was a time when it seemed that the role of a travel agent - essentially a [...]

  • Reunion Scuba

#5 – Deep Sea Diving In Reunion

Located 120 miles southwest of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, Reunion makes one of the best spots to go diving in Africa. There are literally dozens of dive sites around the island of varying depths [...]

  • Lake Kanyaboli

#6 – Inside Kenya’s Lake Kanyaboli

Some will call it astonishing, others spectacular. Whatever your choice of word, just know inescapable beauty awaits you the moment you step in Alego Usonga, Siaya County, home of Lake Kanyaboli and the endangered Sitatunga. [...]

  • Max Lifestyle

#7 – A Taste Of Durban

International luxury travel and lifestyle magazine Condé Nast Traveler has named Durban restaurant Max’s Lifestyle one of the best 207 restaurants in the world. Read More >> Source: IOL

  • London Jazz Artist

#8 – London Jazz Artist Loves Johannesburg So Much That He’s Recording There

Shabaka Hutchings realised there was something going on musically in South Africa in 2008, when he went there for the first time to play with a Nigerian afrobeat band called Ayetoro. Read More >> Source: [...]

  • Mawazine Music Festival

#9 – Festivals Are The New Attractions For These African Countries

"To become and remain an attractive tourist destination, it is important for the place to continue to offer travelers a reason to visit and come back. Festivals, like other big events, are a way for [...]

  • Nyanuki

#10 – Witness To Nanyuki’s Story

If towns in Kenya were to be ranked, Nanyuki would probably take the trophy home for its uniqueness. Nanyuki is a small town that defines Kenya’s pre- and post-colonial eras in a very simple but [...]