Friday, August 22: Weekly News Top Ten Must Reads

1. INTRODUCING: The Women Running Africa Series

We've launched a new series highlighting the Women Running Africa in government positions around the continent. Check out a full list of the female leaders as well as fun pieces profiling some of Africa's top women.

2. As Ebola Crisis Spreads in West Africa, Liberia's Deterioration Stands Out

Liberia has been hard hit by the virus outbreak in both the capital and rural areas. Learn more about what is being done to cut down new cases.
Source: National Geographic

3. Backstage with… Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

As part of our new series highlighting the Women Running Africa, our CEO sat down with Nigeria's Finance Minister and top economist, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. See what she said about her life, including her family's support and the challenge of motherhood.

4. Letter from Africa: Taking Advantage of a Crisis

What Africans can learn from the evolving Ebola virus crisis, including not eating bushmeat and cutting down on hand shaking.
Source: BBC

5. In Rural Kenya, Pressure Builds Against Female Circumcision

A look at Kenya's genital mutilation practice and the calls to end it.
Source: Voice of America

6. Framing Hope: FXB International's Poverty Eradication Programmes

A look at the photo series from the charity organization.
Source: The Telegraph

7. African Media Tries to Educate Public About Ebola

As western media continues to shape narratives of poverty and despair, reporters on the continent are focusing on education audiences about the disease.
Source: Voice of America

8. Ex-Head of Nigeria's Anti-Graft Body Defects

Is Nuhu Ribadu eyeing Nigeria's presidentiak election next year? Why his next move is causing many to wonder.

Source: Al Jazeera

9. 16 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa

An interesting look at the military powers with the most influence on the continent.
Source: AFK Insider

10. Guardian Africa's Instagram Takeover – (more) Highlights in Pictures

Take a look at these stunning images from around the continent.
Source: The Guardian