Libya Ambassador Warns of Looming Civil War

1. Women Running Africa

There's so much to digest in our new series, Women Running Africa. If you have not already taken a look at the faces of female leaders in country's across the continent, here is your chance.

2. How to Make A Hit Song About Ebola

Weird title, right? Learn more about the song "Ebola is Real" and the mastermind behind the track rising amid the spreading virus.
Source: The Atlantic

3. Would You Stay in Nigeria in Your "2nd Life" ??

Batta Box took to the streets of Lagos to ask Nigerians what they thought of the country, and whether they would return to Nigeria if given a "2nd life."

4. Kenya Passes Law to Step Up Fight Against Human Trafficking

Find out how the bill will protect victims of the practice in the East African country, and the impact it could have in the region.
Source: The Guardian

5. Americans, Ex-Pats Send Relief Supplies to West Africa

Learn more about foreign health organizations and their efforts to supply West African countries with the supplies they need in the face of the Ebola virus.
Source: Voice of America

6. Why Africans are Welcoming – but Wary of – Untested Ebola Drug

The drug has been credited with curing two American missionaries who contracted the virus in Liberia, but it has not been successful in saving a doctor in the West African country. Here are some reasons why many are skeptical.
Source: Christian Science Monitor

7. Senegal’s Health Ministry Confirms Country’s First Case of Ebola

The country has just confirmed it has a new case of the virus within its borders as it continues to spread through the region.
Source: France24

8. Nigeria Military Launches ‘Operation’ Against Boko Haram

The militant group has expanded its influence across Nigeria's borders. Find out what new steps are being taken to close in on the group.
Source: Voice of America

9. Why Rwanda Should Not Be Happy With the Single Story

How new narratives of the innovative country once overshadowed by the dark history of its genocide is being boxed in by a recent "single story."
Source: This Is Africa

10. Libya Ambassador Warns of Looming Civil War

The conflict seen in the country's capital city is growing. Learn more about the danger facing Libya as it continues to rebuild after Gaddafi's demise.
Source: Al Jazeera