What The Chinese Really Think Of Africa

1. Buhari To Head The Country And Its Oil Portfolio

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari submitted the names of his cabinet to parliament this week. He's appointed himself to head the oil ministry and says he wants to sanitise the portfolio that's been fraught with corruption.
Source: The Guardian

2. Blood Moon Sightings Across Africa

People around the world were in for a treat when the shadow of Earth cast a reddish glow on the moon. This happens during an eclipse with the closest full moon of the year, with the next one predicted for 2033.
Source: International Business Times

3. Zuma And Obama's Awkward Moment

A moment between South African President Jacob Zuma and his United States counterpart Barack Obama caused a social media stir in the country. The picture of the two during a luncheon at the United Nations general assembly raised the etiquette debate.
Source: News 24

4. Burkina Faso coup leader plays hide and seek

The general who led a coup in Burkina Faso General Gilbert Diendere went missing when the army surrounded the barracks and ordered the rogue soldiers to disarm. Diendere had previously said the coup was a mistake and that he'd take responsibility for the incident where ten people were killed.
Source: BBC

5. CAR President Rushes Back Home From The UN

Those behind the wave of violence in Central African Republic's capital were trying to stage a coup, the country's interim president Catherine Samba-Panza charged after rushing back from the UN General Assembly.
Source: Yahoo News

6. What African Leaders Said At The UNGA

African leaders attending this week's United Nations general assembly called for inclusion in the Security Council. They also highlighted their views on what the continent needs to do in order to achieve the new sustainable development goals that replace the millennium development goals.
Source: United Nations News Centre

7. First Droneport To Be Built In Rwanda

Rwanda has vast plains and remote regions where vulnerable people have no access to emergency supplies. Now all that can change with a plan to have drones delivering the supplies from a base in the country. The proposal by architectural firm, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and its linked Afrotech company hopes to see drones with a three-metre wingspan able to carry deliveries weighing 10 kgs.
Source: eNCA

8. HRW Blames Government For Homophobic Violence In Kenya

Rights groups in Kenya say inadequate support for the LGBT community in the country has promoted violence against them. They've documented cases of assault and rights abuses especially in the coastal regions.
Source: Human Rights Watch

9. Sierra Leone Chases Ebola Free Status

Sierra Leone begins the countdown for being Ebola free after discharging the last known patients. For the next 42 days officials must record zero cases in order to be declared free of the virus and the country has embarked on awareness campaigns to reach their target.
Source: Reuters

10. What The Chinese Really Think Of Africa

China has become one of the continent's largest trading partners, with more than a million Chinese living in several African countries. Analytics show that Chinese web users’ sentiments about Africa mirror those of Westerners, they often associate it with violence, poverty, disease, and exotic dining habits.
Source: Foreign Policy