Friday, May 1, 2015: Top 10 Weekly News Must Reads

1. Burundi Court to Examine President’s Third-Term Bid

Current President Pierre Nkurunziza has been president in Burundi since 2005. After recently announcing his re-election bid, people have taken to the streets to protest. The violence has led the country's court to examine his third term goal.
Source: Mail & Guardian

2. Nigerian Soldiers Rescue 150 More Women and Girls from Boko Haram

This week, Nigerian military soldiers rescued up to 150 more women and children from Boko Haram extremists in the remote Sambisa Forest, Nigeria. Another smaller group was also pulled out shortly after.  
Source: The Guardian

3. Discover African Migrants’ Long Journey Through the Sahara

TIME Magazine takes a look at the migrant journey in Africa, specifically the trip of  North Africans across the Sahara.

Source: TIME

4. Is South Africa Taking Xenophobia Seriously?

Why close to 2,000 Malawians have already returned home from Durban and Zimbabwe soon followed behind.  
Source: Al Jazeera

5. Attacks on U.N. Force Add to Unrest in Mali

"Months of laborious negotiations in Algiers between the government and northern rebels produced a peace deal on March 1, but that is now in danger, diplomats say."

Source: New York Times

6. Africa's Media Silent Over Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

This week, many asked why African leaders and the continent's media has not taken the lead in the conversation surrounding the continent's migrants traveling to countries such as Spain and Italy. According to a recent article from South Africa's Daily Maverick, the migrant boat tragedy is "not just Europe's problem."
Source: DW

7. With Election Victory, Sudan's Bashir Stands Out in a Chaotic Region (+video)

Sudan's President Bashir has been re-elected for another term in office after an election. Many critics say the elections were unfair.  
Source: Christian Science Monitor

8. Talking Heads: Bridging the Education Gap (AUDIO)

Yewande Omotoso speaks to medical doctor and CEO of TeachSA, Dr. Mothomang Diaho on innovative solutions to tackle education inequity in South Africa.

9. Mediterranean Migrants Crisis: Why is Africa Silent?

Ghanaian journalist Elizabeth Ohene considers "why African leaders have been so silent about migrants' deaths" and "poor black South Africans have risen up against poor black immigrants from African countries."
Source: BBC

10. Nelson Mandela's Widow Graca Machel Hits Out at South Africa's Handling of Xenophobia Crisis

The late Nelson Mandela's widow, Graca Machel, spoke at a memorial service for the victims of the xenophobic attacks. Machel urged the government to correctly identify the bodies of those killed in violent attacks and create economic opportunities for South Africans so they can avoid a repeat of the murders.
Source: The Telegraph