Kagame Approved For Another Seven Year Term

1. Eritrean Law Graduate Makes History At Harvard

"For my grandmother back in Africa, my success in law school seemed like magic”. Meet Haben Girma, at 27 she has just become the first graduate at Harvard Law who is blind and deaf.
Source: This Is Africa

2. Hostage Darma At Popular Mali Hotel

The harrowing details of an attack at a popular hotel in Mali are emerging. Gunmen stormed into the Radission Blu Hotel in the capital, Bamako, capturing 170 hostages. Reports say three people have been killed and that some hostages have been freed.
Source: BBC

3. Boko Haram Deadlier Than Islamic State

Nigeria's Boko Haram has been revealed as the most brutal terror organisation last year, killing more people than Islamic State. The new report on global terrorism by the Institute of Economics and Peace reveals that Boko Haram murdered 6,664 people last year in comparison to Islamic State's 6,073 victims.  
Source: Daily Mail

4. Senegal Bans Burqa In Public

National interest or a crackdown? President Macky Sall says the full face veil worn by Muslim women is not compatible with the Senegalese culture or the moderate Islam they practice.  
Source: The Guardian

5. Which African Country Will Paint The Sky Pink Next?

Airlines in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia made history when they chartered all female-operated flights. That brings the tally to three, when will other African countries follow suit?
Source: News 24

6. Uganda And Kenya Step Up Security

Uganda and Kenya are both expecting the Pope next week, and security for both countries is paramount. The countries are victims of terror attacks and don't want opportunists to take advantage.  
Source: BBC

7. The Tale Of Tanzania's Trapped Miners

It has been the ultimate test of survival for 5 Tanzanian miners. They have finally been rescued after being underground for 41 days, left to eat insects and suck the water from roots and the soil. They were searching for other miners when they were trapped.  
Source: Washington Post

8. What You Need To Know About The Migrant Crisis

“As long as Africa doesn’t receive the fair prices for its resources, there will be migrant flows.” That is the answer from Senegalese President ,Macky Sall, on solving the migrant crisis.
Source: Mail & Guardian

9. 1,111 Carat Diamond Found In Botswana

It's the largest find in more than a century. The world's second-largest diamond has been discovered in Botswana's Karowe mine, weighing in at 1,111 carats.
Source: Wall Street Journal

10. Kagame Approved For Another Seven Year Term

Rwanda's Paul Kagame has joined the list of African leaders seeking a third term in office. Lawmakers approved the decision and it is up to the public to vote in a nationwide referendum. Similar bids turned violent in the Republic of Congo, Burundi and Burkina Faso.  
Source: Reuters