Zambia’s President Suspended by Political Party

1. Ebola: The Story of the Sierra Leone Diaspora Response That No One is Telling

Has the world's response to Ebola been a failure?  Here is how diaspora initiatives are making a difference.  
Source: The Guardian

2. Burkina Faso Transition Timeline - in 60 Seconds

A look at the country's latest developments and everything you need to know following President Blaise Compaore's resignation.  
Source: BBC

3. Africa's Greatest Innovators in Arts and Sciences

From Chimamanda Adichie to Miriam Makeba, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates lists the top innovators from Africa - past and present.
Source: National Geographic

4. Sub-Saharan Africa's Youth Population Offers ‘Enormous Potential’

"UN report says sharp rise in numbers of youngsters in poorest countries presents opportunities to boost economies and better people’s lives."
Source: The Guardian

5. Still Searching For A Cure for Libya

Since the death of Gaddafi, the country has experienced tremendous turmoil. Find out how Libya is becoming a "new launch-pad for Islamist extremists."  
Source: BBC

6. Confessions of an Ivory Consumer

Journalist and author Howard French writes about his experience buying ivory products in West Africa, and the importance of the West's role in encouraging poaching.
Source: The Atlantic

7. Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya – in pictures

Photographer Siegfried Modola captures the controversial practice in bold images as girls participate in the ceremony held in a remote part of Kenya.
Source: The Guardian

8. Ivory Coast Soldiers End Protests After Government Concessions

Angry soldiers took to the streets in protest against the government after failure to provide them with promised wages.
Source: Reuters

9. Zimbabwe 'Waiting Homes' Aim to Improve Maternal Care

A look at the initiative aimed at giving housing to women waiting to give birth in Zimbabwe. How is the effort helping to cut down deaths?
Source: Voice of America

10. Zambia’s President Suspended by Political Party

Find out why the country's current president, Guy Scott, was suspended by his political party Patriotic Front.
Source: This Is Africa