Friday, July 18: Weekly News Top Ten Must Reads

1. For South Africans, a Bittersweet Birthday Celebration for Nelson Mandela

The end of this week marks the first Mandela Day since the passing of the legendary South African leader.
Source: Voice of America

2. Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan Seeks $1bn To Fight Boko Haram

Find out why the Nigerian president thinks this large sum will help efforts to release Nigeria's girls from the captivity of Boko Haram. He is currently waiting for approval from the country's House of Representatives.
Source: BBC

3. Where the World's Young People Live

A look at the most youthful countries in the world, with a large majority of them in countries such as Uganda and Niger. What does that mean for Africa? 
Source: The Atlantic

4. Malala Urges Nigerian President to Meet With Kidnapped Girls' Parents

This week, the teen activist met with Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan. Watch as Malala urges for more to be done to bring back and protect the kidnapped girls in Chibok.
Source: Voice of America

5. UN: Seven Million People Need Aid in Sudan

An already shaky Darfur is now receiving an influx of migrants fleeing violence in South Sudan.

Source: Al Jazeera

6. Who Wants to Live in South Africa?

Taking the data recently released in a statistical survey, the Mail & Guardian shows exactly which groups of people want to live in South Africa. Take a look at the groups highlighted.
Source: Mail & Guardian

7. Oscar Pistorius Leaves Nightclub After Dispute

The Olympian was involved in an argument inside a Johannesburg nightclub, this week. Will this new incident hurt the image of Pistorius already portrayed in court?
Source: CNN

8. Why West African Governments are Struggling in Response to Ebola

Find out more about the spreading virus's path through West Africa, and how the respective governments of the nations are responding.
Source: The Washington Post

9. Equatorial Guinea: One Man's Fight Against Dictatorship

Meet Tutu Alicante, an Equatorial Guinean working to bring democracy to a dictatorship that is notoriously known for human rights violations.
Source: The Guardian

10. The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit: Far from “Bungled”

As August 4 approaches, one writer takes a look at what experts are saying about the inaugural summit of African leaders. Now see Brookings' response.
Source: Brookings