Friday, March 27, 2015: Top 10 Weekly News Must Reads

1. Nigeria Election: Jonathan and Buhari Sign Peace Deal

Here are four reasons why the elections are critically important for the country and the region.    
Source: Washington Post

2. 'The Worst of Journalism': 200 Writers and Academics Slam CBS Coverage of Africa

An open letter from more than 100 influential educators and media professionals accuses US station CBS of "rendering Africans ‘voiceless and all but invisible.’"
Source: The Guardian

3. #NigeriaDecides: 7 Reasons Why We'll Never Forget the 2015 Elections

From international headlines to national scandals, CNN shares why this 2015 election on Saturday will be memorable. Who will come out victorious?
Source: CNN

4. The Symbolic Statue Dividing a South African University

Find out why politics student Chumani Maxwele emptied a bucket of fecale matter over the statue of Cecil John Rhodes. The statue, which sits in the center of the University of Cape Town's campus in South Africa, is in the middle of a heated debate.  
Source: BBC

5. Nigeria Election: Jonathan and Buhari Sign Peace Deal

Learn more about the deal Nigeria's two main presidential candidates, President Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari, signed to prevent violence in Saturday's elections.
Source: BBC

6. Rwanda’s Political Future

Rwanda’s success has been popularly connected to President Kagame's modern management techniques and cutting-edge communications, but here is why the country can succeed when he is gone.
Source: The Economist

7. Nigerian Military Says Boko Haram 'Headquarters' Taken

Officials said soldiers have retaken the town of Gwoza and destroyed the headquarters of Boko Haram's self-declared 'caliphate.'
Source: Voice of America

8. What Africa Had Before Colonisation

A look at Africa's old forms of commerce, science and art (among other things).
Source: This is Africa

9. Pistorius Lawyers Fail in Attempt to Block Appeal

The Olympian's lawyers failed in their attempt to stop an appeal by prosecutors for a murder conviction.
Source: Christian Science Monitor

10. Chinese Restaurant Owner in Kenya Arrested After 'No Africans' Uproar

Kenyans in Nairobi are upset at owner Zhao Yang. Yang, who was recently arrested for operating a restaurant, turned away Africans from the restaurant.  
Source: CNN