Kenya, Uganda in Joint Road Tarmacking Project

1. Exclusive: Boko Haram Negotiating Cease-fire, Abducted Girls' Release

It has been six-months since the kidnapping of school girls from Borno state. Are Boko Haram and the government are working to negotiate an end to the violence.
Source: Voice of America

2. How (Not) to Write About African Wars

Why stories of primitive conflict involving “bloodthirsty villains" only promote stereotypes of "tribal primitivism or savagery.”
Source: World Policy

3. The Fight Against Ebola (Full Length)

A reporter from VICE News takes a trip to Liberia to look at the efforts to treat and heal Ebola patients. It is a heartbreaking, insightful and challenging piece of journalism.

4. The Majority of Burkinabé Favor Progressive Change on Gender Rights

"Afrobarometer recently released a study suggesting that a majority of Burkinabé think that, while progress has been made on gender equality, they want much more to be done. "
Source: Africa Is A Country

5. Thomas Sankara And The Assassination Of Africa’s Memory By Chika Ezeanya

This week, Africans familiar with the life and death of former Burkina Faso’s president, Thomas Sankara, marked the anniversary of his assassination. Here is how he transformed the small country.  
Source: Sahara Reporters

6. Ebola Epidemic 2014: Timeline

Check out this breakdown of the deadly virus's spread from a two-year-old in Guinea to Europe and the US.
Source: The Guardian

7. An Open Letter to African Intellectuals

What writer Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire has to say to African Intellectuals that are western educated and visible in western media.
Source: This Is Africa

8. Mozambique: Renamo Rejects Election Results

Find out why the Mozambican opposition party leader is denying what is being called a clear victory for the Freamo.
Source: Mail & Guardian

9. In Quotes: Pistorius Sentencing Hearing

This week, the Olympic athlete returned to the courtroom for his prison sentencing.

Source: BBC

10. Kenya, Uganda in Joint Road Tarmacking Project

Learn more about the upcoming project and plans to construct the path between the two countries.
Source: The Nation