Friday, July 25: Weekly News Top Ten Must Reads

1. Air Algerie: No Survivors as Plane Wreckage Found Near Burkino Faso Border - Live

French President François Hollande has confirmed all lives lost on the down flight as the black box was recovered.

Source: The Telegraph

2. FGM in Kenya: 'To End This Culture We Have To Make Everyone Accountable' - Video

Dr. Linah Kilimo talks about the movement to end the practice of female genital mutilation. 

Source: The Guardian

3. Africans Open Fuller Wallets to the Future

Despite the unfortunate events making headlines for Africa all around the world, the continent's people are thriving. A large majority are moving above the poverty line and beginning to become true consumers influencing the economy.

Source: New York Times

4. Ethiopian Bloggers and Journalists Charged with Terrorism

A judge found the imprisoned group of writers and reporters guilty of terrorism. Their story has made national headlines, specifically the Zone Nine.

Source: The Guardian

5. Africa 'Missing Out on Biotech Green Revolution'

Why  it is being said that "Sub-Saharan Africa's agricultural sector needs to harvest the fruits of biotechnology in order to establish sustainable development."

Source: BBC

6. 9 Must-Know Facts About The Ebola Virus Spreading Across West Africa

The virus continues to spread with more than 600 cases reported and close to 400 people dead as a result of infection.
Source: The Huffington Post

7. Bill Gates: Africa Needs Better International Aid Audit

Why the billionaire thought leader is saying aid still helps African countries, but it needs to be monitored to be effective.
Source: BBC

8. Nigeria Waits For its Kidnapped Girls: 'This is The Worst Kind of Pain'

This week, the parents of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram met with President Goodluck Jonathan. Here is how they described their waiting period.
Source: Mail & Guardian

9. Walking With Wole Soyinka

A photographer visits the well known Nobel prize-winning laureate and outspoken author at his home in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Find out what he learned, and take a look at the images from Soyinka's home.
Source: Africa Is A Country

10. Where Are The Women in African Non-Fiction?

Why the lack of female voices in non-fiction points to deeper cultural issues.
Source: Al Jazeera