Friday, November 15: Technology Top 10 Must Reads

1. Google Talks African Strategy

With 1.5 million Android activations every day, Google's South Africa head believes businesses that lack a mobile strategy, especially in Africa, are "dead in the water".
Source: IT Web

2. Safaricom To Provide Free Broadband For Kenyan Schools

Kenyan mobile operator, Safaricom, has agreed to provide free broadband to public primary schools in Kenya under the condition that the government will provide it with the required frequency spectrum.
Source: Ventures Africa

3. Technology is Changing the Face of Journalism

An online report by the Digital Media and Marketing Association (DMMA) in July indicates there are 22 million unique browsers in South Africa.  Close to 50 percent of those browsers access the internet through mobile devices.
Source: Human IPO

4. Vodacom Doubles International Data Revenue, M-Pesa Takes Off

Across its international operations, which includes networks in Tanzania, Mozambique, the DRC and Lesotho, Vodacom increased user numbers by 22.4 per cent to 23.7 million.
Source: Human IPO

5. Uber Cape Town Puts Fords, Chevys and Toyotas on the Road, Price Increase

A handful of people who use American app, Uber, in Cape Town have expressed dismay at being greeted by lower-end vehicles after using the mobile app only to be delivered a Chevy or a Toyota.
Source: Human IPO

6. Microsoft Makes Online Business Tools Free for South African SMEs

Microsoft South Africa has launched an online hub offering free access to email, web hosting and collaboration tools for established businesses and startups. Access to the services is free for the first year.
Source: ZD Net

7. Twitter’s Worth $31bn, Net No Longer Neutral and Google Teaches Us to Cook: #StuffToKnow this Week

Twitter launched smoothly. Usually, stock “pops” roughly 17% above its estimated opening price, but Twitter’s price was 74% higher.
Source: Memeburn

8. Nigeria Encourages Increased Female Participation In ICT

Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Technology  partnered with Huawei to kick-start the “1000 Girls in Training” Program.  Within a year, the three-day program will train 1000 unemployed girls in Telecommunication Networks, Transmission Network and GSM, LTE, WCDMA and other ICT skills.
Source: Ventures Africa

9. Trial in Cape Town Shows That TV White Spaces Can Deliver Broadband Access Without Interference

Find out why TV's 'white spaces,' or the unused spectrum between TV channels, have the potential to bring wireless broadband access to underserved and rural areas.
Source: Google Africa

10. Insight: African Tech Startups Aim to Power Growing Economies

Find out why capital is essential for companies looking to build a track record and a viable product as technology startups in Africa.
Source: Reuters