Digital Literacy Empowers Africa's Youth

1. Burkina Faso loses $70m After The Coup

A year of political instability in Burkina Faso, has taken a toll on the country's economy. Businesses have been closed, workers going on strike and elections being postponed have sent the country's finances in the red.
Source: Voice Of America

2. Zambia's Electricity Woes Explained

Zambia's former vice president Guy Scott says the overuse of the Kariba Dam to generate hydro power has actually contributed to the electricity crisis in both his country and neighbour Zimbabwe. The world's largest man-made dam has seen a significant amount of water loss over the years, and it's reservoir is running low due to overuse and minimum rainfall.
Source: Business Day Live

3. Goods Transported On The Railway Saves Uganda and Kenya Millions

A new railway linking Uganda and Kenya has seen the load off traditional overland deliveries lessen. With new trains, goods are now transported on time, therefore cutting costs.
Source: The Economist

4. Ethiopia And Djibouti To Build Billion Dollar Pipeline

The project, known as the Horn of Africa Pipeline, includes an import facility and 950,000 barrels of storage capacity in Damerjog, Djibouti,  and is linked to a storage terminal in Awash, Ethiopia. The line is capable of transporting 240,000 barrels a day of fuel. The concession period after commercial operations start is for as many as 30 years.
Source: Mail&Guardian

5. SA And US Trade Dispute Could Affect Exports Worth A Billion

South Africa has placed more taxes on meat and chicken exports from the US, to support local producers. But the US says the levies could force them to pull trade on other goods too.
Source: Bloomberg

6. Cyber Criminals Set Their Sights On Africa

Technological advancements has seen more Africans being connected onto the Internet. With increased connectivity, data costs have been reduced but the prevalence of cyber crimes has increased.
Source: CNBC Africa

7. Tallest Builiding In Africa Set For Morocco

The 2014 bill for Africa's mega-projects comes in at $326 billion. Construction across the continent has seen developments in energy, mining and healthcare sectors.
Source: CNN

8. Sable Mining To Build Power Plant In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe mining company is set to build a new thermal power plant in the country. Officials say the project will represent a significant step forward in solving the ongoing energy deficit which is currently presenting significant obstacles to development within southern Africa.
Source: Finance 24

9. Ethiopia's First Online Restaurant Opens

Setting up any business is a challenge, but in Ethiopia, those range from daily operating headaches such as on-off Internet to even more fundamental business challenges. But a new breed of entrepreneurs in the country are willing to endure in order to succeed.
Source: New Africa Business

10. Digital Literacy Empowers Africa's Youth

Up to 20,000 young people and trainers from 17 African countries are taking part in Africa Code Week in South Africa. Volunteers will be given free training sessions during the week, and will pledge in turn to teach coding to at least 10 children.
Source: IT News Africa