Friday, November 21, 2014: Top 10 Business & Finance Must Reads

1. 50 Young Africans Who Could Totally Transform the Continent

The FUTURE Awards are fast approaching. Here is a look at the list of 50 leaders who are impacting their sectors and transforming Africa for a stronger economic future.
Source: Venture Burn

2. Africa's 50 Richest

The annual comprehensive list has some new faces yet it is still led by Aliko Dangote sitting comfortably a the top as Africa's richest man.
Source: Forbes

3. Ethiopia's Property and Infrastructure Boom

A look at the extensive development of Ethiopia's capital city - a hot spot for foreign investment and Africa's leading business people.  
Source: BBC

4. Will Tanzania Sell Masai Homelands to a Dubai Corporation?

"The Tanzanian government seems to be moving ahead with a deal to sell 600 square miles of land to a UAE luxury safari company, but that land is currently home to thousands of Masai pastoralists."  
Source: Christian Science Monitor

5. Lessons From 12 Young African Business Leaders

Fourteen young African entrepreneurs share their top notes learned during experience in Africa's business sector.  
Source: Ventures Africa

6. Why is Africa’s Share of Mining Investment So Low?

This writer takes a look at the industry's prospects for Africa. Why is it stacking low when compared to other continents and countries.
Source: African Business Magazine

7. Africa's Mobile Money Makes its Way to Europe with M-Pesa

Snapchat's new mobile payment feature draws similarities to M-Pesa. Find out how they compare.  
Source: CNN

8. Chinese Firm Signs $12bn Deal to Build Nigerian Railway

A China-owned company has signed a $12bn agreement with Nigeria to construct a massive railway. It is said to be China’s largest overseas contract.
Source: Business Day Live

9. Aviation: Africa’s Sleeping Industry

Find out why the industry, which works closely with the continent's lucrative tourism industry, is not growing as it should.
Source: How We Made It in Africa

10. Ghana's Public Sector Debt on Hot-Air Balloon

The West African country's public sector debt is now growing substantially. Learn how it grew more than 17,000 Ghana Cities.
Source: The Africa Report