Friday, May 29: Top 10 Business & Finance News Must Reads

1. Fuel Strike that Shut Down Nigerian Economy to End, Official Says

"The companies that import fuel say they haven't been paid by the Nigerian government, so they held back their massive supplies, which sit warehoused and untapped at Lagos' expansive seaport."
Source: CNN

2. Nigeria's Adesina Wins Battle For AfDB Presidency

There were eight candidates in the running for the position of president at African Development Bank. Today, Nigeria's Agriculture Minister was elected.
Source: Mail & Guardian

3. Nine Mega-Trends Shaping the Future of Africa

A look at the changes sure to bring expansion and depth to the vision for the continent's countries.
Source: How We Made It In Africa

4. Africa to Receive $33 Billion Via Mobile Money This Year

According to WorldRemit, "the amount of money that will sent to sub-Saharan Africa via mobile technology will reach $33 billion this year."
Source: Ventures Africa

5. Millions More Have a Bank Account, but What is the Impact on Global Poverty?

"Worldwide, 62 percent of adults now have an account at a formal financial institution (such as a bank) or a mobile money account, up from 51 percent in 2011, when we launched the Global Findex. The number of adults struggling to get by without an account fell by 20 percent, to 2 billion."
Source: The Guardian

6. Nigerian Accommodation Booking Site Just Raised $1.2m

 The website listing hotels in Nigeria has seen significant success, and now, it plans to grow with the recent investment. 
Source: Venture Burn

7. Kaberuka on His Time as African Development Bank Chief

The now-former African Development Bank President shares his thoughts on the work of the bank since he assumed power in 2005.
Source: BBC

8. Four Innovative Solutions to Nigeria's Energy Crisis

As Nigeria scrambles to bring stability to fuel distribution, here are suggestions to improve the country's energy crisis.
Source: Venture Africa

9. Housing: Kinshasa is For the Rich

"Kinshasa is one of the top 10 most expensive African cities to live in according to a 2014 study by the US research firm Mercer."
Source: The Africa Report

10. Cape to Host Over 1,250 WEF Delegates

Cape Town will welcome the World Economic Forum next week.
Source: iOL