Friday, March 27, 2015: Top 10 Business & Finance Must Reads

1. 'The Super-Rich Don't Vote in Nigeria': Election in the Land of Rising Inequality

Why millionaires in Nigeria may not be heading to the polls tomorrow. Experts are asking why the group is not interested in voting.
Source: The Guardian

2. Tony Elumelu Prepares to Unveil Africa’s Newest 1000 Entrepreneurs

"The Tony Elumelu Foundation has revealed plans to unveil the inaugural 1,000 finalists from those who have registered interest in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP)." The majority of them are interested in agriculture.
Source: Ventures Africa

3. 5 Important Trends that Show Africa’s Venture Scene is on the Rise

The continent's ecosystem is growing both economically and socially. Here are five key growth areas that can benefit business people.  
Source: Venture Burn

4. Assessing Africa’s Tech Boom

"From the rise of smartphone use across the continent, to fintech innovations and the increase of early stage investment funds, a number of key tech trends are exerting a positive influence on the continent. The strength of the technology and startup sector across Africa is also reflected in the startling fact that Africans are dumping promising careers to start venture into entrepreneurship."  
Source: Ventures Africa

5. Bringing African Shoppers to the Global Mall

Learn more about MallforAfrica, and how the company is one of many attracting foreign investors and global consumers online.

Source: New York Times

6. Nigeria's Oil Pipelines are Battleground For Brittle Democracy

An in-depth look at the oil deals President Goodluck Jonathan made with rebels who sabotaged lucrative supply of crude oil.
Source: The Guardian

7. Smart Success: Tap into Africa’s Five Dynamic Drivers

Here are five of Africa’s largest drivers that, according to this expert, will undoubtedly increase a businesses success on the continent.  
Source: How We Made It In Africa

8. High-Net-Worth Africans to Double by 2025

African individuals with 30 million US dollars in assets is set to more than double. A Wealth Report, recently published, predicts the number will rise 59 percent over the next 10 years.
Source: CNBC Africa

9. Namibia and Ghana Get Ready for Business

How Namibia and Ghana are increasing connection between their people.
Source: The Africa Report

10. Meet the 'Geek Squads' Bringing Transparency to Nigerian Election

The highly-anticipated election is being watched by a number of people, including this group of techies.
Source: CNN

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