Friday, August 22: Top 10 Business & Finance Must Reads

1. Ebola Virus Outbreak Threatens Africa's Tourist Industry

The spread of the virus has germaphobes and potential Africa travelers rethinking their next interaction with the continent. 
Source: Wall Street Journal

2. Kampala: A City on the Rise

How Kampala City progressed from a city in need of drastic repair to a leading African destination for innovation.
Source: World Bank

3. Africa’s Middle Class To Maintain Explosive Growth

Learn more about the continent’s growing middle class, and how they are becoming precious consumers for the economy.
Source: Ventures Africa

4. Does Ghana’s Oil Boom Spell the End for its Fishing Industry?

What will happen to the thriving agriculture industry as the growing interest in oil brings in money for the country.
Source: The Guardian

5. Nigeria's 'Nollywood' Movie Industry Rolls in High Gear

It's been 20 years since the birth of the country's high-grossing film industry. Take a look at how the industry is progressing  and advancing its use of technology.  
Source: Voice of America

6. Face Off: Africa Beauty & Personal Care Industry Battle

Adiree CEO Adiat Disu writes about the competition between subsections of the beauty industry.

7. Diamond Bank Set To Boost Healthcare Entrepreneurs

"CNBC Africa spoke to Uzoma Dozie Deputy managing director at Diamond Bank about the opportunity in the healthcare sector."
Source: CNBC Africa

8. Creativity is the New Money in Africa

Find out why the imagination of Africa's creatives are sought after and generating funds for the continent.
Source: How We Made It In Africa

9. Africa’s Real Estate Professionals To Unite In Nigeria For Sector Growth

How Africa's top real estate tycoons are collaborating to build the sector in Africa's largest economy.
Source: Ventures Africa

10. 6 Clever Tech Startups Trying to Pop Africa’s Remittance Bubble

A look at the role of remittance in the boost of Africa's economy. Here six startups helping to funnel the cash flow from the diaspora to the continent.  
Source: Venture Burn