Dodging Bullets While Investing in Africa

1. Africa in 2020: A Look at Major Sectors And Players

Find out which sectors will be key to development in Africa and will help encourage continued innovation on the continent.
Source: Ventures Africa

2. Three Key Themes For The Future of Investment in Africa

What does the future really hold for investors seeking to place their financial foot print in Africa? Here are three themes that may give you an idea.
Source: This Is Africa

3. BRICS to Open New Bank

Learn more about the monumental partnership between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa and the new BRICS bank.
Source: CNBC Africa

4. Investing in Infrastructure: Sub-Saharan Africa’s Top 5 Opportunities

A look the five countries offering worth-while investment opportunities for foreign investors, including Angola and Ethiopia.
Source: Ventures Africa

5. Ushahidi’s BRCK Raises $1.2M to Connect the 4-Billion in Emerging Markets

Ushahidi has successfully attained more than one million dollars to expand production of their BRCK, a device able to connect users with ethernet and wi-fi.
Source: Venture Burn

6. No Visa Required: Africa’s Most Powerful Passports

This interesting infographic and list gives viewers a look at the continent's most powerful passports. See which country's nationals can travel the easiest.  
Source: How We Made It In Africa

7. Brazil-Africa: Trans-Atlantic Ties

The historical and economic ties between Brazil and countries across the continent. How BRICS and financial investment partnerships are strengthening ties.
Source: The Africa Report

8. Call to Improve Pensions in Africa

A look at the needs of the continent's senior citizens, and what can possibly done to give them more financial security.
Source: BBC

9. How Africa Is Challenging Marketing

Find out how the growth of Africa's middle class is affecting the way companies on the continent market to consumers.
Source: Harvard Business Review

10. Dodging Bullets While Investing in Africa

The risks many foreign investors face when entering into business on the continent and ignoring the dangers of infrastructural as well as societal weakness. 
Source: Financial Times