Friday, April 18: Top 10 Business & Finance Must Reads

1. The 9 Best Jobs In Africa Don't Exist Yet

Why these unique jobs will only be created by social entrepreneurs, and how these new jobs could "reverse staggering youth unemployment rates."
Source: Forbes

2. What Are The Legal Challenges of Africa's Growth?

A financial expert talks about the legal issues looming over the continent at this time of growth.
Source: This Is Africa Online

3. Africa’s Tech Edge

How disadvantages such as poverty and financial insecurities inspired the creation of mobile money on the continent. What you need to know about M-Pesa in the mobile age.  
Source: The Atlantic

4. Report: Africa's Economic Prosperity at Risk From Instability

The role politics play in the development of institutions and investments of foreign investors.
Source: Voice of America

5. 20 Years On: Rwanda Is Now Viable

The policies, markets and sectors that have propelled Rwanda from a reputation of tragic burial ground to leading tech and economic powerhouse.
Source: This Is Africa Online

6. Africa Is Refuting The Usual Economic Pessimism

Despite the growing presence of terrorist militant group Boko Haram, Nigeria is growing. Find out what markets helped the country rise to the top economic spot in spite of violence in the northern region.  
Source: Wall Street Journal

7. Yes, Nigeria is Africa’s Biggest Economy, but Don’t Expect A Quick Buck

What you should factor in a decision to establish or expand your business in the country with Africa's largest economy.  
Source: How We Made It In Africa

8. Seven South African Tech Sttartups Hoping To Grab Your Attention

Here is a detailed list of the seven small businesses making waves in South Africa and hoping to expand their consumer base.
Source: How We Made It In Africa

9. Transport: Aviation and Maritime Reforms Beckon

The growth of Africa's aviation industry; the challenges the maritime industry faces; and how significantly large investments could help both sectors.  
Source: The Africa Report

10. Drawing on Homegrown Investments to Create Large Firms in Africa

Find out what a panel of business policy makers, entrepreneurs and bankers said about the "creation of large African businesses using homegrown investments."  
Source: World Bank