How This Shoeshiner Made His Million

1. How This Shoeshiner Made His Million

If someone has shined your shoes in a South African airport, it's probably thanks to Lere Mgayiya. Long before becoming South Africa's shoe shining king, Mgayiya started his professional career distributing boarding cards for South African Airways. Until he was told his role had become redundant.
Source: CNN

2. Celebrating Young African Entrepreneurs

It's Global Entrepreneurship Week and what better way to celebrate than discovering young African talent. The Anzisha Prize does just that, awarding young entrepreneurs who create innovative solutions for their community
Source: Anzisha Prize

3. Facebook Freebies For African Market

This is bound to get more likes. Free Basics is part of Facebook’s initiative and aims to provide basic websites and other services to introduce people to the internet and demonstrate how it adds value to their lives.
Source: New Africa Business News

4. Lack Of Pharmaceutical Experts Cripple African Industry

Africa's pharmaceutical industry is growing faster than it can produce qualified practitioners. The continent has seen the emergence of lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension which require chronic medication, however specialists in the field are missing.
Source: Quartz Africa

5. Team Buhari Expected To Save Nigeria's Economy

Nigeria's new finance team has quite a task ahead of them. Falling global oil prices have shrunk government revenues and slowed growth to a near standstill, while the naira currency is weak, inflation high and unemployment causing widespread concern.
Source: This Day

6. Black Farmers In Zimbabwe Ordered To Pay Up

Resettled farmers who benefited from Zimbabwe's land grab will now have to pay rent and a development levy annually. The country has more than 300,000 farmers who received 99-year leases in the controversial saga.
Source: Business Day Live

7. Africities Invest In Green Technology

Major cities in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa are taking the lead when it comes to conserving natural resources and energy. Large investments have been made in implementing innovative interventions to save critical resources for generations to come.
Source: alive2green

8. Street Vendors In Benin Go Green

Digging into a meal bought on the side of the road is the norm in any major city Benin's capital, Porto-Novo is no different. Vendors here have an eco-friendly method of preparing their meals. They have ditched the charcoal and wood stoves and replaced it with coconuts burning one, invented by a local.
Source: eNCA

9. Africa's Urbanising Faster Than Any Region

Rwanda has seen the fastest increase in their urban population between 2010 and 2015, ahead of Burkina Faso, Burundi, Uganda and Tanzania. The United Nations predicts that by the late 2030s, Africa will become a continent with more than half of its population living in urban rather than in rural areas.
Source: New Africa Business News

10. Vodacom Sued For $14bn

Another South African mobile operator is in trouble. This time, Vodacom has been fined $ 14 billion by its controlling shareholder in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a boardroom battle.
Source: Tech Central