Friday, August 29: Top 10 Business & Finance Must Reads

1. Five Ways Africa is Taking the World by Storm

The Gates Foundation has been paying close attention to the continent. These are five of the ways they think Africa is impacting the world. 
Source: The Gates Foundation

2. Which Sectors You’ll Find The Women Running Africa

We've been running our new series highlighting the names and faces of the women running Africa. Here is a look at the sectors these women control in their respective countries.

3. Here Are The Next Ten Most Attractive African Cities For Investment

Take a look at this list of cities soon to be go-to-destinations for investment, including Dakar in Senegal and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
Source: Ventures Africa

4. The Dream of a Black Bank Deferred

Here's a look at the history of African Bank and the ideas that started it all.
Source: This Is Africa

5. Africa’s Testing Ground

Why businesses looking to profit in Africa's growing markets should look to Nigeria, the country with the continent's largest economy, as a 'testing ground.'
Source: Economist

6. Ghana's Shot at Manufacturing A Boon For Africa

"Two enterprising Ghanaians are developing products that they hope will catapult their country to manufacturing stardom."

Source: Al Jazeera

7. Robert Mugabe Visits China as Critics Condemn 'Desperate' Bid For Investment

Why Zimbabwe's long-time president is being called a 'traitor' after his recent interactions with China.

Source: The Guardian

8. Zimbabwe Economy: Investments Plunging, says Bank Governor

Zimbabwe's Central Bank Chief says foreign investment and interest in the country is more than half of what it was in the past.

Source: BBC

9. Africa’s Telecoms Market To Hit $65bn By 2018

The projection comes as the Sub-Saharan Africa telecoms market is set to "increase its share of worldwide telecoms revenue over the next 5 years."
Source: Ventures Africa

10. Côte d’Ivoire’s Economic Capital Emerges From the Shadow of War

Learn more about the country's economic comeback just a few years after civil war and election unrest threatened to dismantle the country.  
Source: How We Made It In Africa