Friday, April 4: Business & Finance Top 10 Must Reads

1. Nigeria Could Become Africa's Biggest Economy

This weekend, the GDP of Nigeria will rebase. Find out what this means for Africa's biggest economy.
Source: BBC

2. Giving Back: The Face Of Africa’s New Donors

The generation of wealthy leaders investing in Africa's education health and business sectors.
Source: Ventures Africa

3. The Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Africa

Here's a list of the companies creating dynamic new products transforming the continent.
Source: Fast Company

4. The Extravagance Of The African Billionaire

They flashy men and women driving fancy cars and yachts. Find out how Africa's billionaires are spending their money.
Source: Ventures Africa

5. Can GM Crops Save Africa?

The debate over genetically modified crops has been heated in agriculture circles. Learn what experts say about the proposed plan to save Africa's crops.
Source: Africa Business Magazine

6. Bob Diamond’s Atlas Mara Buys Bank in First Africa Purchase

His interest in Africa made headlines earlier this year. Learn more about Robert Diamond’s Atlas Mara Co-Nvest Ltd. (ATMA), and the multi-million dollar company he recently purchased.
Source: Bloomberg

7. What Investors Think About Private Equity in Africa

Africa’s private equity industry are fast evolving. How foreign investors are willing to invest in African-focused private equity funds?"
Source: How We Made It In Africa

8. Europe Has Still Not Discovered Africa's Potential

The Commissioner for Development at the European Union shares why investment in Africa is important, and why it is 'needed.'
Source: The Africa Report

9. Google’s Africa Connected Reveals 5 Inspiring Winners Powered By The Web

After filtering through more than 2,000 submissions, the company found five winners from Sub-Saharan Africa. Find out who they are with these short videos.
Source: Venture Burn

10. The Little Kiosks That Could

Learn more about Eco-Fuel Africa, and the way their small business is impacting the environment.
Source: The Atlantic