Friday, October 31: Top 10 Business & Finance Must Reads

1. Investors Are Eager for African Sovereign Debt, Despite Plenty of Risks

"The Ebola outbreak, which is ravaging West Africa, could cost $33 billion, the World Bank estimated, prompting worries about the continent’s growth prospects. But the sovereign debt market is booming, with sub-Saharan African countries raising nearly $7 billion so far this year, more than in all of 2013, according to Dealogic, a market research firm."  
Source: New York Times

2. Infrastructure Investment: Part of Africa's Solution

Find out what the IMF's African Department found when they took a look at the infrastructure deficit and discussed policies needed going forward.  
Source: The Huffington Post

3. Inspire Mastery: 5 Reasons to Become An Entrepreneur

Here are the 5 reasons you should make the idea you've been suppressing your business reality. 
Source: Venture Burn

4. This is What Ebola is Doing to West African Economies

The continent gaining attention for its economic progress now feels loss as the Ebola virus continues to spread in West Africa.  
Source: Quartz

5. The Boom in S.Africa's Wine Tourism Industry

CNBC Africa takes a look at the growing wine tourism industry and its standing as one of the world's capitals.
Source: CNBC Africa

6. Bravery and A Diet of Humble Pie: Mi-Fone CEO’s 10 Tips for African Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur shares what it takes as someone who made their first million at the age of just 23.
Source: How We Made It in Africa

7. Africa Must Seize ICT Opportunity

Find out why Africans should embrace technology in businesses and daily life to resist the possibility of being left behind.
Source: Ventures Africa

8. Mobile Phone Success in Africa Sparks Data Debate

Why state-owned land lines may have no place in the wireless future of Africa.
Source: BBC

9. Willy Wonka Duo Wants to Put Ugandan Chocolate on the Map

Meet the two entrepreneurs highlighting the cocoa-richness of Uganda and making its chocolate global.
Source: CNN

10. Meet Banke Kuku, The Queen of Colour

Learn more about Banke Kuku, and how her textile company is brightening up the continent.
Source: Ventures Africa