Friday, October 23: Top 10 Business & Finance Must Reads

1. How African Economics Killed "The Leapfrog Effect"

Africa has been predicted to surpass many of the tech missteps western countries have already overcome. But how is the business landscape and economy slowing this process down?
Source: Forbes

2. Hotels in Africa: Where to Build Them?

The industry has seen tremendous growth, especially in countries such as Ethiopia and South Africa. Find out what cities are great grounds to erect a new hotel.
Source: Ventures Africa

3. 2014 African Trends And Game Changing Innovations

Here are a few trends you should know as the year rolls to a close. What will be memorable, game-changing and worth making your own. 
Source: Afritorial

4. Prepaid Smart Meters Outwit Africa's Power Thieves

Find out how the idea currently being implemented in one South African city could combat power theft and unpaid bills in places around the continent.
Source: CNN

5. Africa’s Sugar Ambitions Turn Sour

"The culprit: cheap imports. African nations import about 5 million metric tons of sugar every year, from countries such as Brazil, China and India. The imports—generally heavily subsidized—are sold at prices lower than the cost of producing sugar locally, prompting African countries to shun sugar from their neighbors."
Source: Wall Street Journal

6. Do the Reports on ‘Africa Rising’ Really Reflect Reality?

Much discussion, this week, has surrounded the theory of Africa's rising, and whether this growth may be stagnated by violence and sickness across the continent.  
Source: How We Made It In Africa

7. ‘Ethical’ Investing in Emerging Markets?

Who are "socially responsible investors," and what can foreign or local investors learn from their approach to the developing world.  

Source: Wall Street Journal

8. Global Business E-Registration Portal Hopes to Boost Startup Growth in Africa

Learn more about the plan to make online business registration easier and interactive for African entrepreneurs.  
Source: Venture Burn

9. Samsung Boosts Fight Against Ebola with Smartphones Worth $1m

Find out how Samsung's  million dollar devices will be used to provide humanitarian support in disaster areas.
Source: Human IPO

10. Efforts to Revive Kenya's Tourism Sector

Learn more about the East African country's plans to revamp the sector and draw more tourists despite security concerns.
Source: CNBC Africa