Friday, October 10: Top 10 Business & Finance Must Reads

1. Richest African Presidents 2014

Find out which african presidents (and kings) are worth millions. You may - or may not - be surprised.
Source: Richest Lifestyle

2. Africa’s Pulse: Decades of Sustained Growth is Transforming Africa’s Economies

"According to Africa’s Pulse, growth in the region is supported by strong public investment in infrastructure, increased agricultural production, and a buoyant services sector." 
Source: World Bank

3. 10 New Startup Incubators To Watch In Africa

Here are 10 incubators helping to build a new generation of innovative tech entrepreneurs.
Source: Ventures Africa

4. Africa's GDP Is Bigger Than You Think

This week Kenya's economy shifted into the top 10 rankings. Here is why it is just one of the reasons Africa's total GDP is "bigger than you think."
Source: Business Week

5. South African Corporate Powerhouse Phuti Mahanyele Wins ForbesWoman Africa 2014 Business Woman Of The Year Award

Find out what the South African entrepreneur says about her business experience, and what entrepreneurs need to know before doing business in Africa.
Source: Forbes

6. The Chinese in Africa: Empire Builders or New Pioneers?

The debate about China's influence on the continent continues as this writer explores the country's business leadership in Africa.
Source: Mail & Guardian

7. Ivory Coast on Quest To Become West Africa's Rice Bowl

"In the midst of an economic revival after years of political turmoil ended with a brief civil war in 2011, the country better known as the world’s biggest cocoa producer is investing about four billion dollars as part of a programme to diversify its agricultural sector and create jobs."
Source: CNBC Africa

8. She Leads Africa Connects Female Startups in Africa to Capital

Learn more about the female entrepreneurs that showcased their startups and the entrepreneur who emerged as the winner.
Source: Fox Business

9. Money in Mogadishu: Somali Capital Gets First Cash Machine

The machine in the country's capital city is the first of its kind and dispenses U.S. dollars.
Source: CNN

10. Report Reveals Africa’s Best and Worst Performing Economies

From Cote d'Ivoire to Equatorial Guinea, find out how the continent's countries rank.
Source: How We Made It In Africa