Monday, October 20, 2014:’s Daily Top 10

1. Liberia President Describes Heavy Cost of Ebola

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the deadly virus has killed more than 2,000 people in her country.
Source: Associated Press

2. Nigeria Agrees to Cease-Fire With Boko Haram

The agreement was announced last Friday, and it has many questioning its timing as Nigeria marks six months since the kidnapping of the school girls.
Source: Voice of America

3. 10 Places Where You Can Find the World in South Africa

Sounds like a confusing title? Check out this list with images of the places in the beautiful country for some clarity.
Source: South Africa Tourism

4. In Homeland, Liberia Native Finds Resilience Amid Horror

Writer Helene Cooper visits her hometown, and on the street, she finds the same strength seen after the end of the county's civil war.
Source: New York Times

5. More Investments, Less Aid: Dangote To Global Community

In a recent interview with CNN, Africa's richest man stressed the importance of promoting business relationships and investments. 
Source: Ventures Africa

6. Lesotho's Parliament Reopens After Coup Crisis

"The re-opening of Parliament is a key first step in a peace deal following an August 30 coup attempt and will lead to early elections in February 2015."
Source: Mail & Guardian

7. Nigerian Startup Going Up Against Paypal Is About To Raise Almost $10m

It is being called "Paypal localised to the Nigerian market." Learn more about SimplePay, and its potential influence on users as well as plans to meet a multi-million dollar investment goal.
Source: Ventures Africa

8. Death of White Rhino in Kenya Leaves Only Six Animals Alive in the World

One of the world's last two breeding males has passed away in Kenya. What does this mean for the species close to extinction.
Source: The Guardian

9. Wangechi Mutu’s Mystical Sirens & Serpents In LondonWhat do you think?

The Kenyan artist is celebrating the opening of a new exhibit called Nguva na Nyoka, which draws on her interest in femininity, race, gender, and western pop culture.  
Source: okayafrica

10. Ode to Elegance: Meet the 'Afro-Dandies'

Learn more about the "dandy look," and get to know the business student who founded a company  that accessorizes the dandy men.
Source: CNN