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A Huge Blow To Buhari’s Anti-Corruption Goals

With his anti-corruption drive seemingly losing steam, Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari now faces the embarrassing reality of having a large-scale, callous embezzlement of funds on his watch.

  • Zimbabwe first lady

Hell Hath No Fury As Grace Mugabe Scorned

Zimbabwe's First Lady is being taken to court after allegedly invading three upmarket houses in Harare belonging to a businessman in a dispute over the purchase of a $1,4 million diamond ring.

  • officers checking the polls

New Date Set For Somalia’s Elections

The initial proposed date of August 2016 was missed with the presidential vote rescheduled for September 10, October 30, November 30 and now December 28.

  • phones charging in a shop

How A Text Message Has Changed The Lives Of Many Kenyan Women

Almost 200,000 Kenyan households, many headed by poor, rural women, have lifted themselves out of poverty using mobile money services.

  • Potential AU Commissioner

Send Your Questions For The Next AU Commissioner

The debate will give the candidates the "opportunity to present their various perspectives in the area of leading the continental agenda for the upcoming four years."

Take A Look At Africa’s Lakes Then And Now

Once one of Africa’s largest bodies of fresh water, Lake Chad is now a ghost of its former self.

Why Everyone Should Be Investing In Sustainable Cities

Johannesburg recently issued a green municipal bond with a target value of $136 million. The bond was oversubscribed.

Want To See The Building Of Africa’s Longest Suspension Bridge

The bridge will shorten the travel time between KwaZulu-Natal and Maputo to around 1 hour, which will have a massive impact on trade and tourism alike.

Scientists Make Rare Find Deep In Tanzania

Scientists examining the jawbone of a saber-toothed, mammal-like beast that prowled Tanzania 255 million years ago have come across a remarkable fossil rarity: one of the oldest-known tumors.

Kenya Independence: Ten Interesting Facts About the East African Country

To celebrate Kenya’s 53rd birthday, known in the country as Jamhuri Day, here are ten facts to know about the East African nation.