Thursday, February 26, 2015: Top 10 Daily News

1. Female Suicide Bombers: Boko Haram’s Weapon of Choice

"Women have become the new weapon of war for Nigerian-based jihadist group, Boko Haram. Almost every week, Nigerian females -- many of them teenagers, some as young as seven -- sow death in market places, bus stations and checkpoints at the cost of their own lives."
Source: France 24

2. AU Aware of Chairperson Assassination Plot in Leaked Cables

A series of recently leaked and published intelligence reports described a plot to kill Dlamini-Zuma in Addis Ababa just after she began serving as the AU's first female chairperson.  
Source: Voice of America

3. Are E-learning Startups Nigeria’s Best Hope For a New Wave of Innovation?

A Venture Burn writer asks the question and takes a look at the startup culture in Nigeria as well as the impact some companies are having on overall innovation.  
Source: Venture Burn

4. The Other Side of Somalia's Pirates

More than 1,300 young Somali men have been jailed in prisons in connection with piracy, but when Al Jazeera took a look at the small town of Eyl, it was evident there was another side to the story of violence and kidnapping. Many of the pirates were propeled by the lack of resources and poor conditions in their homes.
Source: Al Jazeera

5. Ebola Endemic in West Africa Remains a Risk, Scientists Warn

The cases of new Ebola infections has declined dramatically in many areas of West Africa since its outbreak last year. Why the World Health Organization (WHO) said they were at “a bump in the road,” and the battle should not be counted as over.
Source: The Guardian

6. Tomorrow’s World: Seven Development Megatrends Challenging NGOs

From Urbanisation and Demographic shifts to geopolitical shifts and inequality, here are seven trends in global development that are proving to be challenging to the norms of NGOs.
Source: The Guardian

7. Cooking with Gas: Teenager Brings Poop Power to Kenyan School

Yes, you read that correctly. Kenyan teenager Leroy Mwasuro is using biogas in his school's kitchen and extracting gas from human waste to save his school money on energy. Here's the breakdown on how he built the system in a year.
Source: CNN

8. Dar es Salaam; a Festival of Senses

Arabic for ‘safe port,’ Dar es Salaam in Tanzania is a city where tourists and explorers enjoy vacations on clean beaches, diving, nightlife, and culture.  
Source: Ventures Africa

9. The Technicolor Congo Pop Art Of Jonathan Mwe di Malila

Learn more about Jonathan Mwe di Malila, a twenty-one-year-old, Kinshasa-born, oil and acrylic painter who's latest work "serves to uplift his heritage and bring Congolese culture to the mainstream."  


Source: okayafrica

10. African Singer Nneka on New Album My Fairy Tales

The Nigerian-German singer has been away for awhile, but she is now back with a new album called My Fairy Tales. The socially conscious artists talks about her inspirations.
Source: BBC