Thursday, July 31, 2014:’s Daily Top 10

1. Liberia Shuts Schools as Ebola Spreads, Peace Corps Leaves 3 countries

The country is taking a number of precautions including closing boards and schools.
Source: Reuters

2. Female Suicide Bomber Targets Nigeria College

The female suicide bomber kills three students at Kano college. Authorities also arrested a 10-year-old girl with explosive belt.

Source: Al Jazeera

3. If Mad Max Were a Brilliant Architect, Here's What He'd Build

A Cape-Town artist creates a fantasy place that is out of this world. Check out the stunning images of this unique architecture.
Source: CNN

4. Facebook Expands Africa Push

The company, in partnership with, is attempting to provide free internet to users in Zambia and position itself as a leader connecting people to the online community.  
Source: BBC

5. SME Heroes: The Kenyan Brand Empowering Local Artisans

Learn more about Bora Wear, and its founder who has a passion to help local artisans. 
Source: Ventures Africa

6. US: One American in Nigeria Dies from Ebola

The victim was fine when boarding a flight to Nigeria, but by arrival time, he had fallen sick.
Source: Voice of America

7. How Different Parts of the World are Responding to West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak

A look at how regions connected to West Africa are taking swift precautions prevent the spread of the deadly virus in other parts of the continent and the world.
Source: Washington Post

8. Grace Mugabe Joins Fray Over Zim Succession

Does the new appointment Robert Mugabe's wife as leader of the Zanu-PF Women's League point to her potential role as Mugabe's successor?
Source: Mail & Guardian

9. Old Language, Dazzling Sounds at Cape Town World Music Festival

The controversial use of the 'world music' label and a look at the sounds and sights on stage at the Cape Town World Music Festival.  
Source: This Is Africa

10. Luxury That’s From Africa, and For Africa

Learn more about Okapi, the brand started by a South-African based in London. Find out how it is influenced by African fashion trends.
Source: New York Times