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  • Threatre room in madagascar

Malagasy President Condemns “Act Of Terrorism”

Two teenagers were killed and more than 80 wounded in a grenade attack in Madagascar's capital during the country's national day celebrations.

  • young african empires

Young, African And Building An Empire

This is the best time in history to be young and African. We live in an era characterised by an abundance of opportunities and young people starting sustainable businesses across the continent.

  • Logo for Naspers

Africa’s Biggest Company Plans A Price Freeze

Naspers says its main measure of profit rose 21 percent to $1.2 billion in the 12 months through March. The company lost 288,000 subscribers of its Pay TV business.

  • Kidnapped Migramts ae

The End To A Terrible Ordeal For Foreign Workers In Nigeria

The five international construction workers kidnapped last week after their vehicle was attacked and driver killed have been released, with three of the men sustaining injuries and another two in critical but stable condition.

  • Juma, somali journalist

Social Media Becomes Powerful Tool For Oppressed Journalists

For many Kenyan journalists like Juma, who has 19,000 Facebook followers, social media has become a key instrument in their reporting arsenal, allowing them to bypass traditional outlets and connect directly with readers.

Lukewarm Reception To Asia’s Ivory Announcement

The Hong Kong government says it will completely ban ivory trading in five years time. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) believes a complete ban can be enacted in two years.

Putting Back The Pieces Of The Israel Plane Hostage

Forty years ago, an Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris with more than 250 passengers and crew was hijacked before landing in Entebbe, Uganda. Now original items have been gathered to preserve the [...]

Trouble At South Africa’s Public Broadcaster

The Acting CEO Of The South African Broadcasting Corporation has resigned. The announcement has been welcomed following outcry from media about the company's new editorial policies.

Get Everything You Need On Africa’s First One-Stop Online Platform

The new Jumia ecosystem will give access to products and services from nine leading platforms. Customers can now find all they need online on the new improved Jumia platform such as hotels, local sellers, brands, [...]

Africa’s Relationship With Communism

Cold War relics dot the African continent from Ethiopia to Burkina Faso. One organization has now decided to take a closer look at the decades-old relationship between Africa and communism.