Half Of World Population Growth Will Be In Africa

1. Nigerian General To Lead Army Against Boko Haram

Nigeria's Defense Ministry has appointed a new general to head the multinational army it is hoped can defeat the Boko Haram Islamic uprising that has killed 20,000 people and driven nearly 2 million from their homes. Maj. Gen. Iliyasu Isah Abbah will command the 8,700-strong four-nation army based in N'Djamena, Chad's capital.

Source: Business Insider

2. Chad Reintroduces Death Penalty With Anti-Terror Law 

Chad has reintroduced the death penalty just six months after its abolition as part of a stringent anti-terror bill. The country has suffered two suicide bombings in the past month, including one in a bustling market in the capital N'Djamena. The bill also gives the police greater powers in cases of suspected terrorism.
Source: Economic Times

3. Time Running Out For South Sudan Talks

The foreign mediators trying to bring an end to the civil war in South Sudan are at the end of their patience, says the US special envoy to the country. Regional mediators have given South Sudan's rival claimants to power until mid-August to stop the 19-month-old war. Failure to strike a peace deal could lead to a range of punitive measures, including an arms embargo, travel bans and asset freezes.
Source: Times Live

4. Kenya May Invite Bidders for Sugar Companies From September

The Kenya Privatisation Commission has said that it may invite investors to submit bids for a controlling stake in each of the five state-owned sugar companies the government is selling. This si part of a program by East Africa's biggest economy to overhaul the industry, , which the Food and Agriculture Organization says is beset by dilapidated factories, poor governance and insufficient funding.
Source: Bloomberg

5. Burundi Politicians Make Peace

Burundi's main opposition leader Agathon Rwasa has been elected as deputy head of the national parliament. Rwasa condemned recent elections and supported months of civil unrest. But he says he is willing to "play the game" in order to try and help find a solution to the country's political crisis
Source: News24

6. Ghana Plans New National Airline Despite World Bank Pullout

Ghana will proceed with plans for a new national airline despite the World Banks' decision to withdraw funding. The country's Transport Ministry says that it will now seek a commercial arrangement rather than the Public Private Partnership it was hoping to establish.
Source: Citit FM Online

7. Malawi Seeks to Liberalize Abortion

The Malawi Law Commission is considering a new bill liberalizing abortion. Abortion is currently illegal in the country, and is punishable by a maximum of 14 years in jail except in cases where pregnancy threatens life of a woman. Reports show that 70,000 women in Malawi have mostly illegal abortions each year and up to 17% of them die during the procedure..
Source: VOA

8. New Ebola Cases Decline, But W.H.O. Advises Caution

Seven new cases of Ebola were reported in Guinea and Sierra Leone last week, according to the World Health Organisation. But while it may be the lowest weekly total in more than a year, the W.H.O cautions that it is too soon to tell whether the decline will last.
Source: New York Times

9. What lion? Zimbabweans Ask

Outrage echoed across the world on social media platforms this week as people expressed their feelings about the killing of Cecil the lion at the hands of an American dentist. But the event went largely unnoticed in the animal's native Zimbabwe. Local media are not extensively covering the story and the government is yet to give a formal response regarding the incident.      
Source: eNCA

10. Half Of World Population Growth Will Be In Africa

Africa will be the source of half the world's population growth in the next 35 years, according to the United Nations. At least 28 African countries will double their populations during this time.
Source: BBC