Thursday, May 21: Top 10 Daily News Must Reads

1. Burundi Protests Turn Violent as Poll Delayed

This week, hundreds defied government orders to call off their protests, marching through the streets. The protestors take action few days after the attempted coup to take the power from the current president.
Source: Mail & Guardian

2. Rogue Chinese Fishing Fleets Take Advantage of Ebola

A look at the fishing activity in West Africa's coastal waters. Is it true Chinese fishermen have been working in the waters of countries struggling to fight the Ebola virus?
Source: Quartz

3. Akon Says Singing Has Given Him a Platform to Promote Africa

Find out how the musician, songwriter, producer and record label owner is helping over 5,000 young people with work on the continent. One project in particular, "Akon Lighting Africa," is working with two partners and a credit line of $1 billion.

Source: ABC News

4. The Guardian South-East Asia Migrant Crisis: Gambia Offers to Resettle all Rohingya Refugees

Gambia's president is said he will take care of Rohingya refugees in coastal waters trying to escape oppression in Myanmar. 
Source: The Guardian

5. African Cities Make it to the World's Elite List

Learn more about the future potential of 125 cities,  including the most influential cites in the world. Which African cities made the list?  
Source: CNBC Africa

6. Nigerian Child Bride Murder Charges Dropped

"Nigerian prosecutors have withdrawn murder charges against a 15-year-old girl accused of using rat poison to kill her husband, aged 35. The Kano state attorney general told the BBC that the case would be dropped because the accused is a minor and the victim's family had forgiven her."
Source: BBC

7. Taking Stock of ‘Good Coups’ in Africa

Why a number of military interventions in Africa's history has "led to competitive multiparty elections, creating a necessary condition for successful democratization."  
Source: Washington Post

8. Does Writing in African Languages Have a Future?

Writer Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire argues that "writing in indigenous languages on the continent has a bright future."
Source: This is Africa

9. Trevor Noah: From Stand-Up to Stardom

In case you missed one of the biggest stories out of Africa, Trevor Noah landed a job replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.
Source: The Africa Report

10. World's Oldest Tools - From 3.3 Million Years Ago - Discovered in Africa

Archaeologists found the oldest stone tools on record. The group, 149 tools dating back 3.3 million years, were found in Kenya.  
Source: USA Today