Tuesday, October 21, 2014: Africa.com’s Daily Top 10

1. Pistorius's Five Year Sentence 'Significant' - Expert

"Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for culpable homicide and three years suspended jail time for negligent firearm use."
Source: Mail & Guardian

2. Cease-fire Falling Apart Amid Renewed Fighting in Northeast Nigeria

New clashes between Nigerian military soldiers and Boko Haram militants are making people question the announced cease fire agreement.
Source: Voice of America

3. Growth of Africa's Fashion Sector

Is the sector worth investment? The founder of The 100 Days of African Fashion campaign shares why Fashion is a growing industry by which investors don't want to get left behind.
Source: CNBC Africa

4. Africa's Richest Man Aliko Dangote To Support Liberia In Fight Against Ebola

After a telephone conversation with the Liberian president, Dangote pledged to aid efforts to contain the virus ravaging the West African country.
Source: Forbes

5. How Facebook Hit 500m Users In Two Years With Localization

Business leaders and new African entrepreneurs can learn from the two year growth of Facebook. Find out how they reached their first 500 million users in just two years.
Source: Ventures Africa

6. South Sudan Sexual Violence ‘Rampant’, says UN Envoy

Learn more about the case that sparked outrage and shined a light on the sexual violence issue.

Source: The Guardian

7. Ebola Crisis: Nigeria Declared Free of Virus

Yes, you read right. Nigerian officials are celebrating news that the country is now free of the deadly virus. How were they able to contain it? What can other countries learn?
Source: BBC

8. Ebola Crisis: Worst-Hit African Nations Get Key Supplies

Learn more about efforts to help the region, and how countries such as Sierra Leone and Liberia are getting the help they need.

Source: BBC

9. Was Your Car Stolen? Stop the Thieves In Their Tracks with A Simple SMS

It's no secret Africans are reliant on their mobile technology. Find out how phones will not only be used for bill pay but also to keep your car safe.
Source: CNN

10. The Dinosaur That Ate Sharks For Breakfast

Learn more about the German-Moroccan scientist who discovered the skeleton of the dinosaur and how it could help paleontologists with their research.
Source: CNN