Friday, November 21, 2014: Top 10 Travel Must Reads

1. At the Maasai Olympics, Leaps Take the Place of Lions

Take a look at the leaps and jumps of this group's men. Find out why the Maasai men are an attraction.
Source: Wall Street Journal

2. Casablanca Travel Tips: Where to Go and What to See in 48 Hours

These are the tips for travelers visiting Morocco but do not want to stay in Fes or Marrakech. Visit this big, beautiful city, Casablanca.
Source: The Independent

3. Best Tropical Holiday Destinations in Africa & Indian Ocean Under £40

Here is a list of the best affordable winter-sun escapes.  
Source: The Guardian

4. LaGuGu Township Tour the Latest Treat

The tour company  in Cape Town not only offers bus tours but other services, including chopper flights, water taxis and sidecar trips.  
Source: IOL Travel

5. Christmas in Africa

Spending the holiday on the continent? Find out what countries are big on Christmas and which countries are not big on celebrating the predominantly Christian holiday.

6. Win Tickets to the Jameson Vic Falls Carnival

Find out how you can win tickets to the carnival, said to be an exciting New Year’s experience.
Source: Africa Geographic

7. The Last Unexplored Side of the Serengeti

Want to visit the Serengeti without encountering some of the nearly 200,000 safari-goers  who regularly visit? Here are the details on a more secluded area of land to explore.  
Source: BBC

8. Tusk Conservation Awards: Protecting the Forests of Kenya

What is an environmental 'vision bearer’? This writer will tell you and introduce you to one making an impact in Kenya.

Source: The Telegraph

9. Souvenir Shopping Tips: Just Buy It

Here's the real tip: do it, buy it.
Source: Traveller

10. I Went to South Africa to See Lions and All Anyone Asked Me About Was Ebola

This traveler shares why questions about the deadly virus in West Africa came as she prepared to for a trip to the continent's most southern tip...were confusing.  
Source: The Huffington Post