Monday, July 28, 2014:’s Daily Top 10

1. Libya Warns of 'Humanitarian Disaster' Over Fuel Fire

Violence is increasing in the country's capital city, and the Libyan government is requesting help to decrease the activity.

Source: BBC

2. Boko Haram Kidnap Wife of Cameroon Vice PM

How the militant group carried out the high-profile kidnapping of the government official's wife.
Source: Mail & Guardian

3. The New Scramble for Africa

Al Jazeera's show, Empire, takes a look at the interest in African investment and what it means for future generations. They also host a discussion with young Africans in the diaspora.
Source: Al Jazeera

4. Ebola Kills Liberian Doctor, 2 Americans Infected

The virus has spread throughout West Africa, and it has killed one of the lead doctors treating the infected in the region. Another doctor along with an aid worker have also been infected.
Source: The Washington Post

5. Africa E-commerce Firm Expands to New Markets

Nigerian e-commerce platform, Jumia, has been rapidly expanding. Find out where they will be opening new offices.
Source: Reuters

6. Diagnosing The Source of Africa’s Growth

A look at what is needed for Africa's continued growth and the 'vitamins' to help build a stronger continent for foreign business.
Source: Ventures Africa

7. Ghana Protests Over High Cost of Living

Thousands of people took to the streets asking the president to lower prices of living essentials and reinstating subsidies on petroleum.
Source: BBC

8. Sudanese Newspaper Editor Attacked by Armed Men

Why the top editor was beaten in his offices, and what it means for free speech in Sudan.
Source: The Guardian

9. Kenya's Safaricom Gets Committee Nod for Govt Security Contract

Find out how the recent approval of a security and surveillance system project by costing 14.9 billion shillings could effect the country.
Source: The Africa Report

10. Brolin Mawejje, Uganda's Snowboarding Wunderkid

Learn more about the high-flying African athlete leaving many in awe both on the continent and during competitions around the world.
Source: Afritorial