Entering a Time Warp in Morocco

1. Nigeria Election: Jonathan and Buhari Sign Peace Deal

Nigeria's two main presidential candidates - President Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari - have signed an agreement to prevent violence in the upcoming elections.  
Source: BBC

2. South Africa’s Odious Monument to Cecil John Rhodes

"For two decades, many South Africans assumed that our university campuses had become politically apathetic. But this may be the year that South Africa’s students wake up from a deep sleep..."
Source: NYT

3. Could Sex Have Brought Ebola Back to Liberia?

"The World Health Organization and the Liberian government say they are checking into the possibility that a woman infected with Ebola virus caught it from a survivor she was dating."

Source: NBC News

4. Niger on Track for Solid Growth, Despite Fall in Price of Exports, says IMF

"Niger is weathering a fall in the price of its key exports and remains on track to grow by an average of 5.6% over the next two years, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) resident representative..."
Source: Business Day Live

5. Money Laundering Via Wildlife Tackled From China to Zambia

"Thirty-one governments ranging from China to Zambia agreed to strengthen laws to clamp down on the illegal wildlife trade, which is worth $10 billion a year."
Source: Bloomberg

6. Ebola Vaccine Trial Starts in Guinea

"The vaccine, VSV-EBOV, was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and has already shown positive results in smaller safety trials...the Guinean government and World Health Organization (WHO) are leading the trial, which is taking place in Basse-Guinée."
Source: Time

7. China In Africa: Racist Chinese Restaurant Shut Down In Kenya

"A Chinese restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya, was forced to shut down after Kenyans online protested against its controversial decision to not serve Africans after 5 p.m. on grounds that they could be robbers."
Source: AFK Insider

8. African Presidents Spend Millions to Spruce up their Dented Images

"African presidents from Goodluck Jonathan to Yoweri Museveni are allegedly spending millions on western PR specialists to fix their tarnished images."
Source: Mail & Guardian

9. Migrants Try To Enter Europe Through Spanish Territory In Africa (AUDIO)

"The Spanish city of Ceuta on North Africa's coast is surrounded by fences separating Spanish soil from Morocco. That fence is where thousands of migrants try to jump into Spanish territory each year."
Source: NPR

10. Entering a Time Warp in Morocco

"Morocco is no place to stay at a Hilton or a Sheraton. Staying at authentic riads is an integral part of the experience."
Source: The National