Thursday, August 28, 2014:’s Daily Top 10

1. WHO Says Ebola Cases Could Exceed 20,000

The World Health Organization has been closely following the Ebola outbreak in Africa and says numbers could increase to "six times more cases than doctors know about currently."
Source: Al Jazeera

2. Zimbabwe Economy: Investments Plunging, says Bank Governor

Why foreign interest and investment in Zimbabwe is decreasing rapidly.
Source: BBC

3. Texas-Based Nigerian Filmmaker Explores Tardiness as Cultural Rift

Nigerian filmmaker Kelechi Eke takes a look at one of the strongest African habits, tardiness. Check out how he tackles the topic in film.
Source: Voice of America

4. Liberian Doctor Treated With an Experimental Drug Dies From Ebola

The experimental drug that cured two American missionaries did not have a positive effect on a Liberian doctor who died from the Ebola virus.
Source: New York Times

5. The Battle for Africa

Here is an in-depth look at China's increasing influence in Africa. What Al Jazeera found in an investigation of the country's presence on the continent.
Source: Al Jazeera

6. Nigeria Says Has "Thus Far Contained" Ebola, One Case Left to Treat

Nigeria's health minister said they have Ebola outbreak contained.
Source: Reuters

7. Immunizing Africa, Committing to a Healthy Future For All

Find out how Africa's leaders plan to increase immunization practices through a new agreement called Immunise Africa 2020 declaration. How can this investment possibly change their nations.
Source: MSNB

8. Joburg’s Veiled Little Addis

Learn more about Johannesburg's intimate Ethiopian community as This Is Africa does an investigation.
Source: This is Africa

9. Building a Literary Tradition in a Land with No Alphabet

How Somaliland, a country with no alphabet, is home to East Africa's most anticipated book fair.
Source: CNN

10. African Style Book: 7 Looks We Love from iamISIGO’s White Noise Collection

Africans have style...and lots of it. Here's a look at picks from the 2015 collection of Nigerian label, iamISIGO.
Source: AfriPOP