Wednesday, April 1, 2015: Top 10 Daily News

1. Nigeria Election: Muhammadu Buhari Wins Presidency

Former general Muhammadu Buhari has become the first opposition candidate to win a presidential election in Nigeria. The results were announced yesterday after hours of counting.
Source: BBC

2. Group Linked to Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Tunisia Attack

A group of militants declared themselves to be "members of the Islamic State operating inside Tunisia claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened more in the future."
Source: New York Times

3. Lupita Nyong'o at Home in East Africa for Disney Production

Why Lupita Nyong'o is in Uganda filming a Disney production tiltled Queen of Katwe.   
Source: Rappler

4. Who is Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari?

Learn more about the 72-year-old retired major general. Did you know he once ruled the country?
Source: CNN

5. #Nigeriadecides: How Buhari's Election Played Out on Twitter

Here is how the county's most contested campaign in history was talked about on social media through hashtags such as #NigeriaDecides.
Source: The Guardian

6. Obama Urges Kabila to Hold Credible Polls in DRC

"President Barack Obama is urging Democratic Republic of Congo’s president to hold 'timely, credible and peaceful' elections that respect the country's constitution."
Source: News24

7. Terragon Group: Africa’s Mobile Startups Should Look to New Monetisation Channels

Why this entrepreneur says Africa's unique challenges increase the necessity of products such as M-pesa in the continent's tech space.  
Source: Venture Burn

8. Ghanaian Millionaire Quits Microsoft to Build University that Educates Young Africans

How an entrepreneur's dream of creating a university became one of Ghana's most popular institutions. Ashesi, started with 30 students in 2002, now has over 500 students on its campus near Accra.
Source: Ventures Africa

9. Lion Jumps Through Window and Attacks Tourist

An Australian traveler landed in hospital after a South African safari went wrong. Find out why a lion mauled the tourist.
Source: This Is Africa

10. Next Best Thing to Paradise at Peponi Gardens

Learn more about the Peponi Hotel, a well-known destination often called "the next best thing to Paradise."
Source: This Is Africa