Upcoming Events

  1. events guide, african film festival poster

    African Film Festival New York

    1 May @ 8:00 AM - 30 May @ 5:00 PM SAST
  2. bushfire festival poster

    MTN Bushfire

    27 May @ 8:00 AM - 29 May @ 5:00 PM SAST
  3. SheHive NYC

    She Leads Africa: #SheHiveNYC

    2 June @ 8:00 AM - 5 June @ 5:00 PM SAST
  4. african events guide west africaom

    West AfricaCom

    8 June @ 8:00 AM - 9 June @ 5:00 PM EDT

Daily News

  • Teodorin Obiang News

French Prosecutors Charge The Son Of Equitorial Guinea’s President

Teodorin Obiang is accused of looting state coffers to fund his lavish tastes, including the purchase of pop star Michael Jackson’s famous white glove, private jets and sprawling properties in some of the world’s most [...]

  • Kenya Running Shoes2 News

Kenya Has Some Of The Best Runners In The World

Now, two entrepreneurs are hoping to build on the lore that surrounds the nation’s runners with the first made-in-Kenya running shoe.

  • Darfur Food Market News

Refugees In Darfur Weigh In On Food Stamps

WFP is offering electronic vouchers instead of food aid to some displaced people in Sudan’s Darfur region but, despite the success of vouchers elsewhere in Sudan, some Darfuri recipients claim the scheme leaves them worse [...]

  • DRC Protests News

Could The DRC Turn Into The Next Burundi?

Rallies have been called by dissidents to oppose Kabila's plan to stay on as caretaker president after expiry of his second term.

  • Hippo Victim News

Fisherman Has An Encounter With Africa’s Most Dangerous Animal

Lying in hospital with bloodied bandages over the deep gashes in his legs, Senegalese fisherman Ali Fall recalls the moment a hippo tried to kill him as he hauled in nets in a local river.

Meet The Bloggers Who Want To Revolutionise Libya

Libyan youth groups are working in a challenging environment, but it has not stopped them from pressing on with their mission.

Chibok Tries To Recover From Boko Haram’s Terror Campaign

When Amina Ali Nkeki came home last week — the first of Nigeria’s 219 missing schoolgirls to go free in nearly two years — she found a town making its own long walk back to [...]

A Joint Venture To Tackle Sub-Saharan Africa’s Power Crisis

General Electric has partnered with Mara Group and Atlas Merchant Capital in an initiative dedicated to investing in the highly underdeveloped African infrastructure sector.

Traffic To Lagos Airport Decreases

Chicago-based United Airlines is the latest casualty of Nigeria’s economic slowdown as the company has announced that it will stop flights to the country after June 30th.

Artist Turns Black Women’s Hair Into Ethereal Forests

Tired of being told that their hair was unprofessional, Jean-Louis noticed an increasing number of black women across the U.S. were choosing to wear their hair natural and "show their African heritage".