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Mastercard Study: African Consumers Are Hungry For More Digital Services

African consumers use their smartphone more than any other device. A total of 23,000 consumers in 23 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East were surveyed about their attitudes towards digital technology.

  • Self Defence Class

How This School In Malawi Helps Girls Get Their Power Back

At a school in the Salima district of central Malawi, girls are practicing punches and jabs. But this is not a martial arts class, these girls are learning how to defend themselves.

  • African Penguin

A Race To Save Kidnapped African Penguin

Buddy was stolen from a South African marine park by two students who claim it was a demonstration against animals being kept in captivity. But Buddy was born in the park, and has no idea [...]

  • MTN Nigeria Map

MTN In Trouble In Nigeria Again

Africa’s largest mobile provider is facing allegations that it has illegally moved $14 billion out of Nigeria. Lawmakers are investigating the allegations that four banks helped MTN move the money.

  • Tanzania Quake

Tanzania Officials Caught Stealing Earthquake Funds

President John Magufuli has fired two top officials for allegedly funneling donated funds intended for the victims of a deadly earthquake into a bogus bank account.

Is Banning Timber Exports In Gambia The Right Way To Go?

Gambian loggers have long benefited from lax oversight of Senegal's southern Casamance forest to take prized rosewood timber over the border before exporting the logs to China.

Why Youths Are ‘Skipping’ Eritrea

The government acknowledges that people are leaving in droves, but says it is part of an international conspiracy to weaken Eritrea. Thousands of people flee Eritrea illegally every month to skip military service, but getting [...]

Gaddafi, Sarkozy And The French Connection

French media claims that a diary of a former top official of the Gaddafi regime, had records relating to a series of payments to the 2007 campaign of Mr Sarkozy. In total, $7.2 million was [...]

AfDB To Take Charge Of Zimbabwe-Zambia Hydro Project

Zambia and Zimbabwe have appointed the African Development Bank as lead financial advisers for the construction of the 2,400-megawatt Batoka Gorge hydro-power project that’s expected to cost $4 billion.

Why Is Ghana’s Asafotufiami Festival An Important Celebration?

Set in Ada, outside of the capital of Accra, Asafotufiami celebrates a tribal victory against an enemy clan hundreds of years ago. These days, even the president gets an invite.