Tuesday October 13: Daily Top Ten Must Reads

1. No charges for American Hunter Who Killed Cecil the Lion

Zimbabwe officials say they will not charge the US dentist who shot Cecil the Lion, as he had a permit to do so. The incident at Hwange National Park sparked outrage among conservationists and citizens alike.  
Source: Reuters

2. SABMiller Strikes 100 Billion Dollar Takeover Deal

After numerous rejections, a deal to buy SAB Miller for a $104 billion has sealed the deal. The sale has been hastened by the impact of slowing economies in the emerging markets of China and Brazil.  
Source: Bloomberg

3. Breakthrough for Mental Health in Ghana

Mental health in Africa is a sensitive subject, victims of the disease are often locked up and isolated. However a non profit organisation in Ghana is giving victims medication, assistance and a second chance.  
Source: New York Times

4. Guinea-Bissau Ends Stalemate And Forms New Government

Guinea Bissau has a new government ending a two month long political stalemate. The new cabinet includes 15 ministers from the previous government and are tasked with organising elections.
Source: News 24

5. A Distasteful Video Shot At Oscar Pistorius' Home Emerges

A video showing two men making bad jokes whilst touring the home of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has caused a stir. The pair were due to rent the home for business purposes and didn't know they were being filmed.
Source: BBC

6. Ethiopian War Criminals Hide At Embassy For Two Decades

Now in their 70s two men convicted of war crimes in Ethiopia have spent the past two decades at the Italian embassy. They were part of a quartet of ministers who ordered mass killings in 1991.  
Source: Vice News

7. Dow Chemical Set To Triple Revenue By 2020

Dow Chemical Co plans to triple its revenue from sub-Saharan Africa in the next five years and is investing in offices, local staff and manufacturing plants on the continent to meet that target. The company sees opportunities in agriculture, where it supplies crop protection chemicals, infrastructure, where it offers water treatment chemicals, as well as in mining and manufacturing.
Source: New Africa Business

8. Dangote Plans Cement Plant In Asia

Aliko Dangote says he plans to build cement plants in 18 African countries and a factory in Nepal, Asia. The capacity in the plants is expected to reach 62 million tonnes in three years.    
Source: Ventures Africa

9. Kenyan Students Use Solar Energy To Power Their Bikes

Students in Kenya have ditched petrol power for solar energy. They've kitted their motorbikes with solar panels to get around the city in a clean and affordable way.
Source: Standard Media

10. Nigerian Student Reflects On Similarities Between Home And The US

During a three week trip to the United States, a fellow of the International Visitor Leadership Programme reflects on the similarities that his home Nigeria and the US possess.  
Source: The Cable Nigeria