Wednesday, May 27: Top 10 Daily News Must Reads

1. Parliament Dismisses 'Incompetent' Madagascar President

The parliament's motion was backed by 121 of the 125 lawmakers who voted, easily clearing the two-thirds majority required.
Source: Al Jazeera

2. African Presidents' Dilemma: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

With the violence on the streets of Burundi's capital, The Telegraph looks at African leaders who "hung on and those who surprised everyone by stepping down."

Source: The Telegraph

3. 'Nearly Half' of Mozambique's Elephants Killed in Five Years

"Poachers have killed nearly half of Mozambique's elephants for their ivory in the past five years, says the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The campaign group estimates there has been a 48 percent decline in elephant numbers from just over 20,000 to around 10,300."
Source: BBC

4. Nigerian Accommodation Booking Site Just Raised $1.2m, which has over 7 000 hotel listings, has now made public more than $1 million dollars in investment. The site claims to be the biggest in West Africa.
Source: Venture Burn

5. Survey Shows Majority of Africans Support Presidential Term Limits

"In a new survey of 51,600 citizens in 34 African countries, Afrobarometer found three-fourths of the citizens favor limiting a presidential candidate to a maximum of two terms."
Source: Voice of America

6. Dust, TB and HIV: the Ugly Face of Mining in South Africa

How the Wellcome Trust and Gates Foundation are helping to improving mining operations that have a profound impact on the health of local communities.
Source: The Guardian

7. FIFA Rocked by Arrests on Corruption Allegations

FIFA officials were arrested and brought to the United States on corruption charges. The charges range from corruption over World Cup bids to marketing and broadcast deals over the last 20 years.
Source: Ventures Africa

8. Real Street Food: Spiced Fish and Rice From Dakar

Yum! Here are the details on this classic street dish found on Dakar's corners.
Source: The Guardian

9. US-Born Singer Somi Finds Peace in Africa

Learn more about Soul and jazz singer Somi. Find out why she finds comfort in the African music market.
Source: Mail & Guardian

10. 10 Best Songs For Africa Day

We're no longer celebrating Africa for just a day. We're making it a week! Here are great songs to celebrate the continent.
Source: Citizen