Thursday, April 23, 2015: Top 10 Daily News

1. Political Tensions in Guinea Heating Up

The government has decided to postpone local elections until 2016. The opposition says it will keep protesting despite renewed calls for dialogue.
Source: Voice of America

2. Most Migrants Crossing Mediterranean will Be Sent Back, EU Leaders to Agree

Why a 'confidential draft' "reveals that only 5,000 migrants will be allowed to resettle in Europe with large numbers likely to be repatriated."
Source: The Guardian

3. You Can Now Visit Nelson Mandela's Prison...on Google

How cool, right?! The island, which is a UNESCO heritage site, is the most visited landmark in South Africa. Now, anyone can visit this piece of history from the comfort of their home.  
Source: CNN

4. Kenya Erects A Wall Along Border with Somalia to Keep Out al-Shabaab

"The wall, a series of concrete barriers, fences, ditches and observation posts overlooked by CCTV stations that is expected to stretch from the Indian Ocean to the city of Mandera where both countries converge with Ethiopia."  
Source: The Telegraph

5. Now the Election is Over, Will Sudanese Get Back to the Real Business?

This week, Sudan held their elections, which are now being heavily criticized and boycotted by most major opposition parties and candidates. This writer compares and contrasts the election in Nigeria.
Source: This Is Africa

6. Angola Police Raid Kalupeteka Sect in Huambo

Why police officials in Angola are denying involvement in the deaths of more than 200 members of a sect of Seventh Day adventists.
Source: BBC

7. The Plight of Foreign Nationals in Jo'burg

Photos of the foreigner experience in South Africa continue to emerge as the country tries to stop cases of xenophobic violence in townships like Alexandria.
Source: Mail & Guardian

8. How African Musician Salif Keita Went From Social Outcast to International Superstar

A look at the music legend story, including how his experience as an African albino inspires his music and activism.
Source: PBS

9. West Africa's Best Contemporary Art Galleries

Here is a list of the region's well-known (and not so well-known) places to see contemporary art.
Source: Celebrating Progress Africa

10. Is It Now Unsafe to Travel in South Africa?

With the recent rash of xenophobic attacks, travelers interested in visiting the popular tourist destination are on high alert.
Source: Yahoo