Friday, April 17, 2015: Top 10 Arts & Culture Must Reads

1. Pharrell with Woolies, Are You With Us?

In an effort to promote South African design and sustainability, Pharrell Williams and Woolworths have entered into an interesting partnership.
Source: Design Indaba

2. Where do Africa's Multimillionaires Live?

There are some very rich people in Africa, and their ranks keep growing. See where they live and how their environments are changing as a result of their burgeoning wealth.
Source: CNN

3. The LA Rebellion - When Black Filmmakers Took on the World - and Won

A new retrospective at the Tate Modern explores the history of UCLA's radical film movement and how it put black film-makers, both African-American and African, on the map.
Source: The Guardian

4. The African Superhero Universe Widens with South Africa's Teen Superhero 'Kwezi'

The world of graphic novels has a new African superhero character to add to the mix, and this one is a South African teen.
Source: okayafrica

5. Soho Hops on the Bunny Wagon

One of South Africa's most humble dishes, bunny chow, is now all the rage in London, but has it lost something in translation?
Source: Mail & Guardian

6. African Stories with Jemma Wayne and Lara Pawson

In this books podcast, hear from two African authors whose recent books have received new attention thanks to their being nominated for a pair of major, international literary prizes.
Source: The Guardian

7. Actor & Musician Idris Elba - 'Mandela, My Dad and Me'

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Idris Elba's early days on the London music scene and how they contributed to his new documentary, 'Mandela, My Dad and Me.'
Source: Huffington Post

8. Dambudzo Marechera: Africa's Literary Doppelganger

You may not be familiar with his name, but Dambudzo Marechera is a literary lion in Zimbabwe. Learn about his fascinating history and impact.
Source: Mail & Guardian

9. Syllart Records: Continuing the West African Legacy of Ibrahima Sylla

Get to know Syllart Records and why some liken it to the Motown of West Africa.
Source: okayafrica

10. From Court to Catwalk, a Former Barrister's Designs Go Global

Meet Lisa Folawiyo, the Nigerian attorney turned fashion designer, whose luxe designs are gaining worldwide acclaim.
Source: CNN