12 African Artists Explore the Burden of 'Africanness' in NYC Exhibition

1. Talking Africanness, Obama & Civil Rights With Kenya’s First Openly Gay Political Candidate

Get the Kenyan insider perspective on Obama's visit and how best to shift cultural perspectives on homosexuality.
Source: okayafrica

2. 'I'm Going to Pidgin This Up' - Performer Brings Voice of Africa to New Opera

Although spoken by some 50 million people in West Africa, pidgin has never received alot of respect. An artist wants to change this dynamic and has written the world's first pidgin opera.
Source: The Guardian

3. 10 Classic African Movies You Should Know

There's no better way to learn about African cinema than to watch the classics. Here's a primer for the films that should be on your list.
Source: Atlanta Black Star

4. Portraits of Africa, Taken From the Sky

Africa is a beautiful place, especially when viewed on high, and here are the stunning images to prove it.
Source: CNN

5. Yodit Eklund: Bantu, a Surf Brand for Africa

Africa has a love affair with surfing and a surf style of its own. To make it your own, catch your next wave with Bantu.
Source: Design Indaba

6. Nelly Goes Bollywood for African Electricity Initiative

In an unusual musical partnership, rapper Nelly is teaming up with a Canadian singer and a Bollywood film star to bring attention to needed improvements in Africa's electrical grid.
Source: The Voice Online

7. 12 Things You Should Know About BlackStar Film Festival

It's about to happen in Philadelphia, it's a premier showcase for films by those of African descent, and you need to learn more about it.
Source: Huffington Post

8. SA Filmmaker Makes History at Venice Film Festival

With the first South African film nominated for the top prize at the Venice Film Festival, all eyes are focused on director Oliver Hermanus.
Source: Channel24

9. What is African Art?

Learn about the rapid evolution of African art and why some find the category itself problematic.
Source: Naija 247

10. 12 African Artists Explore the Burden of 'Africanness' in NYC Exhibition

A new exhibit at New York's Richard Taittinger Gallery brings together the varied works of 12 African artists, whose work aims to convey the challenges of what it means to be African.
Source: okayafrica