Friday, November 14: Top 10 Arts & Culture Must Reads

1. Reggae Vibe, Ebola Message: African Superstars Try to Go Viral

A group of Africa's top talents have recorded their own response to Ebola and are hoping it garners the attention of previous Western efforts.
Source: NPR

2. Musclemen: 'Strength, Power, Pride'

Brilliant contrasts and a riot of color are the hallmarks of Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou's photography. In this series, he juxtaposes muscle-bulging bodybuilders with delicate flowers to make a statement about West African culture.
Source: CNN

3. Window Shopping at the Watershed

Check out the Watershed, a new shop in Cape Town that's curated an amazing array of Africa's top design and craft talents.
Source: Design Indaba

4. Botswana's Heavy Metal Cowboys

A new photo exhibit in Gaborone profiles the offbeat sensibilities of Botswana's heavy metal fanatics.
Source: okayafrica

5. A Dream or a New Art Movement?

The art world has become increasingly infatuated with contemporary African art, as witnessed by the works on display at London's recent 1:54 Art Fair.
Source: CNN

6. Idris Elba Links With Aero Manyelo & Mahotella Queens in 'Aero Mathata'

Listen to one of the cuts on the new Mandela-inspired album, whose line-up has been assembled by Idris Elba.
Source: okayafrica

7. Basotho Blankets Go North

Vancouver's recent fashion week played host to inspiring new creations by South African designer, Thabo Makhetha, who devised an entirely fresh way of working with traditional Basotho blankets.
Source: Design Indaba

8. How Mthuni Ndonga Started Nairobi's Blankets & Wine

Learn why Blankets & Wine is one of the hottest events on the Nairobi cultural scene.
Source: How We Made It In Africa

9. Kenya's Celebrity Chef Shows There's More to Africa

Fascinated by African food traditions, celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa, is spreading his excitement to the world in the hopes of changing perceptions about Africa.
Source: Star Tribune

10. Conversations': Museum's African Art Outshines Cosby African American Art

The latest exhibit at the Smithsonian's Museum of African Art aims to create a dialogue between the African-American works in Bill Cosby's collection and the museum's African pieces. One critic feels Cosby's works don't have much to say.
Source: The Washington Post