Friday October 02: Weekly A&C Top Ten Picks

1. Ugandan Model Aamito Lagum is Set to Become One of the Biggest Names in Fashion

Winner of the first 'Africa's Next Top Model,' Ugandan Aamito Lagum is fast becoming global fashion's 'it girl.'
Source: okayafrica

2. David Adjaye on Challenging Assumptions Through Architecture

A new exhibit at Chicago's Art Institute explores the recurring themes in starchitect David Adjaye's work and his magnificent contributions to the built environment.
Source: Chicago Tonight WTTW

3. Trevor Noah and Other Africans Hitting the Big Time

A wave of prominent Africans are taking center stage in a variety of creative fields, and here's your chance to get to know them better.
Source: CNN

4. A Lost African Civilization and a Sculpture That Tells the Story

In 'Kongo: Power and Majesty', the Met stages a powerful exhibit that sheds light on the workings of a now lost civilization.
Source: The New York Times

5. Imagining a Future Generation of Human-Centred, African Designers

A series of new initiatives aims to cultivate a new generation of home-grown African designers.
Source: Design Indaba

6. Up and Coming: In Ethiopian Hotel Rooms, Awol Erizku Puts the Black Figure on a Pedestal

While exploring his Ethiopian roots, an American artist creates a new body of work that challenges the whiteness and Euro-centricity of traditional art.
Source: Artsy

7. New York Fashion Week Africa Had Its Last Show, But You Can Still Support the Designers

After a great six-year run, there are no plans to re-stage New York Fashion Week Africa, but there are lots of ways in which you can ensure a bright future for its talented designers.
Source: Bustle

8. Why It Isn't Possible for Black Americans to Appropriate African Culture

For black Americans, trying to trace their lineage from African origins is almost impossible.
Source: Huffington Post

9. Lupita Nyong'o Shines a Light on Africa

A new Broadway play tells the story of a group of incredibly strong African women, which is brought to you by a group of incredibly strong African women: actress Lupita Nyong'o, playwright Danai Gurira and director Liesl Tommy.
Source: The New York Times

10. This South African Pantsula Dance Clip is the Best Jazz Video All Year

Prepare for sensory overload with this super-exciting Pantsula dance video.
Source: Bizcommunity