Friday, August 22: Top 10 Arts & Culture Must Reads

1. The Many Faces of Mulenga Kapwepwe

Zambia's Mulenga Kapwepwe wears many hats. A passionate champion of Zambian arts and culture, she is also an accomplished playwright and dedicated humanitarian.
Source: CNN

2. Watch Uzo Aduba Speak After Winning an Emmy for 'Orange is the New Black'

After accepting an Emmy for her break-out role in the smash Netflix series, 'Orange is the New Black,' Uzo Aduba tells about her upbringing in an African immigrant household and how it shaped her.
Source: okayafrica

3. Can a Musical Do Justice to South Africa's Marikana Mine Massacre?

A musical might not seem like an entirely appropriate way to memorialize a massacre, but the creators of 'Marikana: The Musical' see it as a way of connecting people to the event and keeping the history alive.
Source: The Guardian

4. Product Spotlight: Veld Couch and Pebble Stool

Check out the latest from South Africa's chic home furnishings designers, Dokter and Misses.
Source: Design Indaba

5. Dancing With the Stars' Makes Diversity Move: African Dancer Joining Line-Up

South African dance sensation, Keoikantse “Keo” Motsepe, is dazzling audiences across the globe and will now be the first black dancer to join the hugely popular 'Dancing With the Stars.'
Source: Eurweb

6. Brewing a Beer Revolution in Africa

Learn about the mircobrewery in Mauritius that is determined to take on the big guys in the quest to dominate the African beer market.
Source: BBC

7. South Africa Repatriates Journalist's Remains

Banned from returning to his native South Africa, anti-apartheid journalist, Nat Nakasa, died in exile, but his remains have now been returned for proper burial in his homeland.
Source: Washington Post

8. The Larger-Than-Life Puppetry of South African Designer Macdonald Mfolo

Learn about the eerily fascinating, enormous puppets of Macdonald Mfolo, and the global arts collaborative that is giving them an even wider audience.
Source: okayafrica

9. Mobile Phone Games Developed in Africa

In Africa, there has been a surge in the development of mobile phone games, which many see as a means of preserving African culture.
Source: Deutsche Welle

10. In Ancient Egypt, Were Africans the Oppressors or the Oppressed?

The Root teams up with Harvard to give us an art history lesson about the depiction of blacks in 19th century European art.
Source: The Root