Friday, April 11: Arts & Culture Top 10 Must Reads

1. Ghanaian Teen Kwasi Enin Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools

It's nice to feel wanted, and Kwasi Enin is one teenager who's feeling the love...from America's Ivy League. Learn about the Ghanaian dynamo and why he's in such high demand among the U.S.' top colleges.
Source: ABC News

2. Ruins of Ancient Swahili Town

In Kenya, the ruins of an ancient town speak to a rich history as a signficant cultural crossroads.
Source: CNN

3. On the Verge: The Time is Now for 'Kongos'

Despite stardom South Africa, the same has eluded Kongos in the U.S., but all that may be about to change.
Source: USA Today

4. Africa-Inspired

Mali-based Cheik Diallo is breaking convention by creating wonderfully modern furniture designs, which get their inspiration, but little else, from traditional African motifs.
Source: Design Indaba

5. Ethiopian Label FOMI's Luxury Handbags and Accessories

Taking advantage of Ethiopia's prowess in leather work, FOMI introduces a line of stunning luxury handbags.
Source: okayafrica

6. Watch Shola Amoo's Subtle Sci-Fi Short 'Touch'

Watch Nigerian filmmaker, Shola Amoo's short film, 'Touch' and see why there's so much buzz, not to mention anticipation for his upcoming feature-length film.
Source: okayafrica

7. Incendiary Lyrics and High-Powered Motorbikes: Egypt's Revolutionary Rock Band Won't Keep Quiet

Despite the persistent fear of arrest, Egyptian band Cairokee, refuses to be silenced. Learn about the revolutionary rockers, and the message they're determined to impart.
Source: CNN

8. African Fashion's International Renaissance

It's no secret that African fashion is hot right now, but it's interesting to see how Africans themselves are taking charge and reshaping the conversation.
Source: The Scotsman

9. Africans in Khirki Extension Use Cinema to Tell Their Story

Tensions in a working-class Delhi neighborhood resulted in raids on a number of Africans' homes. To clear the air and address misperceptions, several of the persecuted created a film that tells a compelling story.
Source: Business Standard

10. Musician Captivates Commuters with Traditional African Sounds

It's a long way from Burkina Faso to San Francisco, but Yacouba Diarra's music has a way of bridging the distance.
Source: SFGate