Friday, October 3: Top 10 Arts & Culture Must Reads

1. Through a Black South African's Lens

A new exhibit at NYU's Grey Art Gallery highlights the courage and artistry of South African photographer, Ernest Cole, who captured the realities of life under apartheid, and in the process, elevated photojournalism to artistry.
Source: Wall Street Journal

2. The Good Lie's' Improbable Hollywood Journey

It was a long and arduous trek to the silver screen, but 'The Good Lie,' a film about the lost boys of Sudan, is finally about to make its debut.
Source: Los Angeles Times

3. Step Into a Supermodel's Shoes with Liya Kebede

She rose to fame as an Ethiopian supermodel, but her days are now filled with designing a fashion line and promoting women's health. Spend a day with the tireless Liya Kebede.
Source: CNN

4. Wizkid Surprises With His Sophomore Album 'Ayo'

With a phenomenal debut album, Wizkid's fans were fearful that his second effort may not measure up, but boy were they wrong.
Source: okayafrica

5. Africa Calls, London Answers

Seeking to create a bridge between African designers and the UK marketplace, Kathy Chenoy has founded Africa Calling.
Source: Design Indaba

6. Wildlife 101: Can This School Save the Environment?

A novel program by the African Wildlife Foundation aims to preserve the environment by building schools that will teach the importance of maintaining the Congo Basin's delicate ecosystem.
Source: CNN

7. Stromae on Being One of Europe's Music Superstars

Belgian-Rwandan, Stromae, is revolutionizing dance music with his unusually sad lyrics, and he's winning a huge following.
Source: Vulture

8. African Fashion 101

Loving African fashions, but not sure you can pull them off? Here's a primer on how to rock your kitenge.
Source: Living in Kampala

9. Idris Elba To Release Album Inspired by Nelson Mandela

When portraying Mandela, actor Idris Elba developed an appreciation for South African music, which he now wants to share with the world.
Source: The Guardian

10. Clear Smooth Powder Made for African Skin

Maybelline enters the African beauty market with a powder designed specifically for darker skinned women.
Source: CNBC Africa