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2012-02-24 11:39:59 Western Sahara - Refugee Starvation 'Could Trigger New War' [Fahamu] Saharawis are becoming increasingly impatient with the UN and many are willing to break the ceasefire between Western Sahara's liberation front, Polisario, and Morocco, which has been in place since 1991, and return to war.

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Friday, 01-30-15, 18:59U.S. Welcomes Military Action Against Rebels[State Department]STATEMENT BY JEN PSAKI, SPOKESPERSON:
Friday, 01-30-15, 18:57African Union to Fight Boko Haram[Deutsche Welle]The Nigerian government has hailed a plan by African Union leaders to deploy 7,500 troops to fight against Boko Haram militants and said that it showed the extent of cooperation among neighboring countries.
Friday, 01-30-15, 18:27UG's Students Financial Aid Office to receive $100,000 from General Electric[UG]Accra -The Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO) of the University of Ghana is to receive a $100,000 scholarship package from General Electric (GE), a multi-national company that provides services in Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Healthcare sectors.
Friday, 01-30-15, 16:48Celebrating Success[Daily Observer]Today is the Grand celebration of our internationally recognised success in keeping hunger at bay. The celebration will begin any moment from now at Kanilai, the President's home village. Whilst we wish all and sundry a successful celebration, we equally call on everyone to make such recognition as a morale booster to double efforts.
Friday, 01-30-15, 16:18Security, Development - Cameroon, France Seek Common Solutions[Cameroon Tribune]The Minister Delegate in charge of the Commonwealth granted audience to visiting French MPs on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

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