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2012-02-17 12:54:42 Western Sahara - Fresh Brutality From Occupying Force [Fahamu] Two Australian activists visited the Western Sahara in January and spoke to ordinary people about their oppression by the Moroccan authorities.

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Friday, 02-27-15, 13:51HRDC to Launch of Career Development Stairway Website[Government of Mauritius]The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) has developed an innovative Career Development Stairway (CaDS), which is in the form of a website that maps out a structured career path in the ICT/BPO sector based on required qualifications and competencies. The CaDS website will be launched on Thursday 05 March 2015.
Friday, 02-27-15, 13:27Bob Rugurika Welcomed As a Hero Amazing Thursday[Iwacu]On Thursday, 19 February, Bob Rugurika returned triumphantly to Bujumbura.
Friday, 02-27-15, 13:24Bobi Wine Joins Boda Safety Campaign[Observer]Self-proclaimed ghetto president Bobi Wine has landed a mega deal for a good cause. He will be the ambassador for Yambala Elementi.
Friday, 02-27-15, 13:24City Dude - Your Dog Is Undoubtedly Loyal to You[Observer]"All men are dogs," is the common phrase used these days by the so-called girls that matter. The word 'dog' and 'dude' will be used interchangeably in this piece.
Friday, 02-27-15, 13:24Parents Respond Well to Administering of HPV Vaccine[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Ministry of Health has received positive response from parents of the 9-13 year-old girls who are taking Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

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