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2012-02-24 11:33:52 U.S./Morocco - Clinton Should Urge Legal Reform - Rights-Friendly New Constitution Requires Revision of Repressive Speech Laws [HRW] Washington, DC - US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton should urge Morocco's new chief of government Abdelilah Benkirane to lead the process of revising laws that impose prison terms for peaceful expression, Human Rights Watch said today. Clinton should also urge Moroccan authorities to free leading journalist Rachid Nini, who is serving a one-year sentence for articles he wrote.

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Friday, 09-04-15, 12:51More Nations Embrace Cluster Bomb Ban Despite New Attacks - Campaign Group[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -A growing number of countries are backing an international treaty banning the production, stockpiling and use of cluster bombs, and calling on states to destroy stockpiles and clear land of unexploded munitions, a campaign group said on Thursday.
Friday, 09-04-15, 12:50Tunisia's "Reconciliation Bill" Threatens Gains of the Revolution[] Tunisia has until now inspired the region and the rest of the world by taking the democratic path after its 2011 revolution.
Friday, 09-04-15, 12:43SADC's Failures Have Led to Renewed Instability in Lesotho[Daily Maverick] Just as he's struggled to turn around South African Airways and Eskom, Cyril Ramaphosa has made little headway in Lesotho despite more than a year of high-profile involvement under the auspices of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Friday, 09-04-15, 12:40Aylan Kurdi - a Powerful, Iconic Image of the Global Refugee Crisis[Daily Maverick] At first glance, it looks like he might have tripped on the water's edge while playing on the beach. You almost expect the next frames to show the little boy getting up, gurgling in delight and then splashing around in the water, as little boys do.
Friday, 09-04-15, 12:35UN Tweaks Liberia Sanctions[UN News] The United Nations Security Council today renewed an arms embargo on non-State actors in Liberia for nine months while terminating other sanctions on the country, including a travel ban and asset freeze on those deemed a danger to its stability.

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