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2011-12-17 08:08:14 UN Mission On Impact of Country's Crisis On Sahel Region Heads to Mauritania A United Nations mission to assess the impact of the recent turmoil in Libya on the Sahel region is heading to Mauritania for talks with top officials in the West African nation, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's spokesperson announced today.

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Friday, 02-27-15, 13:51HRDC to Launch of Career Development Stairway Website[Government of Mauritius]The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) has developed an innovative Career Development Stairway (CaDS), which is in the form of a website that maps out a structured career path in the ICT/BPO sector based on required qualifications and competencies. The CaDS website will be launched on Thursday 05 March 2015.
Friday, 02-27-15, 13:27Bob Rugurika Welcomed As a Hero Amazing Thursday[Iwacu]On Thursday, 19 February, Bob Rugurika returned triumphantly to Bujumbura.
Friday, 02-27-15, 13:24Bobi Wine Joins Boda Safety Campaign[Observer]Self-proclaimed ghetto president Bobi Wine has landed a mega deal for a good cause. He will be the ambassador for Yambala Elementi.
Friday, 02-27-15, 13:24City Dude - Your Dog Is Undoubtedly Loyal to You[Observer]"All men are dogs," is the common phrase used these days by the so-called girls that matter. The word 'dog' and 'dude' will be used interchangeably in this piece.
Friday, 02-27-15, 13:24Parents Respond Well to Administering of HPV Vaccine[Botswana Daily News]Gaborone -Ministry of Health has received positive response from parents of the 9-13 year-old girls who are taking Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

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