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2012-02-24 07:38:51 Service-Rendering Institutions in Gahtelai Commence Activities [Shabait] Gahtelai - The 30 modern service-rendering institutions in Gahtelai semi-urban center have been distributed to the pertinent individuals and have commenced activities.

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Thursday, 08-21-14, 11:57HM King Mohammed Vi - Morocco Stands Out As Model in Taking Advantage of Positive Changes[MAP]Rabat -Morocco stands out as a model in taking advantage of all the positive changes that have been operated during its history, HM King Mohammed VI said.
Thursday, 08-21-14, 11:52US, Nato and the Destruction of Libya - the Western Front of a Widening War[Fahamu]NATO claimed that its intervention in Libya was a historic success. But three years later, Libya is in complete chaos. Some 1700 militias have a combined total of 250,000 men under arms. Another external intervention seems necessary to stabilize the country. But the US and NATO must never be involved
Thursday, 08-21-14, 11:33Douala III Evaluates Mid-Term Budget[Cameroon Tribune]The 2014 budget for the Douala III council area came under examination during their council session on August 14. Going by the 2014 adopted budget of FCFA 2.45 billion, just FCFA 937 million has been raised within January 1st and July 30th, 2014. It came out from the session that part of the revenue collected that stands at 38.2 per cent has been used for developmental projects in the council are. According to the mayor of Douala III Council, Job Théophile Kwapnang, FCFA 397.6 million that represent
Thursday, 08-21-14, 11:31Liassine Cadamuro - the Algerian Wants to Join Getafe[Africa Top Sports]While he was about to depart, Liassine Cadamuro is at the moment in Real Sociedad but probably not for a long time. The international Algerian, in the viewfinder of Reacreativo Huelva as well as Real Saragossa, would be about to change club but no country. The Fennecs could go the way of Getafe according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo. According to the media, Liassine Cadamuro will soon sign in favor of Getafe CF.
Thursday, 08-21-14, 11:30SPPM Elects First Ever NEC[New Era]Okalongo -The Swapo Party Pioneers Movement (SPPM) which is being groomed to defend party ideologies elected its first ever National Executive Committee (NEC) over the weekend.

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