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2012-02-27 15:53:18 Second Round of Presidential Election Likely [RFI] Unofficial results suggest that Senegal's presidential election will go to a second round, as it seems unlikely that any candidate has garnered the required 50 per cent of votes plus one.

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Sunday, 05-24-15, 15:07Government 'Not Cooperating' with Presidential Transition - Buhari[Daily Trust] In an extensive, exclusive conversation with Weekly Trust, Nigeria's incoming president says he will level with the people about fuel and revenue shortages and other challenges, when he assumes office and can learn the facts. He also reiterated support for the outgoing government's agriculture minister to head the African Development Bank. 
Sunday, 05-24-15, 14:44Watching the Polls - High Early Turnout, Some Irregularities[Addis Fortune] Addis Ababa -ADDIS ABEBA
Sunday, 05-24-15, 11:28Arab Chiefs of Staff Meet Saturday in Cairo[Egypt Online] Arab army chiefs of staff held a meeting on Saturday 23/05/2015 under Egyptian Army Chief of Staff Lt. General Mahmoud Hegazi at the Arab League premises in Cairo to probe forming a joint Arab military force to confront regional security challenges.
Sunday, 05-24-15, 11:05Mohamed Ennaceur - Tunisia's Political Success Should Translate Into Economic and Social Success[Tunis Afrique Presse] Hammamet -House of People's Representatives (HPR) Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur estimated that Tunisia's political success should translate into economic and social success through a participatory development model and a consensus around an economic and social reform plan.
Sunday, 05-24-15, 11:01Co-Operation Agreement Between FM and Ahri Signed[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis -A co-operation agreement was signed, Friday in Tunis, between the Foreign Ministry and the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) on building capacities in the field of human rights and diplomacy.

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