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2012-02-22 14:02:11 Rain-Displaced Need Urgent Aid [IRIN] Bujumbura - At least 2,000 people displaced by recent torrential rains in the area of Gatumba, on the outskirts of Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, need food and shelter, say officials.

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Monday, 11-30-15, 15:57Fighting Between Army and Rebels Kills 30 in DRC[News24Wire] Fighting between the Congolese army and a Ugandan rebel group has claimed about 30 lives, a human rights activist said on Monday.
Monday, 11-30-15, 15:50#WhatWouldMagufuliDo Sparks New Bout of Tanzaphilia[African Arguments] A few weeks into his presidency, John Magufuli's moves towards free education, anti-corruption and belt-tightening are already recalling memories of Julius Nyerere.
Monday, 11-30-15, 15:47After Dos Santos - More of the Same?[Maka] In Angola's only open and free election in 1992, the question on the minds of most voters was: Should I vote for the "Killers" or the "Thieves?" The former rebel movement UNITA of today bears no resemblance to the killers of old, but the ruling MPLA has taken stealing to a new and unprecedented level. Once MPLA leaders got a green light and carte blanches from their boss that they could steal with impunity, they plundered the national treasury without fear of punishment.
Monday, 11-30-15, 15:44Low Genetic Diversity Putting Great White Sharks At Risk[The Conversation Africa] Despite international protection, great white sharks face several threats. These include reduction of their food supply, pollution, baited hooks and lethal gill nets used as beach protection measures.
Monday, 11-30-15, 15:18How South Africa Can Spread Renewable Energy to Low Income Areas[The Conversation Africa] There has been a rapid decline in the costs of solar and wind power, to such an extent that both technologies are now cheaper than nuclear or coal. This development will radically transform global electricity generation networks.

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