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2012-03-16 11:49:24 President Obiang and Kleptocrats in Africa [Fahamu] Africa's greedy rulers have looted the immense resources of their own countries, leaving the people poor and desperate. The continent's people must rise up and hold the rulers to account through proper governance mechanisms that will ensure transparent management of national resources.

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Monday, 07-06-15, 12:57Buhari Calls for Faster Deployment of Regional Force[Cameroon Tribune] President Muhammadu Buhari made the call last weekend after more than 200 people died in a wave of Boko Haram attacks.
Monday, 07-06-15, 12:56Schooling Slashes HIV Rates[SciDev.Net] Increasing secondary school attendance in Botswana slashed HIV infection rates of adults, with the greatest drop among women, a study finds.
Monday, 07-06-15, 12:48Senegal's Teachers Struggle With the Clash Between Science and Faith[The Conversation Africa] Senegal is a deeply religious country. About 90% of the West African nation's residents are Muslim, about 5% are Christian and the rest identify as animist - they believe that natural objects, idols or fetishes have magical power. Many Senegalese embrace at least some elements of animism even if they are Muslim or Christian.
Monday, 07-06-15, 12:47What's Holding Back Ghana's Progress in Reducing Maternal Mortality[The Conversation Africa] Ghana has made significant progress in reducing the number of mothers who die from complications during labour and after childbirth in the last 25 years.
Monday, 07-06-15, 12:47Assassinated Prosecutor General's Case Referred to State Security Prosecutors[Aswat Masriya] Cairo -Late prosecutor general Hisham Barakat's case was referred to State Security prosecutors on Monday for further investigation, the prosecution said in a statement.

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