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2012-04-10 20:39:12 Onion Farmers Bitter Over Market Glut [IPS] Niamey - Bitterness is written all over Boureïma Hamado's face as he prepares to return home after selling his onion crop at the Katako market in the Nigerien capital, Niamey. He's taken a big loss on the harvest.

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Saturday, 02-13-16, 12:45Nation On the Cusp of Democratic Governance?[Deutsche Welle] Voters will be going to the polls in a weekend run-off election in the Central African Republic that many hope will bring peace to the country after its worst outbreak of sectarian violence since independence in 1960.
Saturday, 02-13-16, 12:37Magufuli's Shock Therapy After 100 Days[Deutsche Welle] #WhatWouldMagufuliDo? After his first 100 days in office, Tanzanian president Magufuli has made several reforms. He has made a big impact leaving other Africans hoping their leaders will follow his example.
Saturday, 02-13-16, 11:07Africa's Phone Users Reach 700 Million[East African] Mobile phone subscriptions are now almost eight times higher in Africa than in 2000, reaching about 700 million.
Saturday, 02-13-16, 11:06Don't Use Rwanda As a Scapegoat in Burundi Crisis[New Times] The Government of Rwanda has announced that it will begin relocating Burundian refugees who fled the ongoing conflict in their country.
Saturday, 02-13-16, 10:15First Lady Dares Lacoste Group - Threatens to Name, Shame Factionalists - Alleges Army Involvement in Bombing[The Herald] The First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe says she will soon name and shame senior Zanu-PF officials fanning factionalism, saying such people were behind youths who were paraded donning T-shirts inscribed "Team Lacoste."

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