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2012-02-27 08:21:26 Nation Attracts U.S. $3 Billion in Oil Investments [East African] Uganda's "oil rush" has attracted an estimated $3 billion in exploration investments since 2006, with companies channelling funds towards prospecting for more recoverable oil deposits as the country seeks to prolong the life span of its commercially viable deposits, currently estimated to last from 20-40 years.

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Saturday, 10-10-15, 14:25NGO Calls for Re-Introduction of Teacher Training Colleges in Nigeria[Independent (Lagos)] Mr Oyebisi David, the Programme Director, Educational Empowerment and Orientation (EPO), an NGO, has called for the re-introduction of teacher training colleges in Nigeria.
Saturday, 10-10-15, 14:22Govt Troops to Weed Out Al Shabaab Militants Villages Near Elbur Town[Shabelle] Govt troops in Elbur, a town in Galgaduud region, central Somalia began military operation against Al shabaab to pre-empt attacks by militants, according to the city's administrator Nur Hassan Gutale.
Saturday, 10-10-15, 14:19The Cult in Kalusha[Zambia Reports] Finally I had a reason to cast my vote for incumbent Football Association of Zambia President Kalusha Bwalya. I don't know why it had taken me that long to figure out that he had long been the messiah Zambian football has long waited for. How could I forget the enduring memories of 1988 when he single handedly demolished Italy in that 4-0 bashing at the Seoul Olympics. Did that not earn him immortality in the football hall of fame?
Saturday, 10-10-15, 14:19Go to Court On Mulenga Sata's Ward Vacancy[Zambia Reports] Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini says those that want Mulenga Sata's Kabulonga ward seat declared vacant should go to court.
Saturday, 10-10-15, 14:18Grace Takes War to Mnangagwa[Zimbabwe Independent] IN a high-risk and adventurous power-seeking manoeuvre, First Lady Grace Mugabe (pictured) yesterday intensified her blitz threatening a political tsunami against Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his chutzpah-filled faction pressing to take its leader to State House.

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