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2012-03-16 05:44:37 Mozambique Denies Cutting Power to the Country [SW Radio] A Mozambican government owned electricity generation company has denied cutting power to Zimbabwe, over unpaid bills totalling around US$75 million.

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Tuesday, 10-06-15, 15:32Governance Progress in Africa Stalling, Reports Mo Ibrahim Foundation Twenty-One Countries Record Weakening Performance in the 2015 Iiag)[The Point] The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), launched today, indicates that over the last four years, governance progress in Africa has stalled, and reveals a shifting landscape. During the period 2011-14, the African average overall governance score in the IIAG increased only slightly by +0.2 points to 50.1 (out of 100.0), with considerable changes in performance during the last four years at all levels of the Index, both at country and at category level.
Tuesday, 10-06-15, 15:14Crossing Boundaries[Reporter] How would the world turn out if it is controlled by Monsanto-like overlords? This week's vibrant performance by the American group Ananya Dance Theater at the National Theater in Addis Ababa gave an insight of that dystopian world.
Tuesday, 10-06-15, 14:41Mobile Phones a Boon for Women in Business, Banking - Researchers[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Dar es Salaam -Asha Masoud used to queue for hours to make her monthly bank loan repayment in the bustling Kariakoo area of Tanzania's largest city.
Tuesday, 10-06-15, 14:25Hailemariam Re-Elected As Prime Minister[Addis Fortune] The fifth House of People's Representatives opened the first session of its first year today by re-electing Hailemariam Desalegn to continue as the Prime Minister of the incoming administration with a unanimous vote.
Tuesday, 10-06-15, 14:17Burundian Lives Matter, Too[IRIN] Bujumbura -It's not unusual to find dead bodies in Bujumbura these days. We discover them on the streets, in drainage channels, bushes and rivers.

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