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2012-03-16 10:05:58 More Money From EU for Development [Namibia Economist] Tom Alweendo, director general of the National Planning Commission, signed an agreement of an added N$260 million to the already existing agreement with the European Union Ambassador to Namibia, Fuentes Milani as part of the 10th European Development Fund Country Strategy.

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Monday, 05-25-15, 12:55Burundi Street Children Caught Up in Clashes[Al Jazeera] Homeless children in Burundi's capital have been caught up in often violent clashes during protests against President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid for a third term in office.
Monday, 05-25-15, 12:54SA, Botswana Agree to Work on Digital Migration[] With the imminent International Telecommunications Union (ITU) deadline, South Africa and Botswana have agreed to cooperate in mitigating cross border radio frequency spectrum interference.
Monday, 05-25-15, 12:26Illizi - About a Hundred Nationals From Niger Transported to Reception Center in Ouargla[Algerie Presse Service] Illizi (algeria) -In total, 111 nationals from Niger, residing illegally in the national territory were transported, Saturday, from the province of Illizi to a reception centre in Ouargla for their repatriation, said the services of the province.
Monday, 05-25-15, 12:23A Touch of Art for the Neighbourhood[Waza] Tired of complaining about how screwed up the system is? Maybe you can learn a thing or two from these two Bulawayo artists.
Monday, 05-25-15, 12:19Obama - Malawi Can Develop Itself[Malawi24] Barack Obama has told Malawi's new envoy to the United States, Mr. Necton Mhura, that Malawi should stop being over-reliant on foreign aid as the country has the potential to develop itself.

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