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2012-03-15 12:04:17 Malaria On the Decline - Expert [New Era] Windhoek - Malaria has declined significantly over the past ten years worldwide primarily due to an improved quality of life.

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Saturday, 02-06-16, 13:33Netflix Has Broadband Providers Quaking[East African] Following the recent expansion of American online content streaming company Netflix around the world, Internet users in Rwanda are wondering whether they will enjoy quality online entertainment given limited broadband and prohibitive prices in the country.
Saturday, 02-06-16, 13:32Nation Readies for Tense Presidential Election Year[Citizen] Kampala -As the only female presidential candidate in Uganda, a male-dominated country where the leader is eyeing a fourth decade in power, Maureen Kyalya admits the odds are stacked against her.
Saturday, 02-06-16, 13:31Tweets on Hague Court Overstate the Case[East African] A tweet from the Twitter handle #PresidentoftheRepublicofKenya boldly confirmed that the African Union's January Heads of State Summit ended with a resolution that the AU would develop a roadmap to begin withdrawal from the International Criminal Court.
Saturday, 02-06-16, 8:24Lessons From Nation's Decision to Drop GM Cotton[The Conversation Africa] The thorny topic of genetically modified (GM) crops was recently thrust into the global spotlight again. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Bill Gates said that GM crops are a necessary tool to fight hunger and poverty in Africa.
Saturday, 02-06-16, 5:14Landmark Step for Detainee Rights[HRW] Tunisia's Parliament made a significant breakthrough for human rights by approving proposed changes in detainee rights. Provisions to grant suspects the right to a lawyer from the onset of detention, and to shorten the maximum pre-charge detention are included in a revision of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP) adopted by the Parliament on February 2.

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