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2012-02-23 12:32:45 Kamba, Orma Families Lay Claim to 12-Year-Old Boy [Nairobi Star] TWO families, one Kamba and the other Orma are laying claim to a 12-year-old boy who reportedly went missing in 2010 while looking after his parents' livestock at Endau location in Kitui county. The Kamba family claims their son was abducted by Orma herders from Tana River county. The boy will undergo a DNA test to determine his parentage.

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Friday, 02-12-16, 13:41Chad's President Deby Assumes the Mantel of Statesman[Daily Maverick] Although he's been around for a long time - 26 years and counting - Idriss Deby doesn't enjoy quite the same profile (or notoriety) as other African leaders of his ilk, such as Robert Mugabe or Teodoro Obiang. But a recent push to insert Chad into regional affairs, coupled with Deby's recent appointment as chairperson of the African Union is changing this perception. By SIMON ALLISON.
Friday, 02-12-16, 13:32UN Security Council Expresses Its Full Support for Ban Ki-Moon's Visit to Western Sahara[SPS] Bir Lahlou -The United Nations Security Council voiced Wednesday its full support for the planned visit of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Western Sahara, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Friday, 02-12-16, 13:32Clocking 100 - Muhimbili 'Transformed' in 100 Days[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -From doctor strikes, overcrowding and inefficiency to a general lack of key equipment, the problems that were slowly turning Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) into a deathbed seemed insurmountable.
Friday, 02-12-16, 13:23Farmer Faces Terrorism Charge Over Weapons Cache[New Era] Windhoek -A charge of terrorism was added to the case of the man accused to have illegally kept unlicensed machine-guns, hand grenades and 10 000 rounds of ammunition on his farm near Osire refugee camp, when he made his second appearance in court yesterday, court records indicate.
Friday, 02-12-16, 13:08Closing Up Regulatory Gaps Key in Fight Against Al-Shabaab[ISS] After 25 years of protracted clan-based conflict, Somalia is finally seeing some positive changes. The country had become a failed state after former president Siad Barre's dictatorial regime was overthrown in 1991. In the years that followed, the dynamics of the conflict changed substantially. What started as grievance-based insurgencies turned into a war economy with widespread looting. The situation then turned increasingly violent, led by extremist groups such as the Islamic Court Union, which was succ

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