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2012-02-23 12:32:45 Kamba, Orma Families Lay Claim to 12-Year-Old Boy [Nairobi Star] TWO families, one Kamba and the other Orma are laying claim to a 12-year-old boy who reportedly went missing in 2010 while looking after his parents' livestock at Endau location in Kitui county. The Kamba family claims their son was abducted by Orma herders from Tana River county. The boy will undergo a DNA test to determine his parentage.

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Thursday, 07-31-14, 14:05Unity in Religion[Daily Observer]A basic principle of any religion is the promotion of peace, unity and harmony among people. This is provided for in the way and manner of worshiping the Almighty Allah. And there is no doubt that religion commands a strong force among the people of this increasingly wary world. Therefore, religious leaders around the world command an undisputable authority.
Thursday, 07-31-14, 14:02Defence Force Cancels Contracts of HIV-Positive Recruits[SAPA]Pretoria -The SA National Defence Force has been accused of brazenly ignoring a court order granted six years ago and their own regulations which declare any discrimination against HIV-positive applicants unconstitutional.
Thursday, 07-31-14, 13:55Health Ministry to Handle Ebola Infections in 24 Hours[The Star]The Ministry of Health has said that it will not impose any travel or trade sanctions for Kenyans travelling to or carrying out trade with West African nations due to the Ebola outbreak.
Thursday, 07-31-14, 13:11DR Congo Interior Minister Leaves Luanda[ANGOP]Luanda -The DR Congo Interior Minister, Muyej Mangeze Richard, who attended since Monday in Luanda, the 7th tripartite meeting amongst Angola, his country and UNHCR, left the Angolan capital this Thursday.
Thursday, 07-31-14, 13:00Violence, Photography and the Iconography of Cattle Camps[African Arguments]Some years ago a curator at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford asked me to look at a photograph taken in South Sudan in the early 1950s. Several South Sudanese men were shown standing on an open plain. They were wearing little in the way of clothing. But on the edge of the frame, resting on the ground, were several small piles of white cloth. The curator wanted to know what I thought the cloth piles were.

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