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2012-03-29 15:14:51 Hunger Affecting 10 Million as Dry Season Approaches [IRIN] Kaedi - Hunger has come again to the Sahel. "Since yesterday I have only drunk water," said Houley Dia, 60, a widow who lives in Houdallah, a village of the Fula ethnic group in southern Mauritania on the border with Senegal. "I have lived through hard times before - no rain, animal diseases, locust swarms - but this year is worse than ever," she told IRIN.

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Saturday, 09-05-15, 11:01Court - Teachers Strike 'Unprotected By Law'[Capital FM] Nairobi -The High Court has now declared that the ongoing teachers strike was not properly called and therefore not protected by law.
Saturday, 09-05-15, 7:57In Israel, Refugees Welcome Gains Small Foothold[IRIN] Jerusalem -The Facebook request was simple: "Man needs a home." The actual demand was perhaps less so. Late in August, Israeli activists began asking fellow citizens to take strangers - asylum seekers or refugees just freed from detention - into their homes.
Saturday, 09-05-15, 5:43Morocco Votes[Al Jazeera] Inside Story is in the Moroccan capital Rabat, where voters have cast their votes in the first regional and local elections to take place since King Mohammed VI conceded powers and changed the constitution following 2011 protests.
Saturday, 09-05-15, 5:04Village Quarantined After Ebola Death[Deutsche Welle] A village of almost 1,000 people in Sierra Leone has been placed under quarantine following the death of 67-year-old woman from Ebola. Forty-eight people are considered high risk but have yet to show any symptoms.
Saturday, 09-05-15, 5:03President Buhari's 100 Days in Office[Vanguard] PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari assumed power, last May 29, on a promising note. Riding on the crest of his change agenda and incorruptible mantra, he won what is arguably Nigeria's tightest presidential election in recent times on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

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