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2011-09-28 04:37:50 Govt Ready to Resolve Western Sahara Dispute on Autonomy Basis Morocco has reiterated to the United Nations that it is ready to intensify talks to resolve the dispute over the Western Sahara on the basis of autonomy.

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Wednesday, 11-25-15, 16:37Carl Presents Position Paper to CRC[Concord] The Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) yesterday presented twenty-five recommendations as their position paper to the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), recommending among other things the reduction in powers of the president and for the reviewed constitution to limit the presidential tenure to two terms.
Wednesday, 11-25-15, 16:37In DJ Clef's Murder Trialwitness Says Deceased Was Drunk After He Came Out of the Pool[Concord] Second Prosecution Witness in the alleged murder trial of Sydney Henry David Buckle, aka DJ Cleff, yesterday told the court that the deceased was drunk and staggering after he came out of the pool.
Wednesday, 11-25-15, 16:19Liberia Resurgence - the Changing Meaning of 'Ebola-Free'[Ebola Deeply] The World Health Organization (WHO) first declared Liberia Ebola-free in May, and again in September after a resurgence of the virus. Last week, another new wave of cases emerged. We know that Ebola can linger in survivors' bodily fluids for as long as nine months, so is the WHO's 42-day cut-off period still relevant? We explore the changing meaning of 'Ebola-free'.
Wednesday, 11-25-15, 15:33Govt Has Cracked the Problem of Rural Health, but Its Workers Feel Stuck[The Conversation Africa] Health extension workers have been vital in Ethiopia's rural communities. They have introduced new mothers to the importance of child immunisation, taught households about sanitation and, with the recent introduction of ambulances, they refer women to health centres for antenatal care and skilled birth assistance.
Wednesday, 11-25-15, 15:17Nation Must Avoid Repeating the Mistakes of Arusha[African Arguments] Negotiations in Burundi cannot come soon enough, but as in the 2000 Arusha Accords, a focus on quick short-term solutions will only come back to haunt the country.

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