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2012-02-27 15:13:08 Govt Cuts Spending - But Not On King [Swazi Media] King Mswati III of Swaziland has once again refused to make any sacrifice to help get his Kingdom out of the economic mire.

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Friday, 02-05-16, 16:18Amisom Troops' Convoy Targeted in Land-Mine Explosion[Shabelle] A witness says bomb planted underneath ripped through a military convoy carrying African Union troops in Leego village, located in Lower Shabelle region on Friday.
Friday, 02-05-16, 16:16Two TV Stations Ordered Off the Air in DRC[CPJ] New York -The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the decision by the Democratic Republic of Congo's government to close two privately owned news channels, and urges officials to allow the channels to resume broadcasting immediately.
Friday, 02-05-16, 15:54Hell On Earth in Italy for Gambian Migrants[The Point] We have continued to see and read reports about the harrowing condition in which our compatriots in Italy wallow to eke out a living.
Friday, 02-05-16, 15:44A Political Will to Address Youth Problems[Cameroon Tribune] It is difficult to fully grasp the concept of Youth Day today without throwing a retrospective eye back into the late forties and the early fifties when Cameroonian students studying at that time in European Universities met regularly, irrespective of where they were studying, to talk about the unity of Cameroon. The recent book published by Senator Victor E. Mukete who, incidentally is also the Paramount Ruler of the Bafaws and a first-hand witness of the early years of Cameroonian nationalism, is very in
Friday, 02-05-16, 14:49Gaid Salah Highlights Preventive Measures to 'Secure Country's Borders'[Algerie Presse Service] Algiers -Deputy Minister for National Defence, Chief of Staff of the People's National Army (ANP), Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah highlighted Wednesday in Constantine the preventive measures taken by the command of the ANP in order to "secure the country's borders to deal with any potential threat."

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