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2012-02-22 13:53:14 Country's Vulnerability to Climate Change Chronicled in Landmark Assessment [UNEP] Nairobi/Praia - Climate change is not just a scientific issue for Cape Verde; it is a social and economic issue and ultimately it is about development and survival.

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Thursday, 09-18-14, 13:54EU On Crusade to Improve Women's Rights in Gambia[The Point]The European Union (EU) has intensified its campaign to reduce all forms of violence against women as well as enhance their economic status to improve women's rights and welfare.
Thursday, 09-18-14, 13:53CAF Bans Birori for Two Years[New Times]Democratic Republic of Congo-born footballer Agiti Tady Etekiama, also known as Dady Birori, has been handed a two-year ban by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for playing for Rwanda under a different name.
Thursday, 09-18-14, 13:34Downpours Destroy More Than 3,700 Homes in Darfur[Radio Dabanga]Nierteti Locality / Kalma Camp -Heavy downpours destroyed more than 3,000 homes at the Nierteti camps in Central Darfur on Monday and Tuesday. More than 700 homes collapsed in South Darfur's Kalma camp owing to torrential rains and floods this week.
Thursday, 09-18-14, 13:31Split Over Claims the West is Supporting Rebels[Sudan Tribune]Juba -The South Sudanese government is sharply divided over the level of involvement of western countries in the current conflict, amid claims some are providing support to rebels forces aligned with former vice-president Riek Machar.
Thursday, 09-18-14, 13:29Inside Story of Why Rwanda Senate President Resigned[News of Rwanda]Rwanda's Senate President Dr. Jean Damascène Ntawukuliryayo 53, has resigned from his position citing personal reasons. An emergency session, Wednesday 17, which involved a quorum of 25 senators, convened with 24 of them voting in favour of his resignation. The other senator abstained.

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