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2012-03-16 11:40:57 Confessions of a Woman [Daily Observer] Having read your candid opinion on the story titled "I cannot leave any of my children" in your 24 February, 2012 Lovelines issue, I was so impressed with your suggestion for the man regarding his wife's behavior. I know that your reply might not favor the wife but you have spoken the truth of the matter. Whatsoever, this is my story with a bit different.

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Friday, 04-18-14, 13:29Rwanda, Nigeria's National Conference and an Ethiopia-Eritrea War[Daily Trust]"A nation of 4 million cannot deny 70 million people access to the sea, It is a matter of time, but another war is inevitable" (Teshome Gabre Mariam - former attorney general of Ethiopia).
Friday, 04-18-14, 13:091º De Maio's Vice-President Threatens to Cut Players' Salaries[ANGOP]Benguela -The vice-president of 1º de Maio de Benguela football club, Rui Araújo, expressed his sadness at the performance of players in the team in the last weekend's 7th round of the national first division championship (Girabola2014) and threatened to cut the athletes' salaries, if they continue with the same posture on the field.
Friday, 04-18-14, 12:43Namibia, SA and Westphalia Fight for Points On Good Friday[Namibian]Namibia lost 2-1 to Ghana on Thursday evening to set up a thrilling group stage finish on Good Friday where they will face Westphalia, who just need a draw to join Ghana in the final, while South Africa is also still in the mix.
Friday, 04-18-14, 12:35Boko Haram Bus Bombing a Sign of Weakness[ThinkAfricaPress]Nigeria is not winning in the battle against Boko Haram, but neither are the Islamist militants. The Abuja bombing is more a sign of the group's decline than ascendency.
Friday, 04-18-14, 12:33After 34 Years of Mugabe - From Darling to Despot, and From Hope to Hunger[ThinkAfricaPress]Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe is living proof that power corrupts, and that a cult of personality can devastate a country otherwise brimming with potential.

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