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2012-02-29 05:38:05 Chamber of Commerce Signed Accords With Several Countries [ANGOP] Luanda - At least 15 countries and 26 institutions from all continents signed agreements on trade and industrial cooperation with the Angolan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIA), since its establishment on 3 November in 1988.

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Monday, 07-21-14, 14:04A Suggestion for How Unions Can Help Alleviate Household Debt[GroundUp]Official statistics note that South African household borrowings have declined slightly. However, we remain a nation wallowing in debt. And this applies from the government down to the humblest of families.
Monday, 07-21-14, 13:45Brics Summits Make Little Progress On Science Cooperation[SciDev.Net]Rio De Janeiro -Scientific cooperation among the BRICS countries lags far behind its potential, according to Brazilian experts speaking after last week's BRICS summit in Brazil.
Monday, 07-21-14, 13:43Young Southern Zimbabweans Shun the Army[RNW Africa]Young men and women from Matabeleland in southern Zimbabwe are shunning recruitment in the army, largely because of bitterness over past military atrocities. The so-called Gukurahundi in the early 1980s claimed an estimated 20,000 innocent civilians, who were executed by the army's North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade.
Monday, 07-21-14, 13:35Nigerian Diplomat Hails Zim Literacy Levels[CAJ News]Harare -AN outgoing Nigeria envoy in Zimbabwe hailed the host country's high literacy rate saying it was enhancing the economic development of the continent.
Monday, 07-21-14, 13:34Foreign Ministry Follows Up Conditions of Egyptians in Libya[Egypt Online]The Foreign Ministry is closely following up the latest developments in Libya and their impact on the Egyptian community in the country.

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