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2012-02-23 12:05:10 Cash-Strapped Villagers Barter Produce for Electricity [World Bank] Goyola - In late 2009, a small, private electricity supplier in Guinea, West Africa, launched its service in the remote rural village of Goyala. Similar efforts had been made in other parts of the country, but Goyala has proven unique; 100 percent of the villagers have signed up for the service, and all of them pay their electricity bills on time.

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Sunday, 10-26-14, 5:47Govt Forces in Deadly Battle With 'Terrorists'[Leadership]Dozens of Boko Haram terrorists were killed between Friday night and Saturday morning in Abadam town of Borno State after a fierce gun battle between troops of the Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) and the insurgents in a bid by the military to reclaim the community that fell under the control of the insurgents last week, witnesses and security sources said.
Sunday, 10-26-14, 5:17Minister Asks Pension Schemes to Urgently Revise Housing Loans[Daily News]Arusha -THE Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Ms Hawa Ghasia has advised social security schemes to rethink the conditions laid out for members to access housing loans.
Sunday, 10-26-14, 5:16'Jaja', Tegete Steer Yanga Win[Daily News]JKT Ruvu's custodian, Jackson Chove attempts to tip off the ball to clear out danger as Azam FC striker Didier Kavumbagu goes for a header during the Mainland Premier League encounter at Azam Chamazi Complex in Dar es Salaam on Saturday. JKT Ruvu won 1-0.
Sunday, 10-26-14, 5:15Govt Releases 26 Foreign Pilots, Helicopters[Reporter]The Ethiopian government last week released five helicopters with 26 foreign crew members who recently entered Ethiopian air space without legal permission.
Sunday, 10-26-14, 5:14UN Agencies Told to Push for Removal of Sanctions[New Zimbabwe]DEPUTY Sports, Arts and Culture Minister Tabitha Kanengoni Malinga on Friday challenged UN agencies in Harare to "push for the removal of sanctions because they are hindering us" from achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

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