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2012-03-15 10:25:13 African Democracies 'Represent the Future,' Says U.S. Policymaker [] Washington, DC - Promoting democracy in Africa has been a policy focus for successive U.S. administrations in the post-Cold War era. Since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the American government has provided some form of backing for many of the two dozen presidential elections and several dozen national and local legislative polls that have been held across the continent.

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Friday, 09-19-14, 13:23Angola Falls in Fifa Ranking[ANGOP]Luanda -Angola has dropped 26 places in the ranking of the International Federation of Football (FIFA) updated on Thursday in Zurich (Switzerland), now standing in the 101th position with 312 points.
Friday, 09-19-14, 12:39New Financing Agreement to Boost Food Security[IFAD]Rome -IFAD invests in rural development to create jobs for women and young people
Friday, 09-19-14, 11:24Youth Discover the Beauty in Farming[IPS]Kampala -Before she entered the Miss Uganda beauty contest, 24-year-old Fiona Nassaka was a farmer.
Friday, 09-19-14, 11:20RBZ Debt Takeover Faces Resistance[The Herald]The proposed takeover of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe debt faces stiff resistance as members of the public, bankers and the business community called for a thorough audit of the debt following revelations that the Government is not aware how part of the debt accrued and how some of the money raided from several accounts was used.
Friday, 09-19-14, 10:59Africa Is Not Rising[Namibian]If Africa was rising - the latest buzz phrase referring to alleged great economic development of the continent - it is only for a small number of people (perhaps similar to how it was during colonialism), leaving the majority of the continent's population behind.

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