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2012-02-27 13:55:51 Act Urgently or Else [Heritage] An appeal by the heads of state of the Mano River Union (MRU) to the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) regarding the border threat between Cote d'Ivoire and Liberia must be considered urgently. While describing the border threat between Cote d'Ivoire and Liberia as a problem, the heads of state of the MRU warned that the situation would affect the entire sub-region if the problem is not urgently addressed.

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Saturday, 08-30-14, 11:45Reported Coup Attempt in Lesotho[VOA]Gunfire was heard in Lesotho early Saturday morning as military units surrounded government buildings, including police offices in the capital.
Saturday, 08-30-14, 11:23Tune Me What - Strangers On a Train[ThinkAfricaPress]This week's episode began with a story about Leon meeting a random South African on the train into work after they recognised each other's accents. The odds are small that a former bass player for Durban band Arapaho would meet a co-host of Tune Me What on an early morning commuter train out of San Diego, but stranger things do happen.
Saturday, 08-30-14, 9:38Fierce Fighting Starts in Lower Shabelle Between the Govt Troops and Alshabaab[Dalsan Radio]A fierce fighting broke out in Lower Shabelle this morning between the forces of the federal government backed by AMISOM and Alshabaab.
Saturday, 08-30-14, 9:36Likumbi Lya Mize, Kulamba Ceremonies Reach Climax[Times of Zambia]ZAMBIA this weekend celebrates two traditional ceremonies which are among the biggest in the countries cultural heritage.
Saturday, 08-30-14, 9:22Court Rules Against Lengthy Detention of Illegal Migrants[]The Department of Home Affairs says it is studying the South Gauteng High Court judgement on the detention of illegal foreigners at the Lindela Deportation Facility.

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