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2012-03-15 05:54:06 43rd Supreme Council for Sport in Africa Conference Underway in Asmara [Shabait] Asmara - The 43rd conference of the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA) got underway in Asmara today with a meeting of the Executive Committee.

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Tuesday, 09-16-14, 8:39Ruhango Women, Exporter Join Hands to Fight Poverty[New Times]On a sunny Wednesday afternoon we snake our way to a homestead where a group of women runs a courtage industry. As we approach, a group of women seems to be in deep meditation. However, as we get closer I notice that the women are actually busy weaving baskets.
Tuesday, 09-16-14, 8:32U.S Sending 3,000 Troops in Expanded Ebola Effort[VOA]President Barack Obama is due to announce new measures Tuesday to help fight the worst-ever Ebola outbreak in West Africa, including sending 3,000 U.S. troops to the region.
Tuesday, 09-16-14, 8:13Rwandans Balk At Price of Improved Cooking Stoves[VOA]Kigali -A campaign to persuade people in Rwanda to buy a new improved type of cooking stove - which uses less fuel and is less smoky - hasn't succeeded, according to the stoves' manufacturers. They say the public still doesn't realize this type of stove could save them money and protect their health, as well as save trees.
Tuesday, 09-16-14, 8:10Coastal Town Struggles With Deadly June Attacks[VOA]Relative calm has returned to the Kenyan coastal town of Mpeketoni, southwest of Lamu, after deadly attacks claimed by the militant group al-Shabab killed more than 100 people in June, local police said.
Tuesday, 09-16-14, 8:04Eleven Companies in Tight Run to Win 900,000 Trillion Fertiliser Tender[Addis Fortune]The government will shortly announce the companies it has selected for the supply of nearly 900,000tns of fertiliser.

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