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  • Pretoria girls

#1 – Black Learners Protest After School Tells Them To Straighten Their Afros

Education authorities in South Africa will probe a high school in the capital, Pretoria after racism allegations surfaced against the institution. The pupils allege that rules are in place to discourage ethnic hairstyles. Read More >> Source: eNCA

  • Jean Ping + Ali Bongo

#2 – It’s Still Unclear Who Won Gabon’s Elections

Supporters of Gabon’s president and his chief rival have both said they expect to win an election that has proved to be the most serious challenge yet to the Bongo family’s half-century rule. Read More >> Source: The Guardian

  • IS Sirte

#3 – Behind Islamic State’s Operations In Libya

In early 2015, Islamic State fighters entered Sirte, gaining support from jihadist networks and tribal leaders who had been loyal to Muammar Gaddafi but felt disenfranchised after his death. Read More >> Source: Washington Post

  • Dangote + Bono

#4 – Dangote And Bono Talk About Alleviating Poverty

U.S. musician and humanitarian Bono and Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote, have visited a camp of 2.3 million displaced people in north-east Nigeria. Aid agencies have warned of a growing humanitarian crisis caused by war with Boko Haram. Read More >> Source: BBC

  • Zimbabwe burning

#5 – Zimbabwe Protests Not Letting Up, Mugabe Is Unfazed

"They are burning tyres in the streets to get into power. They are thinking that what happened in the Arab Spring is going to happen in this country, but we tell them that is not going to happen here." Read More >> Source: Times Live

  • Woman voting

#6 – The Continent Would Be Prosperous If African Women Were Given A Chance

A new report finds economic and social discrimination against women is costing Africa more than $100 billion a year. The U.N. Development Program’s 2016 Africa Human Development Report argues that women lose out when it comes to education, work and health. Read More >> Source: Voice Of America

  • Africa Middle CLass

#7 – Consumerism On The Rise In Africa

The African Development Bank expects Africa’s middle class to grow by 1-billion by 2060 and it is this section of the population that is expected to drive consumerism. Trends Analysts say Africa should be focusing on pioneering African luxury goods which are unique to the continent but also speak to a European market. Read More >> Source: Business Day Live

  • DRC Opposition

#8 – The AU Mediates Talks In The DRC

Presidential elections in Africa’s biggest copper producer had been scheduled for November, but the national electoral body has said the vote will have to be postponed because of technical constraints. Read More >> Source: Bloomberg

  • Ebola Mural

#9 – Street Beggar Uses Ebola To His Advantage

At the peak of the Ebola crisis, the government in Sierra Leone implemented a national lockdown. One man used this time to upskill himself. Read More >> Source: Bhekisisa

  • Stone Town Door

#10 – The Artisans Putting Zanzibar Back Together

Where majestic palaces once stood, crumbling bricks remain. Faced with a growing population and increased motorists, many of Stone Town's historic buildings have either fallen down or are in a deteriorating condition, leaving huge gaps in Stone Town's narrow winding alleys. Read More >> Source: CNN