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  • Multi-coloured forest elephants

#1 – African Elephants Face An Uncertain Future

Multi-coloured forest elephants. Photo Credit:Jerome Starkey/Flickr Every year in Africa between 30,000 and 40,000 elephants are poached for their ivory, and it's thought there are only 400,000 left. But could tougher laws stop this or exacerbate the situation? Read More >> Source: BBC

  • robben_islanda_shutterstock_32050087

#2 – The Eight Wonders Of South Africa’s Heritage

South Africa celebrates Heritage Day on the 24 September, it's a time when the rainbow nation embraces its diversity, through food and dress. These eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites highlight places of importance to cultural or natural heritage, while showcasing the extraordinary beauty of the country. Read More >> Source: Africa.com

  • Boko Haram women

#3 – The Women And Girls Who Enjoyed Living With Boko Haram

More than 33 women were rounded up with their children when they were found at the militant's camp. They were packed into vehicles and taken to a safe house in Maiduguri where they are now receiving psycho-social treatment designed to rehabilitate them back into society, away from their husbands. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

  • Gabon Elections

#4 – Will Gabon’s Opposition Be Vindicated?

Or will incumbent president Ali Bongo continue planning his inauguration. In his legal challenge, Jean Ping asked for a recount in Haut-Ogooue province, a stronghold of the Bongo family who have ruled Gabon since 1967. Read More >> Source: eNCA

  • Ebola Art

#5 – How An Artist’s Work Changed The Ebola Narrative

His imaginative posters went far beyond Liberia, to Guinea as well as Sierra Leone in helping to raise awareness. In the months after Liberia was declared Ebola free, Lumeh continued to document how the country was coping. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Shiite Muslim

#6 – Nigerian Army Defends Its Actions During A Muslim Protest

"We are constitutionally empowered to ensure total peace and security in our country and whatever actions that may have been exhibited by the force, I believe, is something which should be commended, not condemned.” Read More >> Source: Voice Of America

  • ethiopian_airlines_

#7 – Flights To North Africa Vs East Africa

Travels to Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya all increased, with the latter leading the pack by 14.9 percent in growth. In contrast, North African nations like Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia have been hit hard. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • Power lines in Africa

#8 – Uganda Plans To Bring More People Onto The Grid

Uganda plans to spend at least $2 billion in the next five years to connect more people to its electricity grid and raise connection rates. This will go hand in hand with this, the country aimed to increase the number of electricity connections to three million in the next four years from about 900,000 at present. Read More >> Source: New Africa Business News

  • AU peacekeepers in Somalia

#9 – How Much Does It Cost To Maintain Peace In Somalia?

The African Union say it has secured $199.6 million of financial support from the European Union for its peacekeeping mission in Somalia. The funds will be used for the allowances of mission troops and police, international and local civilian staff salaries and operational costs, as the country prepares for elections next month. Read More >> Source: Bloomberg

  • Senegal Sumo

#10 – Senegal Ditches Traditional Wrestling Competitions For Something Asian

But could the next sumo star come from Senegal? A small and dedicated group of wrestlers who have taken up the Japanese sport hope so. Read More >> Source: BBC