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  • Albino Pageant

#1 – Kenya Flips The Script On How Albinos Are Seen

In Kenya, people with albinism are sometimes referred to as "pesa" -- which means "money" in Swahili -- alluding to the vast sums of money rumored to be paid for their bones in places like Malawi, Mozambique and across the border in Tanzania. Read More >> Source: CNN

  • Internet Cafe

#2 – The Only Source Of News About The Protests In Oromia

Using their contacts in Ethiopia, diaspora activists have flooded Twitter and Facebook with videos and photos disputing what they say are inaccurate accounts of protests pushed out by the mostly state-owned media in Ethiopia. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

  • botswana-heat

#3 – Botswana Braces Itself For A Heat Wave

The Department of Metereological Services in Botswana has warned that “extremely hot” temperatures, in the 37- to 40 degrees Celcius range, which could be potentially hazardous to public health. Read More >> Source: eNCA

  • Engaged Egyptian kids

#4 – Not Even A Teen But Ready To Walk Down The Aisle

Egyptian laws prohibit official registration for marriages for anyone under the age of 18. But the practice remains prevalent. Read More >> Source: Washington Post

  • Kenya Drugs

#5 – The Dark Side To Mombasa’s Laid-back Shorelife

There are resources emerging at the coast for drug users who want to get clean, but it’s a long hard road, usually with many detours. Read More >> Source: Voice Of America

  • international-criminal-court

#6 – Can The ICC Survive Without Africa?

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its relationship with many African leaders, some of whom have their countries as members of the Hague court and are now taking steps to withdraw their country’s membership. Read More >> Source: Ventures Africa

  • exxon mobile sign

#7 – A Look At International Oil Companies Operating Across The African Continent

It is estimated that 57 percent of Africa's export earnings come from hydrocarbons. Proven oil reserves have grown by almost 150 percent, increasing from 53.4 billion barrels since 1980, to 130.3 billion barrels by the end of 2012. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

  • Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote Still The Richest Black Person In The World

#8 – Nigeria’s Recession Forces Dangote To Wield The Axe

Out of the 48 people sacked, 36 are expatriates and 12 Nigerian workers from the group’s headquarters and one of the subsidiaries, Dangote Cement Plc. Read More >> Source: Africa News

  • Randgold

#9 – Mining Company Digs In Its Heels In Ghana

Gold Fields Ltd., a South African producer of the metal with mines from Australia to Peru, will invest $1.4 billion to extend the life of its Damang operation in Ghana by eight years. Read More >> Source: Bloomberg

  • Egypt Drivers

#10 – Meet Two Egyptian Women Whizzing Through Traffic

Tuk-tuks are predominantly driven by men in Egypt, but the country's economic woes are driving more women to it as a means of earning a living. Read More >> Source: BBC

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